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Thanks for this good and clean theme. It the file index.php at line 177 you have written </nav>.

If I count correctly there was one missing and no <nav> in the code. Your the expert, but if I replace </nav> by my site runs better.

Please let me know if I am completely wrong.

Post-sale question: We’re really happy with the site and it’s been working very well. One thing I’ve just noticed is that it doesn’t display any content when JavaScript is disabled.

Please can you recommend a solution to display the content or to bring up a message/page to explain that JavaScript is required?

Thank you, Danielle-RHA

Nadesh94 Purchased


I was wondering how do i remove the numbers on the pages. Example: all the 01, 02, 03 etc. – I want the H1’s to stay.

I tried everything, but nothing worked.

I hope you can help me.


We really like your site, we want to know how to implement the single page navigation menu using your theme.

Could you send us some guidelines to implement it?


stesch Purchased

Hello. I like the template very much. But can you please tell me where can I adjust the screen width at which the normal menu will switch to the mobile menu? Currently it seems to be 768 pixels but I need to change this. Thank you. Greetings. Stephan