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Is the Theme Options only available in the Wordpress version? If so, you should remove it from the HTML version preview. If not, how do you get to it? I only bought this because I thought it had the option to change options without editing the css files. I had hoped to give this theme to my nephew who doesn’t know enough html or css to edit it.

Hi bfarmer,

Sorry but as stated in the description : “The live preview is the WordPress version, in the HTML Version you get only static html files with well structured elements ready and easy to use.” Theme Options is only available on the WP Version.

I use the WordPress live preview for the HTML Version to stop people stealing the HTML from my site template. (It’s harder like this.)

Sorry about the confusion, I’m sure that Themeforest support can help you about the refund if you didn’t know that.

I don’t need a refund, I am OK with editing the HTML , I just found it confusing. No worries. I’m not teaching my nephew Wordpress, though! :)

On another note, I am trying to find where to set the email address for the contact page, and I am not having any luck, though I would swear I saw it before.

It is a working contact page, correct? Where do I change the email address?

Edit – never mind, I see it is not included in the html version. I’ll have to adapt my existing form.

Yep, php file is not include in the HTML file. I let the user use the one they want.

The medium thumbnail image with magnify glass can we link it to a post or page with a large image?

Do you have an example of the roll over magnify glass on an image link to a page or post?

No I don’t.

Ok, I’ll see what I can do. Is it possible to use the thumbnail image with magnify glass link to a post or page?

I figured out switching my theme over, but because I uploaded to a pre-existing site, I have no portfolio page. How can I get the portfolio and contact that comes with the theme?

hi love your theme. its been working out great for us. one thing though, looking to change the bullet color for our blogposts in the footer. i can make a new .png of the bullet image in the green color we want but not sure where or how to place it in the code. kinda new to manipulating web designs thanks. heres our website

i wonder if you can help me i have your html version of humble i am trying to edit and am facing a bit of a problem changing the layout of portfolio-1-column.html i have this but want it the picture to be 250px X 240px which i have managed to resize but would like the text area on that page to be as close to 580px as possiable cant find where the changes are needed in the css to move the thumbnail picture over to the right and make the text area bigger

i have a image of what i wish it to look like it can be found at

look forward to your reply

thanks for your reply twi but i have managed to resolve this

i do wish i purchased the WP version now tho

I’m glad you like the template to be a client of both version! Thanks a lot for using my template dude :)

Is there an updated version of this template? With Twitter’s recent updates, the twitter feed in the template no longer works.

Online where? I posted a comment asking for help because I couldn’t find a fix.

On your Download page, where you can download the latest version of all files you bought here.

Sorry, I just saw that you are talking about the HTML version. For now the files are not update, WP version only. But replace the code of the twitter by this and it will work:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Working with the HTML version and You have the flicker stream and not the Instagram in the script. Looking through the comments you stated that there was code and you posted but it’s not there. Can you respost to the script.


corrected the instagram script but still having issues with the polaroid slider. Seems that the preview slide will not link to an expanded larger image. In a previous post you committed to document the process better, its not. Can you PLEASE provide some insight?

Do you have a link to see?

i have email you re helping to get the contact form working look forward to your reply

You can see at my site that the background image is centered, and around the background photo there is white space. It’s only visible on bigger screens (<1400px), but still it looks bad.

How can I stretch photobackground as in your preview –


How can I change background color to black and let the photo in center?

Thanks in advance!

Did you find anything twi?

Will I ever receive an answer? It’s was 3 months since I asked about this issue.

Hi I love this template and I am frustrated after speaking with a Godaddy represent having them go out of their comfort zones to help me. When I compress the files “documentaion, humble, and psd” into one zip file then upload it to make it a theme on wordpress it fails and says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” can you help me in anyway?? The GoDaddy representative said it is something wrong with the file. Thanks and I hope you can help!

When you unzip the file you’ve downloaded from Themeforest, you just need to upload the folder “humble” to /wp-content/themes/. When doing this do you still have the error message?

Hi my website is and my slider is not working at all? The polaroid was working for a bit, but then stopped and with the nivio slider the pictures are not even in the slider and all over my website. What should I do.


Answered above.

the site itself is working the slider is not…

Check out the js console, as I said. It’s a conflict with another plugin.

Couple of questions: 1. I purchased the Drupal version, but think it may be way too much for what I need, so I was thinking of downgrading to HTML. Would that have to be a new purchase?

2. Does the front page slider work on the HTML version?

3. What does 4 Filterable Portfolio Layout Mean?

4. Is there an mechanism/automation for loading the photos to the gallery, or is it just about naming files and uploading them through FTP?

My big concern is an easy process for my customer to upload their photos to the gallery.



1. Yes, we are 2 different persons making HTML and Drupal, so yes… it will be a new purchase… sorry. 2. Yes! 3. It means that you can filter portfolio categories, but on the HTML version it’s just static code. “Filterable” is only for WP and Drupal version. 4. Using HTML version you’ll need to upload them. But using the WP version you can upload everything easily.

The HTML version will be rebuilt on top of Bootstrap soon. I’ve just updated the WP version.

Why not WordPress? I don’t like Drupal either because it’s too much… but the WP version is really simple.

A big update is coming for Humble, it will be built on top of bootstrap, responsive and all! I’m working on it as fast as I can, I hope to ship it next week! Sorry for the delay about support, but once the new version is released, I’ll be back to do it!

Hi twi, I have purchased the Humble WordPress version but the template was empty..there are no polaroid photos, middle menu, etc…please can you say to me how it’s possible to configure the template as I can see in your portfolio? Can you help me with this? It’s very important, it’s for a new client’s website. Many thanks!!

What do you mean empty? Did you have the documentation in it?

I have found in the theme option the polaroid slide option, now I would like to know how to configure the menu before the footer and the portfolio with many images..Thanks a lot!

Can you post with the account your bought the template, and on the page of the wordpress version please? thx.


I just purchased the HTML version and noticed its not responsive out of the box. Did I download an old version or something? The demo was responsive.


Hey, sorry about that, but the HTML version is the old version of the template as I said in the HTML item description: “The live preview is the WordPress, in the HTML Version you get only static html files with well structured elements ready and easy to use. Note that the WordPress got a big update in February 2014… soon the HTML version will be updated too… stay tune!”

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do the HTML version from the latest update.

Stylish and beautiful;