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vmudhar Purchased

Hi, is there any way that you can remove the ( i ) info icon at the bottom of each post on the portfolio. A lot of the images in the grid don’t have “write up’s”, and I would prefer the user to just click the image and see a overlay gallery, and not have the open to go into a portfolio details page. I purchased the Wordpress version.


You can use this to hide the icon. Paste it into the custom css field in the theme options panel.
.cell-title i.icon-info-title{ display:none;} 

This will only hide the icon, it will not remove the link. To remove the link you would need to completely hide the title bar, either via css or by editing the php template file.

However, the single project page will always exist, because WP will make them anyway. So it would likely be indexed by search engines.

Is there a way to add social media buttons to share gallery and blog post images. I am interested but want to know if social media buttons to share photos can be added.

Hi, Seeing as the Hydra theme uses a lot of ajax to load content, adding that type of social media sharing function would require quite a bit of work. You could probably use some kind of plugin which would work on the single post pages or perhaps single project pages, but in grids and other areas where ajax is used to load the content, this would unlikely work.


icvideo Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to have a video in the portfolio layout open to a video project page/post? or fill the centre of the screen instead of from the block it is located in within the portfolio layout? Also can I make the “about us” the landing page? and swap them in the navigation as well? Thanks Great theme!!!

Hi, For each project you have option to open the project media in a lightbox (in case of videos that’s fullscreen) or to take the user to the single project page. In the case of video projects, when you choose not to use the lightbox, clicking the video’s play btn will open it in place, but clicking it’s title will take you to the single page. These settings can be set differently on a project by project basis. Yes any page can be set as the homepage and the menu can have whatever arrangement of items you wish.


Just uploaded the theme on to my Wordpress site. I have imported the “demo content” and have begun adding Youtube videos to my home page “All Projects” portfolio gallery. Now, the problem is; these Youtube videos aren’t actually showing up.

What do you reckon I should do in order to fix this issue?

Haven’t done so yet. Will do so now… Will keep you updated.

I removed the “s” from the “https” and now my video has appeared in my “all projects” portfolio gallery. Thanks for the speedy response. :-)

No problem, good luck.

Featured images opening but not closing:

Ok, featured images are appearing on my “all projects” portfolio page. The only problem is, once I click on these images and open them up – I cannot close them. More specifically, “x” icons aren’t appearing at the top of these opened images. It turns out that I have to press the “escape” button on my keyboard to close opened images.

How must I resolve this problem? Thanks.

Hi, Are you logged into your WP site when viewing these images? If so , your toolbar at the top of the screen may be hiding the X button. If this is the case, you can disable the toolbar via the wp settings.

Hello, I have one little question: On mobile version, when I open a photo from photo gallery can be set up zoom-in and zoom-out on a single phot?


Thank you,

Hi, Unfortunately not. Responsive websites disable the pinch to zoom feature of mobile platforms, the reason being that the content is already resized to fit the screen automatically. Unfortunately the only drawback of this is no user controlled zooming on images is supported.