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Thanks for the sick theme!!!

Hello Ed, thanks for purchasing. So you wrote, you bought first. :)

Very special stuff. Good luck :bigsmile:

Thank you Morad.

Amazing! This will be top seller for sure! ;)

It would be great :) Thank you!

I remember seeing the html or PSD of this one. It’s a great theme. Nice job!

I’m glad thank you WPExplorer!

one of the best here.. good luck

Thank you Mabuc!

Is it possible to change color schemes? I kind of prefer a lighter bg with a modern blue accept. Does the theme allow such customization (w/o too much involvement – as I’m a novice when it comes to wp).

Hi, At the moment, this template has only one color. Depending on the sale we implement a light skin. This template has two backgrounds, change them by editing the stylesheet file.

I’m not having any luck viewing the demo in Firefox 5.0.

Ignore my comment, it appears to be something on my end

:) Hypax should work fine on all newest browsers.

To seemsse, demo work in Firefox 5.0.


almoust ready to buy. Need to know if this is translate ready?

ty, looks fantastic!

Hello and thank you, Hypax is Internationalized (I18n). In simple language, it means that you can translate our theme in your own language!

Is it possible to replace the R-Slider with another slider? For example one of the many sliders available for wordpress via CodeCanyon?

Is soundcloud the only way to audition music or is there a built in media player that can be used or some smart HTML5 trick?

Hi, If you do not have the skills (php, html, WP API ), you may have problems replacing the slider.

No, this template does not have the ability to play mp3 through HTML5 .

Brilliant theme, well done. 2 questions if I may, is it possible to have any other colour schemes & can you tell me which accordion you used on the services page please? It looks like one I used previously and I had issues on my hosting account for whatever reasons< I never found out!


Hello and thank you!

1. At the moment, this template has only one color. Depending on the sale we implement a light skin.

2. Most of the scripts used in this template is ours. There is no possibilities before you use the accordion. If you have a problem with this script we can help you, because we wrote it.

Hi! I love your theme! Great Job! I have a quaestion, is it possible to change Follow Us ( at the footer ), to Follow Me?

Regards, Jairo

Hello and thank you, Of course there is such a possibility, you need to change the graphics in photoshop and export. You have a special psd file that is sliced, and the export is very easy.

Okey thanks! That’s great!. If I need help to change the text Follow Us to Follow Me, is it possible that you can help me? Ofcourse I will try first :-)

No problem, contact us through our contact form on us profile page.

Hi Great Theme,

with the necessary photoshop skills and CSS skills, can I customise the main site colour ?


Hello and thank you. You need to have some knowledge to do it. If you want to change the color blue. It is very simple you just need to open the style sheet and use option “find and replace” in your fav editor.

Great theme guys! :)

One more thing:


Occurs on:

Mac OS X 10 .6.8, Firefox 3.6.19

Mac OS X 10 .6.8, Safari 5.0.5

Mac OS X 10 .6.8, Chrome 12.0.742.122

If I close the top preview frame, it’s all good. Just wanted to let you know since some new buyers are not familiar with the “close” button in the upper left corner.

Hi Freshface, glad to hear it! :)

In fact, now we have removed the iframe, thanks again!

Hey there rascals, i have a couple of questions. 1. Can I put a video on the home page of the site? all i see in the example are images and would it have the same effect that the images have when to click to the next image or video?

2. The same for the portfolio part, can i put videos there as well? all i see now is design, music and web.

3. and lastly do I have the option to remove some of the buttons of the top menu? meaning i dont need News or Blog.

Thank you so much


1. You can put video in the portfolio and the slider only through the lightbox.

2. Of course you can edit the menu as you want.

hi, excellent work pricing table contains? or is compatible with the plugin uPricing

Hello and thank you, Unfortunately, but the template does not contain the pricing table. It’s hard to say because we have not tested this plugin.

Update: seems like all themes are having the same small frame… Envato devs should fix this soon.

I’d like to suggest using HTML to add the social networks. I have a couple I’d like to add in place the options available.