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Hi again,

I’m trying to insert a google map on the contact page, but the theme seems to be overriding the size of the iframe.

Any ideas on how to fix that?

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I’m using an iframe, and it’s not responsive. How does the map function work in the theme? I couldn’t find the documentation on loading a map.



The map shortcode information can be found inside the “FT shortcodes” tab, where the main plugin section is. So inside the admin.

The code for the map should be added like

[ftgooglemap width="100%" height="150"]https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=ro&geocode=&q=Rome,+Provincia+Roma,+Italy&aq=0&oq=rome+italy&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=56.724997,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Roma,+Provincia+Roma,+Lazio,+Italia&t=m&z=11&ll=41.892916,12.48252&output=embed[/ftgooglemap]

When using this shortcode you will need to add just the map SRC code, and not the iframe on. The one starting with “https://m…...”


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Thank you! That did the trick!

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I’ve uploaded my header image in the HW Church Theme Options, and the logo shows up fine in my browser, but on my phone, isn’t centered. It’s aligned left, and too big for the frame. It extends to the right and off the edge of the phone’s window.

I’ve tried making the image smaller, but it doesn’t change anything.



By ” header image” you mean the logo above the title right?

But how big is that images, bigger than 320 px in width. You should probably make is smaller in order to view it corectly on mobile phone.

I can give you a solution also on how to resize it only on small resolution automaticlaly if you want.

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A couple more questions:

1. Is there a way to make the contact page to be full width?

2. Can I increase the size of the font inside the slider when viewed on a mobile phone?


It is Greatly appreciated!



Yes and yes. Both can be done with small customizations.

If you want we can do them for you. Just drop us an email using the contact form on our profile page-sidebar. And we can reply with custom files that will suit your needs.

Or other way if you want I can give step by step instruction on how to do it yourself. Just let me know how you want this to be done.


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I figured out the page width issue, but still need some help with the font size on the mobile phone browser.




In style.css under the line

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {

Checkout the

myftsliderID .flex-caption{width:70%;top:30%;font-size:11px; line-height:14px;padding:2%; margin:0 13%;}

The font size for mobile is



Can you please assist me with the Sermons tool? They list in a format which will be unfamiliar to my users. For October 5, 2014, for example, it displays as 05-10-2014. In the US, we are more accustomed to seeing the month first, as in 10/5/2014, or October 5, 2014. How can I adjust that.

Also, is there a way to globally change certain words in the template? I am adjusting the usage for a church choir site, and would like to change “Sermons” to “Anthems”.



1. The date format is using as you can see a javascript input with jquery date picker tool.

So it is build using javascript code.

You can change that but will require to edit some code.

The file needed to be edited it inside ft-sermons plugin folder. And it called ft-sermons.php

There you will see the jquery function

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
        dateFormat : 'dd-mm-yy'

The line with the format is dateFormat : ‘dd-mm-yy’

For example if you want:

October 5, 2014

You need to change it to

dateFormat : ‘d M, y’

More details about the format of the date:

d – day of month (no leading zero)
dd – day of month (two digit)
o – day of the year (no leading zeros)
oo – day of the year (three digit)
D – day name short
DD – day name long
m – month of year (no leading zero)
mm – month of year (two digit)
M – month name short
MM – month name long
y – year (two digit)
yy – year (four digit)

2. You can change “Sermons” to “Anthems”.

But only in pages. Like the page titles from Latest Sermons to Latest Anthems.

Not the admin tabs. There if you want to change them you must go into the files and edit them.

If you want make a list with the changes you want, and we can do them for you. We will send you a customized theme with all the changes. We will not do radical changes to the theme, just small ones like the ones you describe above.



Hi there! Your suggestions in #1 are very helpful, and I can’t wait to try that out. You see, I am experienced in CSS and HTML, but not in JavaScript, jQuery, etc. Even WordPress is somewhat new to me, and the back end editor is a bit intimidating. But, I definitely want to learn, so I appreciate your encouragement in suggesting I make some changes on my own!

In #2, you mentioned some backend changes you could do for me. I love the theme, and think most of the challenges I’m facing are well within my grasp, and will be a fun project. But, if you could help me with these, it surely would help me. Is it possible to let me know where the changes are made? (like you did for me in #1, that really helps me to understand the backend of WordPress).

a. I am planning to use your “Sermons” areas to show my choir the background and have some practice tracks for the anthems we sing each week. As an example, I’ve got http://www.edwardschurchmusic.org/ftsermons/hlohonolofatsa-arr-andrew-st-hilaire/, which shows one anthem that we are singing in October. As you can see, I’ve gotten started adapting to my needs. A few questions: Is it possible to remove the reference to the “ftsermons” folder in the URL? It makes sense to me, but my singers might wonder when it says “Sermons”. In our implementation it would make sense to have all backend instances of “sermon” changed to “anthem” and “preachers” changed to “forces” (since I will use that field for the various voices and instruments used). Where is the “preachers” name changed?

b. Is it possible to tie an event to a “Sermon” (Anthem)? You see I have an event for each Sunday’s worship, like http://www.edwardschurchmusic.org/event/worship-17th-sunday-after-pentecost-3/, and I want my choir to go to a page like that and then be able to link directly to the page about the anthem we are singing that week (and vice-versa). Right now, as you see, I have done this with manual URLs in the post, but is there a short code that could let me reference an event in a sermon, or a sermon in a post?

c. I’m not sure I’m using Custom Fields correctly. I can see great value to them on my Events pages for Worship Services, for example, as a way of tracking volunteers at the service. I could have a field name for “Greeter” and then value for the name of the greeter, etc. Is that a good use of it? I just can’t seem to get it working yet.

Thanks for the Portfolio section, I’m looking forward to trying to do more with that. I plan to put in links to our annual reports throughout the years. It should be pretty impressive gallery when I’m through with it. I’m still trying to figure my way around it, but it seems very nicely laid out. These annual reports, and the scores for the anthems are to be confidential, just for members, and I have been encrypting the PDFs, if there a better way to obfuscate the PDFs? Can the site require a login to view them?

Thank you SO much, this theme is awesome, and I really have had a great time getting familiar with it. Nice work. Rick Seaholm Edwards Church Choir Director



First we are sorry for the huge delay on answering. Some of our team members are in their summer vacation.

1. I am glad you found our answer helpfully. And I think you allready modified the code updating your website.

2. I will try to explain to you how things are build in the sermons section.

- All the code for the sermons section is found inside the plugin called “ft-sermons”

- Once you active the plugin, in your wordpress instalation, a folder ft-sermons was created with the plugin.

- If you decided to modify the plugin code you need to work on that plugin folder files.

- The main file of the plugin is ft-sermons.php That file is also loading some other files inside it

require_once plugin_dir_path( FILE ) . ’/includes/ft-sermons-post-type.php’; require_once plugin_dir_path( FILE ) . ’/includes/ft-sermons-post-options.php’; require_once plugin_dir_path( FILE ) . ’/includes/ft-sermons-admin-options.php’;

Now we cannot tell you what each line from all this files is doing, because it will take us too much.

a. About your first question ” Is it possible to remove the reference to the “ftsermons” folder in the URL?”

In order to do this you will need to change the term “ft-sermons” from all the places used in this file: “ft-sermons-post-type.php”

And then reactivate the plugin. This will ignore all the content that is added now under ft-sermons post types. It means you will need to add new posts inside the new redefined custom terms.

b. Is it possible to tie an event to a “Sermon” (Anthem)?

Only by manual link, as you allready did. Events as you can see are created using an extra plugin. Wich we did not created. We are just recommanded to be used to create events in wordpress.

c. I’m not sure I’m using Custom Fields correctly.

The Events plugin is an extra plugin we are recommended to be used with this theme to add events, like we prev say.

About the custom fields, you can only use the custom fields the plugin have. You cannot add extra ones. Only values to existing ones.

Only by modifing the plugin code, but I think this should require advance php knowledge. It’s not an easy code plugin.

The Event plugin have in admin also an HELP file wich can give you an extra guidance on what the plugin can do.

d. These annual reports, and the scores for the anthems are to be confidential, just for members, and I have been encrypting the PDFs, if there a better way to obfuscate the PDFs? Can the site require a login to view them?

Yes you can use wordpress to share the content only for login members. You can create private posts and pages with this private content. You can also use a free plugin if you want (something like https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-specific-content/ or any other plugin of this kind in the wordpress free plugins directory), if the default options are nmot good enough for you.

Thank you too for choosing our theme, and we wish you all the best with the website.

I was able to install the theme successfully however when trying to install the plugins, I get errors. It is saying “download failed. not found” this is for all the plugins. I have verified and the zip files do exist in the exact locations that it is looking in but cannot install the plugs. Please help.



They should work fine. We test them every time.

We offer free instalation, and demo content adding.

So you can contact us privatelly using the contact form on our profile page sidebar, and we will install the theme for you, including the plugins, demo content..


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Thank you for all your help!

Is there a way to include a slider, similar to the homepage, on an interior page?



No, with the existing features you can only use the home slider on pages.

You can add them on diferent pages, but the same slider.

Check the shortcodes information

Shortcode Information

To use the slider on pages or posts use the ft slider shortcode like: ftslider

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Hello! When the category top page of the POST does not have comment, a form collapses. Please tell me the method to revise.


Thank you very much for your help.



The category does not have any posts in it, not comments.

1. When adding one post in the category the page will corectly align.


2. Drop us an email, and we will reply with customized file fixing that issue when categories have no posts.

But I guess you want to have posts in the categories right?


Great theme! Love it!


Thank you!

Hi – First, this is a great theme! Really user friendly and beautiful to look at.

I had a few questions:

(1) I want my homepage to show my latest posts (http://orchardstreetshul.org/) which is what I have up currently, however, I want to limit it to the 3 most recent posts so the page won’t be so long. (I would show the rest of my posts on the actual Blog page for people that want to browse farther back.)

There does not seem to be a way to limit the number of posts shown on the homepage to 3 posts (without it affecting the main blog page, which I want to display 10 blog posts) unless I make the homepage a static page and make the blog posts show up via shortcode (see my temporary page here: http://orchardstreetshul.org/?page_id=2), where I can limit the number of posts.

This is totally fine except the blog posts no longer have text excerpts. Is it possible to include those? I’d really love if it just mimicked the way the blog page looks (with both the shape of the Featured Images and the blog excerpt) – or however close it could be to that. It also seems to have lost the ”+ Read More” text the blog page has for excerpted blogs and just places a ”+” far to the left for no reason… Is this how it’s supposed to display? I’d really love if it just looked as much like the blog page as possible.

The other question I had was it seems that my Upcoming Events widget is a bit messed up. The top entry doesn’t have a date and time with it, and the bottom-most entry doesn’t have an event name with it. You can see it here: http://orchardstreetshul.org/

Thanks for such a great theme!



Thanks for the kinds words. We glad that you like the theme, and you did a great job with your website. It looks great.

1. For the home page to limit the post to 3, and to include the excerpt, you need to create a custom file.

You can limit to 3, but there is no way not to affect the BLOG section. So only by customizing one file you can separate this limitation only to home page.

Don’t worry we can help you with a customized file, just drop us an email using the contact form on our profile page and we will reply with the file.

2. The events section is created by a plugin we are recommanded to be used. We did not create it. It is a free plugin from the web.

The widget there is the default widget the plugin have.

The same here we can customize it and send it over. The only thing you need to do after getting the customized file, is not to update the plugin, it will overwrite the modifications.

Thank again for choosing our theme.



Thank you so much. I will send you the files, and I will let you know how everything updates once I receive the files back from you. Thank you!


Email sent with the files.


Hello, I am having some trouble with the Event Countdown shortcode. It counts down to a non-existent event in five years time. Are there any parameters to add? (The help file mentions options for countdown settings in the shortcode section, but it lists no settings, just the shortcode as it is generated from the text editor icon)



The countdown is part of the shortcodes included in the theme.

If you will click in admin on FT Shortcodes tab you will see where the setting of the countdown are.

The event plugin is separatelly installed. You must manually link the countdown to the latest event. Adding the corect values of the countdown in the shortcodes area-in admin.

For any more questions, we are here to help.