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Same problem on the bottom with twitter .modSocial.bottom Your trick solved the problem. Can you make a style.css update to fix all links in social zones ?


Hi n1n0u,

Sorry about that, I’ve released a fix for it, you can download it now.

Thanks, Andy

thanks a lot !

Any update on the WP version?


Hi, it will be very soon, in the themeforest review queue already.


I need some help with the WP version of this theme. My site is not coming out at all like the sample site, and I can’t find the 8 different homepage options.

Sorry for the late reply, just get back from vacation. Please send your site url and admin username and password to honryou@gmail.com, I’ll take a look for why.

How do you download updates, are they documented, so they are cut and pasted or how do you prevent from overwriting my own site written thus far? Any HTML5 W3C compliancy? I get that the CSS has to have hacks to get all the browsers to look the same. Love your template!!!! Also, I was like one of the first to buy your HTML5 template and it looks a bit different now. Some things I like on the new and some things I like on the old. So, I definitely need to understand how to save some parts and update others. I like the original slide show and have that all set up. I like the new bar at the top with the social media icons and I would like to put a login and password up there too.

Hi dmadans,

The coding for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all module based, you can refer to the doc for the structure of them. For example, the new bar is a module called “modTopBar”, if you want to get it, just get the related code in the CSS , HTML and JavasScript(search for Tc.Module.TopBar) in the app.js file.

Thanks, Andy

hi the email field in the header is misspelled “emial” do you have a quick fix for this that doesn’t involve me digging through the source code?

Also something I would assume you want to fix for future downloads.


Hi michaeljamesand,

You need to edit file modules/top-bar.php.

Thanks, Andy

How do I find the Icon list? Where are they located?

open stylesheets/style.css and search for ”/* icon fonts */”, all icon classes are defined there.

How may add a new color for the theme ?

You need to modify the css manually to add a new color for the theme, please refer to assets/stylesheets/standalone/skins.css, and add the class to the body element in the header.php.

How do you load the demo content? It just shows a blank white screen, deleted and reloaded thru ftp and same thing?

I loaded the data from a older version, that should work for now. Thanks, Terry

is there a list of plugins for the themes or are short codes manual?

Sorry, there is not a list of plugins for the theme. Regarding the short codes, you can use the short code generator above the content editor, a dialog will popup after you click the button, please refer to the documentation.

look professional;

I must be missing something very basic but I can’t seem to find the color scheme at all in the index6 code (I want to change from orange to cyan), I tried going to the stylesheet but no change to appearance. Please can you help me? Thanks.

Just add class “colorSchemeCyan” to your html body element, for other options please refer to the documentation.

Any HTML forms seem to be turning automatically into AJAX forms. How do I handle the responses from these forms?

You can do that with the send.php file.

2 questions please

(1) We would like to use the layout from (Vagenta) for our case study pages. We have purchased both of your themes (Huglab & Vagenta)


What specific elements of the CSS will we need to move?

(2) We have already built out the site using the HTML template. On the home page in the lower left hand corner we have the blog fee. We have been manually updating that text until now. Is there a way to automate it to integrate with the Wordpress version of the site?

Thank you!

Hi wsilocalsearch,

1. The layout is built with Foundation grid, you can refer to http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/v/3.2.5/grid.php

2. You can search for a WordPress widget that has the ability to show your content.

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy!

Is it possible to use an image logo instead of text logo in the header?

Absolutely, since it is an HTML template, you can change the source code, just change the HTML in ”.modLogo” to something like <h1><a href="/"><img src="IMAGE_URL" /></a></h1>

Hey, there is one mistake in the header: “Emial” > “Email” How can I change it ?

Yes, you can find that typo around line 59 of every html files.

thus I can’t change it in Wordpress itself ?

For the WordPress version, you can edit file modules/top-bar.php

Awesome theme ! Could please tell me how to change the Huglab logo font to a different font? My editing software won’t seem to let me change the font. It’s locked in on Damion,BrushscriptSTD

Thank you

Please disregard. I found the answer in the style sheet. Thank you.

This is absolutely the best theme I’ve ever purchased. So versatile and so clean.

Thanks !

I love your Theme. Great job !!!

Hope you make another Theme like Huglab, this is different from what we see in regular time.

Thanks for you rating!


I have a question about the color of the icon.

I put : <body class=’pattern-3 header-pattern-3 pageLayoutStretched colorSchemeBlue’> For the nice blue color.

But I see that the Icon is still orange for WEB DESIGN,DEVELOPMENT,BRAND DESIGN,MARKETING. This will be more nice if the color are blue like the header. Can-we do it ?


Hi Rickysorus,

Search for ”.modService.simple:hover i” and ”.modService.simple:hover i.circle-border” in file stylesheets/style.css, you can change the color there.

Thanks, Andy

Tank You !

Great Template. Do you have a gallery lightbox example?

Sorry, it doesn’t have the lightbox gallery feature.