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Really nice template You should release the polaroid slider on codecanyon :-)

You know I never leave negative comments ::: But in this case I think I will .the first is the nav: supper fish is not linked to the page and then the Css word out coding wrong it is moving to the next line I have not gone thru the rest of the side but not happy please update the site .


I don’t understand what you are explaining. Can you give me more details please? Or screenshot?

I agree with the first person. you should totally release the slider, i would buy it, its awesome.


We’ll see, thanks for the interest! :)

In the live preview you have a “Theme Options” page showing screenshots of an admin area for making theme adjustments and settings. Is this available in the HTML version or is this a mistaken inclusion from the Wordpress version preview?


It’s only available on the WordPress version. I’ll add this to the description.

I really like the polaroid slider!



maddix Purchased

looks great…..and i purchased!


no php script for email, little or no code hints for beginners…. looks great in the demo and is fully functional.

avoid this if you are not fully schooled in html.


In the item description, I don’t think you can read “php files” for the “ThemeForest Files Included”, do you? This is a full html template, all static, and with all elements prepared to be use.

Thanks for the purchase.

Great work here!

Will have to look into this …

Works like a charm on iPhone btw :)


Thanks for the kind words! WordPress is also available if you are interested :)

maddix Purchased

Thank you for your response,

no i did not read your attached files statement, i just presumed that the uploaded version would be what i purchased…. as your uploaded demo has a fully working apperance.

that said….. the HTML version DOES NOT !

no php/asp email files, pages not linked together, no code hints whatsoever, what you buy is not what you see in the demo!!!!!!!!!!!

as you say (now) its just a few static html pages.

and the noobs have to link them together, code thier own PHP so they can mail etc…

thanks for clearing that up…......p.s nice photo slider…..


You should read the description before buy something. It is written that the online demo is the WordPress, it’s kinda logical… everything is dynamic. HTML template are all static.

If you really want everything working and dynamic you should buy the WordPress version, not the HTML .

You really need to read the description buy something, I know it’s boring but this is how you’ll find what you are looking for.

I really like this theme. I saw your post on Forrst about this and was a bit jealous of your content slider. Great work.


Thanks for the kind words!

It would be nice to have a drag and drop TUMBLR widget as part of the theme.

1. Tried to install the Tumblr Widget, but can’t figure out how to format Tumblr posts just like the regular WP posts.


Anyway you can hack together a quick little CSS ? Pretty please?


You are talking about the WordPress version right? Why are you posting in the HTML Version?

I didn’t know that I’m posting in the HTML version. But yes, for the WP version. Your theme is excellent, would like to see a simple CSS for the TUmblr widget. Me coding it = 5 hours. You, probably 15 minutes! :)

Each post is a

  • with the class “tumblr_post.” Each post also has the class of its post type: “quote”, “link”, “conversation”, “regular”, “photo”, “audio”, or “video”. Basically, I didn’t get very far
  • #sidebar .Tumblr#tumblr_post, #footer .Tumblr#tumblr_post { padding:0 10px; color: #777; margin-left: 0; margin-bottom: 0; } #sidebar .Tumblr#tumblr_post { text-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.9); } #footer .Tumblr#tumblr_post { text-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9); } #sidebar .Tumblr#tumblr_post li, #footer .Tumblr#tumblr_post li { margin-bottom:15px; line-height: 14px; padding-left: 35px; } #footer .Tumblr#tumblr_post li { background: transparent url(images/quote.png) no-repeat 0 3px; } #sidebar .Tumblr#tumblr_post li { background: transparent url(images/quote-black.png) no-repeat 0 3px; } #sidebar .Tumblr#tumblr_post li span, #footer .Tumblr#tumblr_post li span { display: block; margin-bottom:3px; } #sidebar .Tumblr#tumblr_post li a, #footer .Tumblr#tumblr_post li a { color:#555; } #sidebar .Tumblr#tumblr_post li span a, #footer .Tumblr#tumblr_post li span a { color:#aaa; }

    Please post on the WP version then, I need to verify that you bought the template.

    And note that I don’t work for free. If you need my service for customization, you’ll need to hire me.

    I’ve installed the theme and activated it, but I got a message that said “the active theme is broken. reverting to the default theme.” Now Humble doesn’t show up as an option at all. Any idea what I did wrong?


    Hi Diana,

    I think you misunderstood. This is only a HTML Version. It will not work with WordPress. If you are looking for the WordPress Version you need to buy this one : http://themeforest.net/item/humble-portfolio-and-business-theme/595690

    I don’t know if TF will refund you your money if you didn’t buy the correct version though. You’ll need to contact them to be sure.

    I don’t see the logic in previewing WP code when labelling it a html framework.

    Why showcase a codeset that you are simply not selling here?


    I don’t want my HTML Version to be easily rip off :) You’ll get all the element in the HTML Version, the only thing you’ll don’t is the option panel and the dynamic function… but I think it’s obvious.


    Fair enough – That said, I think only a minority of people rip off themes – the prices are so reasonable at Envato that most people are happy to pay – but that said, I do see your point about security concerns.

    It’s just a little messy, I persoanlly like to see the code I would be working with before I purchase. It would potentially put me off a possible purchase if I cannot preview the code itself. Food for thought anyway!

    Hello, I’m new to the world of HTML and web design. If I purchase these HTML “static” pages for this design, does that mean then that I am purchasing prebuilt pages that can then be edited within a program like NetObjects Fusion and then online edited through Snippetmaster? I need to know if I would be purchasing a set of codes or if I would be purchasing pages I can see and edit.


    You are buying page, and elements. So it can be very easy to edit what you want if you know some basic HTML .

    Ok so i am pretty new to the whole word press and code thing and might have bit of a bit more than i can chew but everything is coming pretty simple. Only problem i’m having is the tab options you show on the NIVO home page i’m not seeing anything for. Am i missing something? I see the code for the mini tabs but thats not the same.


    Replied to you in the WP Version.

    nice work :) how this template get updated ? is it connected with any cms



    No you’ll get only static files if you buy the HTML Version. However a WordPress Version is available too… so everything is easier to edit/update.

    Does the polaroid version not come with the html? It is listed as a feature. I realize this is not the wordpress version. How are we to add images for this functionality?


    Never mind I had to go digging in the javascript to see what was not that obvious in the html. The thumbs are linking to the alts fyi for anyone else that wonders this. After some modifications I was able to get this to work for the most part but I agree with other posters above, for some this is not really going to be enough information to go on.


    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to make a better documentation for the HTML Version.

    Great slider btw!



    jnevarez Purchased

    Great template and easy to customize. I’m using it already (purchased).

    Question: in Internet Explorer, the website (box) shadow is not showing. Any fix? Firefox, Safari, Chrome is OK.


    Sorry, for Internet Explorer and box shadow, I have no idea… I’m not a PC guy :P