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@nzsearchengine The theme works fine, you just have to follow the instructions! Love the template @Humblespace!

I am looking for ward to using this for my Facebook page here soon, still coding out the changes I am making.

One thing I did notice, on Firefox for some reason, the user profile image does not show up. Just a little heads up :)

Oh really, thanks for the info. Will spend some times playing with FF this weekend :D

Problem with SSL. But live site still accessible. Thanks


I am struggling to install this. can you please take me through the steps. where do i install it?

email sent. thanks :)

I dont actually quite understand how to install this product. the PDF is not very clear on actually installation. Where do I store the template/documents?

How can facebook pick it up/read it etc.

Your instructions are not very clear. It needs to be precise so that users/ purchasers know exactly what to do.

I know how to install a tab etc, but how do I get this on?

Hi there, its gonna be long thread if i post it here. Can u email me at and i send you the steps.


Why would someone buy this landing page template instead of just setting up static html tab with html code on it? Just trying to justify the purchase. thank you

I dont think ppl will reply to your question here. Go quora, forum or somewhere else to get the answer :)


Hello, I want to check out the page on my mobile: It’s ok on PC but it says “The Page you requested was not found” on mobile. What is the problem?

Sorry I dont think there’s page tab for mobile view.

Hi there,

Can you please send the details instruction of how to upload the template to FB? I purchase the template but the instructions was not clear!

Please help me. Thanks,

Email to we’ll send you the instruction.



Only 2 questions before I buy this amazing theme :-) !

After buying the template, which app do I need to use to upload the template/html? I know of this app which allows the use of HTML for free: .

Is the content lock function free when using an app using your template?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi there

Thanks for the interest. Btw the static frame app only allow you to upload HTML files but this templates is using PHP. Meaning you need a self host server to host the files.

For example demo is using pagodabox server hosting, and yes it’s FREE. but to handle it it’s quite technical.

Template is free to edit, no limitation.


Hey there :) Just a quick question: Are the graphics editable/swappable if I’m not using this for a mobile app? (Can i use other graphics of my own)

AWESOME! Purchased, downloaded- uploaded, published live and started customizing within 15 minutes!


Thanks for the purchase! Glad to hear that :D

Hey the contact form does not work. What did we do wrong?

Nothings wrong. There’s no working contact form included in the package. It just a placeholder. You need to find external script for it.

Hi i have a problem i really d’ont know hot to install this on facebook can you help me with that my email is

Noted. will send you an instruction email later.


How did you added this inside the facebook page ?

You created an app ? Can you share the steps with me because i am worried if i can really do this or not

i am trying to add your url in the app –

use url instead

replace YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_URL with app id from fb app you created and humbleface url above

2 queries -

1. You want me to add this long url, in settings > Page tab url ? here-

2. How to add “page tab” on my page menu ?

3. New url , but what to do now –

Hello I purchased your theme very nice but I have a big problem. Both Firefox and Chrome browser page displays badly. I followed your instructions because you can not see well? Help Me

Thanks for the info. I have a new question I have to remove your video “Vimeo” and put a loaded from Youtube but putting the web link does not open. How do I connect with a Youtube video?

Sorry but I have another problem, how can I also change the size of the window light box? For example 800×600?


Sorry for late reply

To change vimeo section, you need to replace the link and screenshot for the video.

video url :

image url : img/sample/vimeo.png" 

To change the lightbox size, open style.css and change #teaser width at line 17


I cannot see the preview, let me know