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I have problem with the portfolio. The images are not showing. Don´t think they are even being loaded. Look at the portfolio item “Opel” here:

Could it have something to do with wordpress being installed on a subdomain and using multisites?

Thanks in advance! And thank you for a great theme!

Don´t bother.. I fixed it myself by updating the code for mr-image-resize.php.

However.. now I have another problem with the portfolio only showing a limited number of items. How do I fix this? And could you please respond? I have, like everyone else here, paid for your theme so I expect at least some sort of communication.

Nevermind again.. found the answer from a another post. It had to do with the general Wordpress setting “Reading”. I changed it from 10 to 999 and that solved the problem. You should put this in the documentation.

Is there a way to define which portfolio categories to be visible in the filter menu of a portfolio template? Instead of “All” I just want three portfolio categories to be visible.

Please answer!

Hello again! Still no answer and I am starting to wonder if you are just ignoring your customers. Two months ago since you last answered someone here.

I almost got the portfolio working myself but I still have one last problem with filtering.

I want the “default view”, when entering the portfolio (set to “All categories” in the theme settings), to only show the category “Advertisement” (the first in the list) instead of all categories. Here is the portfolio:

These two links works just like they should. Showing only the categories assigned. But these don´t. The show all portfolio items instead. Same template and set up exactly the same as the above pages.

I´m not asking you to fix this, just need a pointer of what the problem could be or where I should look.

I have almost given up on getting any response from you, but If I do I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Found the setting for the first problem. However, still need help for changing default view for portfolio set to “All categories”.

5 days and no answer. :( Does anyone know if it´s possible to exclude some categories when “All categories” is chosen for a portfolio? Or to make one category default on the portfolio frontpage. Instead of no category being selected when entering the page (All categories show), having “Category A” selected by default. I have been looking at the code for days but can´t figure it out. Please help!

I’ve messaged you four times on this comment page and I have emailed you various times. You should state there is NO SUPPORT with this glitchy theme – before people part with their money.

Every time I upload a new Portfolio item the categories revert back to the old settings, I need this to stop happening.

A reply any day now would be nice (waiting for over a month)


Just wondering how to change the Slider rotating speed?


I have 14 items (projects) in my portfolio they are al published. But I can only see 10 projects istead of 14 online. Does someone know how i can change that. Hopefully…


I have 14 items (projects) in my portfolio they are al published. But I can only see 10 projects istead of 14 online. Does someone know how i can change that. Hopefully…


were can we change how many projects we want to see online?

Hi, how difficult would it be to use Typekit fonts with this theme? And how would I go about doing this? I tried using them in the normal way but the Google Webfonts integration seems to be in the PHP and difficult to override and I don’t want to risk breaking the site for this.


Is it possible to add the slider to a page. I want to add content to the homepage, but due the the way that the theme is built, it allows little room for customization of the homepage?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

I am having trouble with the sidebars and homepage static image.

I am following the instructions in the Documention but the homepage continues to show a normal page, no image, and the sidebars are also not appearing whether I add content to the default Page Sidebar widget area or I create a new one and select in under Page Options.

Please advise.

Thank you Caroline

Note, I have successfully added a widget to the contact page using the Contact Sidebar widget area

Hi, it is possible make it multilingual?.

I am trying to set a cookie. It does not work adding to the header and it does not work adding to the top of the functions.php page. It works good on rest of site. Any suggestions?

Can anyone please let us know in “simple” language how can we add separate header images to each of the pages. We thought inserting the featured image would do this automatically. Tried with plugins but none seemed to work. WIth our very limited knowledge tried to understand and edit the php pages but no luck. Please help. Thanks.

Does anyone know how we can get some paid support to make some fixes to the theme purchased. Please reach out to me at Thanks

text editor in visual mode doesn’t work, how it can be fixed? can’t put text, no tools are showing up

All images in my portfolio are blurry, how can i fix them? maybe i’m uploading the images with a wrong resolution. What’s exactly the size for them, including thumbnails…? Thanks!

HI, I have problems with the google map url in the contact widget. It just doesn’t show. What kinda url do I have to use? I just copied it from google maps. Or do I have to change something else somewhere?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve used this url:,+4811+MC+Breda/@51.5899569,4.7744335,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c69f8645b39989:0x99fd2153964d51e2

Please fix the database error connection in the demo site

Fixed. Thank you.