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FCaldas Purchased

This template is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats The only reason why I am not buying it is because I need the phone to be in Landscape (my app only works in landscape).

If there’s a way to fix this, do please let me know and I will definitely buy it.

oor Purchased

When javascript is disabled site does not seem to load. Any change you can implement a fix for this?

babzzz Purchased

Hey man,

Thanx for the nice template! When uplaoding on my server and try to use the “newsletter form” i got this message :

Thanks, we will be in touch! ”; } } else { die(‘no post data to process’); } ?>

And nothing is writing inside the “email.txt” Do you have a solution?


Hi Shegy,

Any tip to increase the page speed? http://sonhodejoia.com.br Help me, please.

Thank you