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ilfz Purchased

Not sure why this question is being ignored several have asked. How do you turn off the ‘home’ opacity changing once you are scrolling. It looks bad on mobile so I want to turn it off completely. Where do you turn off the opacity changing of ‘home’ once you are scrolling?

mvberg Purchased

@ilfz just comment out line 23 in main.js

or remove the entire block for performance.

HomeOpacity: function() {
       var h = window.innerHeight;
       $(window).on('scroll', function() {
           var st = $(this).scrollTop();
           //$('#home').css('opacity', (1-st/h) );
ilfz Purchased

@mvberg ah you rock, how did I miss that. THANK YOU!

Excellent theme, Shegy! The documentation is really clean—exactly what I’d need. Quick request: The same way that you have a ios, android & windows phone themes, can you share a theme that is cross-platform? (especially for the “solid” & “image” versions, have pictures of all 3 on the page)

penfly Purchased

Hello, I would remove all the animations of the template. How to make? Thanks.

Can you please look at http://journalate.com/ and tell me why the blog links at the bottom are being truncated ”...” when your demo site shows the full anchor text? Many thanks!


Hi, you are using a WP version of Hype, please contact http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio?WT.ac=item_profile_text&WT.z_author=iWebStudio to resolve this issue.

I really love this design. How can I add a boostrap-based navbar menu on top of the page?

Cool job! Good luck..;

Hi, the psd provided with the theme isn’t the full width version shown on the live site. Is the full width psd available?



Hi, I have included all PSD files I created to develop Hype, The psd layout can have some changes cose it is only the basis for development process witch also includes some “design in browser” parts.

They offer your template for $400 dollars http://awebdesk.com/emailmarketing/readymade-cms/

Check that

billd64 Purchased

Is there a way to disable all the animations and just load the page normally? Several people have asked, but I don’t see any answers. Can you please help? I’ve tried deleting the Animations function in main.js, but that mostly just breaks the homepage. What am I missing?

Hi there,

I want to know if the template supports Cyrillic fonts before I purchase it ? Sorry if the question sounds strange a bit.

Rhydems Purchased

Wow. Looks amazing, I really want to buy it. Before, would like to ask: I already have a Wordpress theme, is this a kind of HTML file or how can I use it? I’m new with this “landing pages”. I have my blog and would like to write about some cool apps and use this style. Like website.com/instagram. I hope understand my question. Regards.

Hi.. The social icons are not showing even though I have uploaded to server?

what font is used in the hype logo? I like it a lot.


I have this error : an error occurred while processing this directive an error occurred while processing this directive

Do you know what the problem ?

Thank’s by advance.