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Welcome to TF bro,

btw nice design and colour. Wish you good luck with sales.


Thanks a lot! A little nerve-wracking with all these great designers, but I’m glad to be here :)


I really like your work. I’ve never sent this kind of email before so please forgive my ignorance.

How easy is it to send? in other words how do you get it into your email? I use Mac Mail.

Also, how editable is the back ground image? I would like to use it for other purposes then just the holidays.

Does it come with an html page for a default if the recipient cannot view in the email?. I noted the browser link at the top.

Thank you and I am very close to trying this email ;)


Hey Blue,

There are a couple of ways to send it:

1. Preferable: I use a service called Campaign Monitor, which takes care of your campaigns through an easy user interface; allowing you to edit your emails in a WYSIWYG editor. This does, however, require you to add special tags into the HTML (allowing it to be editable in their system). Not too hard, but a small bit of manual labour to get it rolling. They have great Help and How To’s to help you along.

(I didn’t create a version with Campaign Monitor in mind as I didn’t want to force their service on anyone, but if I get enough requests for it I will upload a new campaign with both)

2: Useful but limited: I use Mac Mail as well, and for one-offs or small sends it’s as simple as opening the html file of choice in Safari, then go to “File”, “Mail Contents of This Page”. It then opens in Mail as a new email which is editable. This does not edit the parts of the design that require Photoshop editing, but it is a simple way to use your design quickly. NOTE : The html file used must be hosted on your web url, and the images called in the HTML file will have to be changed to complete url’s (http://www.yoursite.com/EmailFolder/images/imagename.jpg). This is your “web version” that will make the top option accessible. If not used, you can delete the “web version” link from the top via MacMail before sending.

If you need further assistance please email me through my profile! :)

  • With bluemoon’s question in mind, I will be adding to my help file shortly.
lukeman Purchased


I bought this theme last friday and tested it over the weekend. Unfortunately it does not work with web.de

web.de is a very popular freemail-service in Germany. like yahoo or gmail etc.

Do you have any experience with web.de to make it work?

I guess (it looks like..), web.de does not accept stylesheets in the ‘head-section’..


Greetings from Hamburg, Germany! Marco


It has been tested in Campaign monitor, but as mentioned there are no guarantees as there are countless email services. I’m in Nova Scotia, Canada, so web.de is not familiar to me at all.

You can try taking the “style” tags and moving them just inside (immediately below) the “body” tag and see how that goes.

If you need anymore assistance let me know, but as a rule with HTML email, the “big” ones (used most worldwide) are most commonly supported and tested… or we’d be testing for months :D

Hope this helps!

Wow I love it – will purchase soon!


Thanks! :)

lukeman Purchased


yeah..I know. It’s a great template. I only thought, that it would have been possible, that another web.de user had the same problem and you could give me the ultimate tip to solve it. I will try to make it work. All other email clients I’ve tested work great.

Sorry for my creepy english! ;)

Marco, from Hamburg Germany


Have you tried my suggestion from above? Did it work out?

poppy_66 Purchased

Have contacted the seller on the 7th December 09 with help requesting to kindly provide any kind of help, I have never used such product and since there is no help doc attached with any instructions I asked to kindly help me and explain how do I add such template to my emai ?

Until today 16.12.09 I have not got a reply, customer service = 0.

Ontop of that the zip file is faulty

The following invalid folder name was encountred in the archieve: ”” HumanaHolidayEmail\PSD:Font\”” ”” HumanaHolidayEmail\PSD:Font\”Buttons.psd” ”” HumanaHolidayEmail\PSD:Font\humana_adspace.psd”“

This folder an any files in it will not appear in the main WinZip window etc….


Hi Poppy,

1: it was on the 11th that you contacted me

2: Yes you are right, even so, it has been a long time as your original request went into my Junk filter, for that I apologize

3: Take a look above as you can see the requests I’ve received (not that many) have been answered more than promptly

4: There is a help PDF document in the zip folder. If you are having issues with your zip file then of course you wouldn’t see the help file… which is there

5: I will help you get this taken care of for sure, first, try a different zip program… I’m surprised you sat on a “wonky” zip extraction for 4 days before sending your request

6: Now that I am aware of your issues, you will receive an email from me immediately with help. Appreciate the flame ;).

From now on please refer any major issues to the email in my profile, and please send them as soon as you encounter them so hopefully the resolve can happen much sooner. thanks!

Hi, great looking email, can I ask does it work with windows mail, if so how do you add it to send? If not could you tell me how to use with outlook or apple mail please?




Hey Eskimo,

A few comments up is one of mine starting with “Hey blue”... it has simple instructions on how to send through Mac’s MailApp.

Need more help just let me know! (Thanks for the comments :) )

Hello Humana,

Excellent template! Very clean with great content separation. Very easy on the eyes. Do you have a standard one like this that is not holiday themed? I would be interested in obtaining a version that is a bit more generic.


Thanks sbalagula!

I could release a non-holiday version for sure. I have 2 other “back2business” templates ready to go as well. I will release them shortly after the holiday season :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


I really liked this template. But there is one strange error happening with the footer in IE8 and IE9. You can see what I mean by removing the Themeforest frame on Live Preview while using Internet Explorer. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Thank you and Regards,


Nevermind. I changed the footer table width from 398 px to 390 px and everything works fine now. Perhaps it should be something to update later.




Thanks for the catch, and appreciate the purchase ;)

Why is this still listed on themeforest? It’s long gone. No preview link, no activity in well over a year.