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I am not getting the code snippets icon in the toolbar when editing a page.

The content area is empty on the home example 2 template (my chosen homepage template) so I cannot make any edits.

Hi, i do not see the shortcode editor in the wysiwyg when making new pages. Do i need do something extra other than just installing the theme?

I want to remove the “text-decoration:line-through” (if this is what it is) on the portfolio page and replace it with something else, how can I do it?

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I’m using Wordpress 3.9.1 and the Shortcode Manager button doesn’t work. Where can i find a list of the shorttags ?

Where is support? I too am missing the shortcode button on the WYSIWYG editor window (WP 3.9.1). Your customers are asking for this same support here and also on the Slice Theme Support page but no answers. No public support responses for 1 month now.


To anyone else seeking support for the missing shortcode button (which seems to be a compatability issue with WordPress 3.9)... Hopefully this workaround is helpful to you. Just requires a bit more time. If you import the theme’s demo content there are pages where the shortcodes are used. You can open the pages for editing and copy the shortcodes from there. See here http://themes.slicetheme.com/hotshot/?page_id=81 and under SHORTCODES in the main menu.

I bought this theme last week and started getting to work on it tonight. Seems quite buggy. The page builder is not working for me at all and it fails when I import the sample-data.xml.

Any help with this would be great.

The live preview is down, the site has been suspend.

Go look at the rest of developers themes and you will notice none of them have been updated to 3.9. What a scam. Better go ahead and find another theme because this one will not get upgraded either.


I want to editing poedit

Good morning:

I don’t want a transparent menu background when scrolling. How or where can I change it?. Thanks,

I moved the website live to another server and Page Builder broke. Any ideas? The content copied over, but when I save the page builder template it appears once, but then disappears on refresh.


support for this theme is still non existent. just a warning to future customers!

Hello I want to change the text Latest Projects into something else

Pages do not print correctly. You can see in his demo http://themes.slicetheme.com/hotshot/?page_id=145 If you try to print this page, the output is of a mobile view and not the entire website. A print.css file could possibly help. I’ve reached out to the theme developer for support.