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Yes i did purchase two of your products, AND WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE SOME QUICK SUPPORT. I need help with some aspects of both. I had more questions that I ended up figuring out myself but the rest are in need of support. HQ 1. How to protect images from being right clicked and saved from the site? 2. How to add google+ and instagram on the social links to the right of the site? 3. How to change the color of the copyright and contact info on the botom of the left side menu on the site? 4. How to open social links in new window? 5. P.S, sending emails from the ipad via the email link to the right doesnt work!! 6. UCan you send me a link to the update you posted, and what does this update entail???/B


All customer asks the quick support, it is impossible because I provide the answers in the order they are received, also there are working hours mentioned on the profile page at TF and weekends which I would like to have a rest like you do as well.
1. There is no option in the theme to do that, you have to find a solution yourself.
2. I asked you on the forum to provide the link to the page where you want those icons to display, did you replied?
3. It can be done via editing css file.
4. I will double check this issue
5. Please report this issue on the forum, I will add this to my todo list, need to check it, though it should work, also please specify on the forum the version of the theme you have
6. You can download the updated version from TF, download area.
Please note that I provide the detailed support only via a support forum and please visit these links for obtaining information: http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?586-Support-Policy



Please read the commend above and check the working hours. I’m the only person who do all the stuff, and you are not the only customer. Thanks for understanding.

I cant find where you replied. I want the google+ and instagram icon in the social links, HOW TO? I’d like the scroll bar on the right of the page to look like yours, thats part of your sale. HOW TO? PS. Version 1.0.709 .. And I do understand your frustration, but that does come along with the territory. Hire assistants *my 2cents


I replied to your thread http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?1180-Image-Protection-Overlay-amp-Social-Links-Query I will take your advice into consideration.

Hello. -Sending emails from ipad doesnt work neither from the quick links from the top right nor from the feed back form!!

-When selecting an image to add to a page, I’m only able to select from my computer and URL, although I have the access to my uploaded images, I’m not able to select them. How to fix that?

-What should I do to get these “social links” from the quick links on the top right and from the contact form to open in a new window??

What should I do to change the font color of the social links in contact form?

-What should I do to get the Zoom-in  icon on the  images and videos in galleries??

What should I do to get my uploaded videos to play when attached to a page, apposed to just having a blank screen?

Please help and thanks!!


The support is provided via a help forum only, TF comment form is only for pre-sales and general questions.

yuukikun Purchased

hey there

when i tried chek this test web http://smart-navi.com/shibazushi/

on Ipad, it doesn’t work and iphone too. does it working???

your web site said ipad iphone are working.

LET me know about it problem!


Hello! Thanks for contacting us. Just tested on Iphone5, Ipad3 and mini, works perfect. The loading time is a little bit slow, but everything is working fine.

rngough Purchased

I purchased the theme and PM’d you for help and haven’t gotten a response. Can you please respond? I am having trouble getting the “import sample data” to work. Basically, I just want the site set up like the demo. I’m kind of in a rush so any help would be great. Thanks!


What’s your forum user name, having 35 PMs from different users :)

rngough Purchased

The same one. Rngough


check your PM please


You can download it from TF download area, the latest update.

you dont check PMs i see… Hello, I know your working as fast as you can on numerous requests including mine, so I’ll let you do just that while i try to figure out as much as I can on my own. In the mean time I’d really appreciate a downloadable link for the current update of my HQ purchase. I,ve seemed to be locked out of my ThemeForest account for an open dispute pertaining a refund.. I tried changing my password, I’ve tried contacting nothing. So would you please extend this favor over.. Much appreciated!!! Please and thank you Endy emphoto25@gmail.com

Hello emphoto25,

Your Envato marketplace account has been automatically disabled. This happens when an associated paypal transaction has been disputed or reversed on that account.

If you are the legitimate account holder of that paypal account, please get in contact with Support (http://support.envato.com) so that we can clear up the issue.

The Envato Team



Your account was disabled on TF.


yup.. so i wouldnt be able to log in with my purchasing email to re download.. im in a bind would you help?


You see, once the issue is resolved with envato I will assist you. I follow envato rules.

yuukikun Purchased

Thank you !

yes eveything is Perfect!

but ,, I mean my question was “Home with background video” this page only doesn’t show up when i tried iphone4s, and ipad3..

For example,?this is my test wesite http://smart-navi.com/shibazushi/

there is 1 background video(first) and 3picturs i set by BACKGROUND / SLIDER SETTINGS

and checked iphone4s, and ipad3 I just can not see the “background video?contens”

Please help ,, how to see ?

Thank you very much!

>Hello! Thanks for contacting us. Just tested on Iphone5, Ipad3 and mini, >works perfect. The loading time is a little bit slow, but everything is >working fine.

The video won’t work on Iphones, it is mentioned on the item description page

yuukikun Purchased

?The video won’t work on Iphones, it is mentioned on the item description page


how about Ipad3 i padmini . does it working thoes item?

i would like to working version up next update….


The video in the fullscreen slider is not working only. All other videos are working fine. That’s why I mentioned about it on the item description page.

but yet still all in all i purchased the item from you and still have my paypal info.. and by the time they fix it id be able to download it on my own.. plus you still had not assisted me on my issues pertaining the product through the forum as i posted countless amounts of time.. regardless im a paying customer for a product thats faulty, in which i wouldnt have purchased if i knew, and definitely not purchased if i was aware of this type of customer service level.. I still need help with parts of the site and you wont help.. NOT FAIR AT ALL


You require some things that are not included in the theme options, as an additional features. Also if the account is locked I can’t provide assistance, I mentioned about it earlier.

My account is locked as far as making additional purchases until i receive refund for another faulty product, as you can see im on now.. Regardless Im a paying customer, I do have receipt, you also have receipt and the assistance im asking for should already be working. I find it hard to believe that my uploaded video with a URL is un able to play because it isn’t part of the theme.. kidding me Its a video, with a url. I find it hard to believe when my site is visited by someone with an ipad and they would like to leave a message through your created feedback forum that it doesn’t work.. oh because it isnt part of the them.. Everything I requested should be working and part of the theme.. Social links on your created contact forum does not work.. Wat that isnt part of the them neither? Im aslo tired of having to re upload images from my computer when the same files are sitting in my gallery, why cant i select images from my gallery mad dog, is that not part of the theme.. YOu need to work on your product, and offer customer support this is a business!!


1.Video – not working on mobile devices in the fullscreen gallery, it is mentioned on the template description page.
2. The form is working fine, tested on Ipad 2 and 3
3. The social links works fine, you have to put the link to them.
4. That issue was fixed in the new template, working on update for this theme, I mean the issue with the images.
And also please read my support and product policy on the forum.

OMG! Before anyone decides to offer a template on TF, they should be required to read some of the questions that have been posted here… That would scare away anyone who thought selling a template would be fun… jeez, people – Google is your friend! If you don’t know basic HTML/CSS syntax, you should hire a web developer who does!

All kidding aside, just want to know if the videos have to be hosted on YouTube, or can I host somewhere else to serve them up? ... I have to offer my work up for another company to showcase and don’t want anyone clicking the YT icon and discovering my company name instead of my client’s…


Hello! All the videos should be hosted on youtube or vimeo.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi. I really like this theme and want to buy it. But I tested how it works on some tablets and android phones and the result was not good. The menu is not displayed seldom, and the logo does not appear anywhere. Do you think this problem will be solved? Please, convince me to buy it. Thanks in advance


The thing is that it was 100% adapted to Iphone and Ipad screen resolutions. The thing is that android phones like Galaxies have wider range of screen resolutions that’s why it is hard to test on all of them. I’m an apple fun, testing on Iphones and Ipads :( most popular resolutions.

yuukikun Purchased

Thsi theme doesn’t work Iphone ipad

you should update !


It works fine on Iphone and Ipad, what’s your site URL?

yuukikun Purchased


I have quetion,,

i would like to add more font from my computer, example another language font japanese, ,,

would you please how to and where can i add to FTP new font?

Thank you!


Hello! The theme uses only google web fonts. But it can be done as a custom solution, I mean your custom font integration.

Hi! Please, I translated the theme into several languages using WPML plugin. but now, I wonder how I can get them to see the home in different languages? The site is http://twinfinsurfcamp.com/ and you will see flags on “copyright header content”, really thanks! great theme!


I’m sure there is a way to do that, I do not have any experience with that plugin. But it can be done as a custom solution. You can send the request to custom at themedev dot me and I will get back to you with the quote.