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Not sure if this is the theme I want but it looks good.

Can I buy this one and pay the extra id I want to update?



What do you mean by update?

Thanks for this great template! It is nice that you have set it up to be very flexible, it is easy to tweak to my personal needs this way (I use it in MODX CMS ).

It was a bit of a gamble to see how the HTML looked like as you have obfuscated it in the live demo – but it is clean and very workable!

p.s. I read your interview – nice! How was it to grow up in Reunion? I can only imagine it is every child his dream :-)


Thanks for the comment! Glad that the file suit your needs :)

Reunion is like living on a “paradise” island with sun all the year. A great place to spend holidays!

What I meant was update to the wordpress version?


No sorry, you’ll need to buy the WordPress to have it.


Even although I’m not sure I need it, I’ll buy the wordpress version as I think its a great theme.

Hope you can help me out if/when I run into problems.


I love this theme and am seriously thinking about purchasing. One question – can the Flickr widget be adapted for Tumblr? I’d like to have an Inspiration page, which is a portfolio type 4 column layout, but link it to my Tumblr feed.


I understand now. You need to take the css for the flickr thumb, and do the same to your Tumblr thumb. You’ll have the hover effect like this.


Are you saying that I need to edit the CSS file? My Tumblr thumbs already have the flickr class applied in the HTML files. Is there a conflict there?

Will do. How about the Twitter feed? It is possible to adjust it to show tweets vertically (for example, 4 tweets, but displayed in 2 columns of 2 tweets each)?


Nop. You should look at a plugin for this.

krumpy Purchased

What font is the logo?



Hi, With the tabs on the home page (on your template the first one is called “control the slider”) Is there anyway to change the way they work? I want to use them as Links, so I need to remove the function that opens up the bit below. Does that make sense? I want them to look the same but be used as buttons instead of tabs… Any help would be amazing!



You need to remove the event and do custom code for this, it’s not a function possible with the tabd for now.

Hello Karim, i really like this theme, i have one very small problem, i can not figure out how to set the “blog” page displaying the posts without the slider and the look of the home page. i created a static front page called home (the slider and everything) but the post page keeps looking like the home page. any suggestions?




You need to assign the front page on the reading setting from the basic option. Please check the “Create the homepage” section from the documentation.

i just realized this is the html version . oops .

Hi there, love LOVE this theme and already have it running perfectly. One question…how do I make the form work? I just realized that I don’t have anything to make it “Go”...Please help! Thanks so much!



Thanks for the kind words and the purchase!

Sorry but this template is only HTML files. There is no PHP code to make the contact form works. But you can find this on google really easily (“php contact form”)

One final hurdle… How do I link the portfolio category buttons? I’ve got the buttons set up and the categories listed on all the thumbnails, but I’m not sure how to link the buttons to the categories. I’ve tried linking to variants of ”/?view=category” without success. http://www.maggiecowan.com


You have the HTML version, link will depend on your CMS or page you build physically on your FTP .

Is it possible to have the logo on the left and the nav to the right like in a traditional layout?

How do I change the twitter feed?


You have the HTML version of the template, The twitter feed depend what code you’ll be using.


Yes I have the html version

How do I move the logo to the left and the nav to the right without effecting the rest of the layout?


Putting the div of the logo before the div for the nav.


<div id="logo" class="grid_4">
     <a href="index.html"><img src="images/logo.png" alt="Humble" /></a>

How do I get password fields to look like regular input fields?

input[type=”text”], textarea { border: 1px solid #ccc; padding: 6px 5px; border-radius: 2px; -moz-border-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-radius: 2px; color: #555; }


Adding input[type=”password”] I think

Like this :

input[type=”text”], textarea, input[type="password"] { border: 1px solid #ccc; padding: 6px 5px; border-radius: 2px; -moz-border-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-radius: 2px; color: #555; }


I purchased this theme and have tried to reach you regarding some questions on your personal site? Where do i get support for this theme? Here on ThemeForest or at your site? I also tried t reach you on Twitter.

Thanks Francesco



Sorry I do support only on ThemeForest as it’s written in the documentation. You need to post with the account you bought the template too to have support.


kituout Purchased

Great theme! Love it!!

One question i cant find in the style.css to change the main color red?? Thanks for your help!! Kind Regards Joe


Try to look at the css/custom.css file, it’s there :)

new here, is there a support line for help, just downloaded it but don’t know how to start editing


Hi, Thanks for the purchase.

You bought the HTML Version, so you should know how to code, or edit html code to have your website working. And there is a documentation in the .zip you downloaded for helping you with the markup to use.


I bought this theme at the end of last year and a few of the aspects have changed, like the ‘Flicker’ which is now ‘Instagram’. I don’t use the flicker function as I upload pictures on there. Do I need to buy the theme again in order to get the new features? I”d like to include Instagram as I use this a lot!

I am also currently having issue with my slider on the main page. It just suddenly stopped working properly. It is taking ages to load? Just wondering if you know what the problem may be?





The instagram widget is included in the WordPress Version. Here is the HTML version. If you already bought the template you just have to download the file again from your Download page here on Themeforest.

Maybe a problem with another plugins that cause a conflict. Please on the right item if you have the WP version.