Hybrid - Premium Responsive Retina WordPress Theme

Hybrid Responsive & Retina One-Page WordPress Theme

Hybrid is a Premium WordPress Theme featuring an Awesome, State-of-The-Art Landing-Page:

  • Dynamic URL Update: Bookmarkable Links and a Fully Functional Browser History
  • Google Analytics Custom Events: Track Each Section of the Landing-Page Individually
  • Amazing PageSpeed: The Fastest Loading One-Page Theme on ThemeForest!
  • First-Class Experience for both Mobiles, Tablets, and up to Retina Devices
  • Smart Ajax: Triple-A Grade Accessibility and SEO
  • Hybrid Images Technology: Delivers Low-Quality Images for Slow-Bandwidth Users, and up to Extra-High-Resolution Images for High-Pixel-Density Displays.

Hybrid Responsive & Retina One Page Landing Page WordPress Theme

The Best One-Page WordPress Theme Yet

Hybrid is a combination of multiple synergies moving toward Pure Performance: it aims to provide what could be The Fastest Retina-Ready, Responsive WordPress Theme ever built!

Hybrid offers literally hundred of incredible exclusive features, it introduces the new Hybrid Images mechanism (which is now also used by Google Images) and performs at excellence level when it comes to PageSpeed: Hybrid loads and renders lightening-fast!

Hybrid Images Technology

Introducing for the very first time on ThemeForest the new Hybrid Images mechanism! This technology – which was recently adopted by Google Images – provides lightening-fast loading images while serving ultra-high resolution images at the same time. This is done by displaying intermediate images almost instantly while the load of target images is being processed. This proven technique provides a fast and super-smooth user experience.

Hybrid Images Technology: Responsive & Fast-loading Retina Images even for Sow Bandwidth Users

3D Animations

Hybrid features hardware-accelerated 3D animations based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards. Fully accessible and cross-browsers compatible!

HTML5 3D CSS Animation

Flexible Header

Thanks to the extensive, yet easy-to-use backend, the top Fixed Header can be switched ON or OFF for each platform individually.

Fixed Header One-Page WordPress

Intelligent Positioning

Superposed elements like Dropdown Nested Menus are intelligently conceived to be context-aware and to position themselves accordingly to the viewport: if a submenu has reached the end of the screen it will automatically adapt its position to stay in the visible area.

Submenu Intelligent Positioning WordPress Nested Menus

Advanced Google Analytics Integration

Hybrid is currently the only One-Page WordPress Theme to offer the ability to record statistics individually for each section of the landing-page. This is one of the Most Wanted Features for One-Page Themes, and Hybrid is the first theme exclusively available on ThemeForest to implement Custom Events of the Google Analytics API. You’ll be surprised to see how much your marketing strategy can benefit from it!

Google Analytics Custom Events Landing-Page WordPress

Magnificent Design Synergy

Each single pixel has been minutely designed with great precision and in a global synergy moving toward elegance, simplicity and ergonomic to provide the best usability and presentation for your content.

Magnificent Design Synergy

Enhanced Visual Editor

The time where you had to deal with complex shortcodes is over. Hybrid introduces fully visual Columns and Styles directly integrated within the WordPress Editor: add/edit/remove columns with the use of your mouse only! Font-icons are also integrated and easily configurable through a very simple interface allowing you to edit your icons collection using the awesome IcoMoon API.

Enhanced Visual WordPress Editor - TinyMCE Custom-built Plugin: Columns Shortcode Integration, Font-Icons Integration

Outstandingly Easy Font Settings

Select one of the predefined font sets and customize it to your needs, or simply use your own font by choosing from the hundred of beautiful fonts available on Google Fonts. You can also mix multiple fonts together by choosing different ones for titles and body texts.

State Of The Art Typography - WordPress Fonts Settings

Font Icons Made Easy

Hybrid is The First WordPress Theme to implement the awesome IcoMoon API, allowing you to choose from thousands of beautiful, enterprise-level quality icons. You can edit your personal collection at any time by adding/removing icons from it. IcoMoon gives you the possibility to design and add your own custom icons to your collection, which is then automatically packed in a font file to be used on your site. Icons from your collection are also made available directly within the WordPress Editor: simply click the “Icons” button to display your entire collection and pick an icon to insert — as simple as that!

Font Icons WordPress

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition HTML5

Powerful Contact Form

Challenging potential customers with an irritating CAPTCHA is usually a bad idea, and is known to reduce conversions. Hybrid offers a solid CAPTCHA-free alternative that will allow you to be reached easily and efficiently while still being fully protected against spam, transparently.

Need additional fields? Install the Contact Form 7 plugin and build your own Contact Form! You can add as many inputs as you need, including file upload inputs, custom select dropdowns, radio buttons, and more!

WordPress Contact Form with Spam Protection

Human Time

When was this post or comment posted? Yesterday, 2 days ago, last week, last month? It is so much more convenient and friendly to read the time like humans would actually say it, than to read and decode a formatted date. But sometimes the precise date is also useful, this is why the full date is still available via a tooltip, smart!

WordPress Human Time

Useful Shortcodes

Useful WordPress Shortcodes

Fully Multilanguage

The Hybrid WordPress Theme is fully translatable, it comes with working .po and .mo files which can be easily edited using poEdit. No technical skills required, just duplicate the files and start translating each text strings!

Multilanguage WordPress Theme Fully Translatable

Child Theme

For your convenience, Hybrid comes with a free pre-configured Child Theme. This is incredibly useful for developers who wish to edit theme files. All you have to do is to duplicate any file or function from Hybrid to the Child Theme and customize it to your needs. That way you can install new updates without loosing your customization!

WordPress Child Theme

Git Repository Access

NEW! Get Access to the Hybrid Git Repository via Bitbucket: Follow the continuous development, fork, contribute, get early access to updates, and more!

Modern Development

The Hybrid WordPress Theme is an incredibly rich set of state-of-the-art features: it comes with 4 hookable custom-made jQuery plugins, 2 custom-made TinyMCE plugins for the WordPress Editor, and lots of scalable capabilities allowing for the creation of an Award-Winning website in a matter of minutes!
  • Fully Retina
  • Responsive Layout & Responsive Images
  • Hybrid Images: delivers low quality images for slow-bandwidth users, and up to extra high resolution images for high-pixel-density displays.
  • Font Vector Icons: 1000+ of available state-of-the-art icons, with an exclusive system to manage and use your icons at any time, right within the WordPress Editor!
  • Easy Columns: Exclusive Custom-Made TinyMCE Plugin to manage columns and rows like never before, shortcodes are now past history!
  • Simple Custom Post Type to manage your Projects, with easy inclusion on the landing-page offering a nice Ajax system, while still being totally accessible for no-js users and is fully SEO friendly!
  • Google Analytics Custom Events: Track each section of the landing-page independently with nice custom events appearing in your Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Amazing Page-Load Speed Performance: Benefiting from the Spark Framework, the Spark Static Server and the Spark Speed Mode altogether which will bring your Google PageSpeed Score above 90 – guaranteed.
  • Did I mention the Extensive Yet Simple Backend? And the Visual Editor which is for once Truly Visual! Don’t take my word for it, check out my other items and comments ;)

Award Winning

In 2013, Hybrid was proudly used to create award-winning websites, will yours be next? The Hybrid WordPress Theme is best designed to match the needs of Freelancers, Small Businesses and up to Large Corporations thanks to its simplicity, ergonomic and enterprise-level compatibility and features! If you would like your site to appear here please drop me a mail!
“This is the best template I have purchased from themeforest!” — Said drakestrategies, 3-4 years of ThemeForest membership, and 50-99 items purchased.

JoNa ThemeForest Author - Featured Quote - Ths is the best template I have purchased from themeforest! Thanks for the quality work.

Theme Updates

Your download comes with lifetime quality updates, free.

Hybrid 6.0 – May 10, 2014

  • Compatibility update for latest WordPress 3.9
  • Improved the Visual Editor Enhancer experience and performance
  • Font-icons can now be dragged and moved around anywhere in the editor
  • Fixed an issue preventing the lightbox from opening properly when adding/editing an icon or column in the editor
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Mobile Menu dropdown not properly selecting the current page
  • Fixed the [column] shortcode when setting a width of "one"
  • Updated OptionTree framework to latest 2.4
  • Compare source code between Versions 6.0 and 5.1 on the git repository (register here first to get access)

Hybrid 5.1 – February 3, 2014

Hybrid 5.0 – December 14, 2013

Hybrid 4.1 – August 12, 2013

  • Hotfix addressing the empty “Theme Options” page.
  • Fixed a PHP notice on 404 pages.
  • Main Slider: Added a “Title” field for each slide (affects the “alt” attribute in the sliding images).

Hybrid 4.0 – August 11, 2013

  • WPML Support: Added compatibility with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin
  • Font Icons: Fixed and extended the WP Filesystem implementation in the ZIP file extraction process.
  • Landing-Page: Now displays unlimited sections, overriding the “Max Posts per Page” WordPress setting.
  • Projects: Now rendered using the Skeleton grid; Improved the thumbnails display; Improved display on Mobile devices; Removed the “Show More” button if no more items are available; Added category support (beta).

Hybrid 3.0 – August 2, 2013

  • Hybrid is now fully compatibility with the latest version of WordPress 3.6
  • More detailed changelog is available on the git repository through Bitbucket: jona.maddim.com/git

Hybrid 2.1 – August 2, 2013

  • [Fixed] A regression introduced in version 2.0 with the Speed Mode (JS localization), as well as a bug introduced in version 2.0 caused by the CSS Minifier breaking code following @-keyframes syntax.
  • [Added] Versioning for the concatened/minified/gzipped CSS and JavaScript to automate browser cache clearing and CDN refreshing upon theme version change.

Hybrid 2.0 – July 31, 2013

  • [Fixed] A performance and compatibility issue affecting a limited set of server configurations
  • [Fixed] A sorting issue affecting sub-queries not being ordered correctly
  • [Added] New! Projects Pagination
  • [Improved] Projects Opening

Hybrid 1.11 – June 4, 2013

  • [Fixed] The custom “404 Not Found” page not being correctly assigned

Hybrid 1.10 – June 4, 2013

  • [Fixed] The Post-Specific “Custom CSS” Metabox Field was not effective
  • [Improved] Minor aspects

Hybrid 1.9 – June 2, 2013

  • [Fixed] Character escaping and HTML block elements nested in paragraph elements – Hybrid now always outputs Valid HTML5 Syntax

Hybrid 1.8 – May 30, 2013

Hybrid 1.7 – May 28, 2013

  • [Fixed] An issue occurring on iPhone after an orientation change

Hybrid 1.6 – May 20, 2013

  • [Fixed] An issue preventing the “Custom CSS” field from actually being included in the pages
  • [Fixed] Other minor issues

Hybrid 1.5 – May 18, 2013

  • [Added] New typography setting: Uppercase Titles
  • [Fixed] A WordPress issue where thumbnails were generated from an already resized/cropped image instead of resizing from the original image.
  • [Fixed] Misalignment affecting the top menu on mobile devices
  • [Fixed] Addressed minor issues when no radio-type options were selected
  • [Improved] IE7 and IE8 Support: added alternatives to the :first-of-type CSS selector
  • [Improved] Introducing Spark Framework 5
  • [Improved] General code structure and theme performance
  • [Improved] The Font-Icons importation process

Previous changelog truncated.