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HELP—is theme going to be updated for wordpress 3.7 and PHP 5.4, if so when (my ISP is switching to PHP 5.4 any day and this theme, which I have purchased, will no longer work properly!)

Hello Theme is PHP 5.4 and WP 3.7 compatible, please download update from ThemeForest and follow update FAQ http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/faq/342 If you need more help do not hesitate to start support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com

Still not responsive?

I’ve said before I would have even been willing to re-purchase this theme if I could get it responsive. Instead I purchased another theme and am getting rid of Hypax which really breaks my heart. :-(

Hello, at the moment we haven’t decided about responsive version of Hypax Theme yet. Plese not that we are prioritizing our work by basing on users feedback and so far there was simply to low interest for such update.

Hi My website doesn’t look anything like the Theme Forest I paid for, please go to http://www.sentimentograms.com.au/ to see what I’m talking about. I’m not IT savvy at all and need layman instructions. Please email me Step by step instructions in a format I can copy and paste.

Silly me thought installing the theme meant it would look as you advertised.

Please help I’m completely lost. The videos have helped a little but code and specific instructions to adjust navigation/main menu (as you can see the main menu is spread over my slider which I have inserted into header) and the whole website looks completely different (please help with the whole look to appear similar to your Theme Forest sample).

Kind Regards Eliana

Hello, Looks like you’ve skipped part where dummy-content.xml file was imported (first video chapter in manual), it provides some basic content like example pages, posts and menus. Firstly you should re-plan your main menu with less amount of elements and use some shorter menu titles in it. You may also try to reduce font size and possibly padding between menu elements – that will depend on how much of them you will want to keep visible. And finally some parts of your homepage like “Contact Us” or “About Us” can be set as a part of your homepage with smooth scrolling feature between them. Well, I think there is to much to explain at one time so please contact us via our support page at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com – we will assist you there.

I’ve replaced Hypax with a new theme due to the fact that Hypax is not yet responsive.

I love Hypax but it’s getting dated if you don’t make it responsive.

Hello, we are aware about that and yes, we are planning responsiveness for it however can’t say exactly when it will happen, sorry.

Hi, I’m starting to make a site and I created my homepage. I got the slider working but anytime I create a new page it makes it my homepage and every link leads to it.

Is there a setting I have missed?

Thank you

That’s really strange issue, please start a ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

You mentioned not enough interest in a responsive version, going by the comments here I found more than 40 of such requests…

Sir honest opinion now.

We want to develop and release it but unfortunately ThemeForest does not promote major updates in ANY way. While production costs and time needed remain close to those needed for releasing brand new template.

Sorry Sir but we can’t make it until something will seriously change in that matter.

Thanks for your honest opinion! It is good to know what’s going on behind the scenes and I understand your situation!

Thank you :)


Your Theme is created in July 2011 and till 2015 there is responsive update yet. There are lot of users and feedback which required responsive layout also. Specially all those who already paid for this theme. Your theme is attractive enough but you have to consider responsive is the requirement of every user nowadays. Kindly look into this and update it please for take care your paid customers.


Hello and thank you for using our theme. We always want to fulfill our Customers needs but unfortunately Theme Forest does not offer any kind of ability to promote major update, they do not reward such updates while productions costs (time) are similar to releasing new template. Also please note that Hypax was made a long time ago and it would require to rewrite almost whole its code to meet current WP and TF standards. Unfortunately it wont be possible for us to make such updates until something will seriously change in TF aproach to that problem.

Thanks for the reply … it means we don’t need to wait further and find the alternate solution for responsive layout ?

We can’t give you an exact time for it but we really want to do it. Our plans says in about 6-8 months but please note that we can’t promise anything exact at the moment.

Hi, how can I desactivate the portfolio’s categorie tag’s ?

Hi, I sent you a ready-made solution via the ticket system.

Hi, rascals. Whether it is necessary to be updated to version WP 4.3 or there will be problems after updating???

Hi, You can do update, please perform full backup of your CONTENT and DATABASE (just in case).