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mdaoust Purchased

Love the theme – great work.

I just noticed that when I put a button inside <header></header> tags that it sets the padding to 0. Any reason why? Any idea where I can change this to not default to 0 padding?


Hi mdaoust,

thanks for purchasing our template. Support for all our templates is handled with the WalkingPixels support forums. Feel free to create a new ticket. support.walkingpixels.com


I really like this theme but currently we are using Bootstrap 2.2.2 in our project. Do you have any plan to upgrade Bootstrap to 2.2.2 for this project?

Thanks, Milad


Hi miladrazban,

Huraga 1.5 is already using Bootstrap 2.2.2, just ThemeForest does not have a label for version 2.2.2. yet.


Does walking pixels have a community support forum? If so, what is the URL. I registered at support.walkingpixels.com, but I didn’t see one there.




nope, we do not have community forums yet. You can open a new topic at support.walkingpixels.com

I would like to purchase this but have a question. Is it possible to disable the scrolling sidebar on the left? So that it just stays put?


Yes, you can turn off Affix plugin in navigation.js

shannont Purchased

Just bought this awesome theme but need the left navigation moved to the right side and the content to the left. So basically mirrored. Can you assist me with this?


It is possible, but you will need to do some modifications in CSS and HTML.

vrodri02 Purchased

Hi, how can I have an external html page load in a modal window?

I tried

<a class="btn btn-alt btn-primary" data-toggle="modal" href="http://www.google.com">Launch Modal</a>

, but that just open google.com in a the main browser window.


xfocus Purchased

Has a fix been issued for the jumping navigation scrolling issue?


Hi, try to redownload latest version from ThemeForest or contact our support at support.walkingpixels.com

shannont Purchased

I bought this theme and modified a few things. Then I noticed that it looks different on my iPhone than in my desktop. Is there an easy way to disable that iPhone or phones in general look different? And make it remember to show the desktop version even to phone users?


Hi, thanks for purchasing our template. Support for all our templates is handled with the WalkingPixels support forums. Feel free to create a new ticket. support.walkingpixels.com

rjmcbdev Purchased

Great theme!

I have read in the comment section that you are planning to integrate jquery-ui, if so, when are you planning to release it?




Hi, currently we are working on new major update. I don’t believe jQuery UI will be implemented sooner than with Bootstrap 3.0.0 since it would require complete template rework.

RyanMoore Purchased

Absolutely brilliant template, very well put together and documented. Highly recommend it.


Thanks RyanMoore!

First of all, great template. I saw in earlier comments that you are working on new major update. When it will be available?

We are looking forward to buying extended license for this template, but we need these updates to be made:

  • Fluid layout option
  • Invoice page
  • FAQ page
  • Support ticket page (conversation page, posts and replies)
  • Shopping cart page

Hi, we do not have any fixed release date. For a extended license query please contact our support.

fordnox Purchased

Awesome updates. Love it.

Hey… it’s a great theme.. but i have noticed (in chrome & FF) that the left side menu is start flickering when we scroll to the bottom of the page. specially in mouse wheel scrolling. some times the menu disappears at such situations. this issue is not there when we are at the top of the page.

i have intention of buying this theme…

keep up the great work


Hi Rifky, we have made few improvements in 1.7. Currently waiting for approval.

Is there an estimate when 1.7 will be approved or is it out? Did not see a new change log.

Just curious as I am thinking of using this for a new project, but due to the way I have to integrate it into the script, I don’t want to get it up and going just to have to make changes right off the bat.

This and your other templates are very good btw!


Hi, Huraga 1.7 is already approved and available.


Awesome, thanks!

punjabik Purchased

Bug in fileinput (forms.html) IE version 10.0.9200.16576. When i select file, then remove it and select different, then new file is not selected and input stay empty. Firefox and Chrome are OK.


Thanks, will take a look at it.

Rifky Purchased

hi, it’s a superb theme. great work.

pls update the jqBootstrapValidation plugin to latest version in your package file.


Will do, thanks for notice.

Melbos Purchased

Hi! I just bought your theme, it’s great!

Can you please advise which font did you use for Huraga logo?


hi guys, first of all great theme. I have a question: what are the plans (timeline) of upgrading to Bootstrap 3? there are quite a few differences so it’s not backwards compatible and I would really like to upgrade my site to it. Thanks again for your work.


Thanks! As probably all Bootstrap users, we are also super excited about Bootstrap 3. So, we will definitely update all ours templates for Bootstrap 3 framework. As you already mentioned, Bootstrap 3 is not backward compatible so it will take some time. I can not tell you any exact timeline, but Chromatron, Huraga and Sangoma wil be the first of our templates with updated Bootstrap and more. We already start working on Bootstrap 3 update, but note that Bootstrap 3 is just RC1 – it means it still has some bugs and it is not the final 3.0.0 version. You, as well as all other buyers, will be notified when the new version hit the market.


thank you, looking forward to it

Hi WalkingPixels I was wondering if you could help me, I have just purchased and downloaded this theme, but when I uploaded it to wordpress it said the theme was broken due to the theme missing a stylesheet and I’m not really sure what to do now. How do I fix this? Thanks Luke


Well Luke, this is not a Wordpress theme. You are in the wrong category.

I’m interested in this template. My developer told me that he can use Wordpress as a CMS to get this going, is he correct about this? what CMS do you recommend for easy implementation for all (including the plugins that come with it). Please let me know asap.


Hi goldstrikn, this is NOT Wordpress theme, only HTML template. You can use this template with any CMS, but it requires custom implementation.

For some reason the bootstrap tooltips always show from the top regardless of what i put in. Any ideas?


$(‘[title]’).tooltip({ placement: ‘top’ }); doesn’t work for you?