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Great job, I’m impressed by the template … However, I would like some clarification before buying:

1 / Is it possible to put 3 “Home tab …”? Example: “Home-Blog tab”, “Home Portfolio tab-1”, “Home Portfolio tab-2”?

2 / Is it possible to have multiple Portfolios with different filters?

3 / Is it possible to have several different side-bar (minimum 3) on different pages?

4 / posts contained in the css “blog” and “portfolio” in a smaller format – Can beings live link to a URL (_blank), rather than a full page post?

5 / posts contained in the css “blog” and “portfolio” in a smaller format – can they display buttons short code in the “exerp”?

Thank you for your answers Regards




1) This would require some modifications… the theme is setup to display blog posts in one tab and portfolio posts in the other. However, you do have complete control over which posts are shown there.

2) Yes, unlimited

3) Yes

4) You would need to make that change in the code

5) Yes

Hello, this looks like a fantastic layout :)

I’ve had a look but can’t see any obvious way to add social icons (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) to the homepage layout.

I can see it would be possible on an individual post page via a widget, but I really need to be able to add these to the homepage. Is it possible?


You could add the icons as links in the header menu but if you want them somewhere on the homepage you will need to edit the template file to add them in.


Cool thanks, so could I add them to the left of the Home menu dropdown so they are between the logo on the far left and the Menu links? Would I need to do anything clever to make them align OK (I’m not a designer, but can edit code)?


Yeah, the alignment has been tested. You just add custom links to your menu with this for the label…

<i class="icon-twitter"> </i>

Hi, i want to purchase this template, but in the file to download there is the demo content? i want that when i upload the template there will be the same things like your demo preview, is it possible? thank you very much


If you decide to buy, we can send you the demo content xml file to import. Just post a ticket in the support forum and we’ll give you a link to download. Thanks

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Ok thank you very much! i wrote you in support page ( i bought today your beatiful template!)

Hi,Designer?Audio post can support m4a formats?


It uses the MediaElement.js HTML5 media player library that supports MP4, OGG, WebM, WMV, MP3, WAV, WMA files as well as captions with WebSRT files.

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I can set the background color to change?


Sure. Just add this to your custom css and change the color;

body, .main-container {
    background: #fff;


Where can I find the documentation?


Hmm, sorry you’re having trouble. Please post your issue in our dedicated support forum and a developer will help you out. http://support.designerthemes.com/

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. – DT Team


Did it already, no answer…. do you know how fast they respond?


Just responded but it looks like you have it working now anyway. Let me know if you’re still having problems.

I like this theme, congratulations!

Before buying:

Is this theme compatible with WPML?


Yes, all of our themes are multilingual ready. Thanks


I’ve just purchased the Theme HYPER for my blog on wordpress.

When I tried to install this Theme with the zip file I downloaded, it keeps showing the error sign saying “Are you sure? Please try again later.” and never be able to install.

I even tried two of my blogs and none of th the wordpress worked. I have upgraded wordpress verion 3.8.1

Pelase let me know how to fix this and install the This theme.



Yes, I did. and this wordpress blogs have been used for a year at least. I’ve switched a few themes before. Does this Theme needs specific setting to start? so Just by installing the Theme doesn’t get those pictures up in each post in front page? What I mean by this is that I can see the pictures once I click the post, but the pictures do Not show up in any of the post in the front page. There’re only letters. slider, displays, none of them show up with pictures although there’re so many pictures in my each posts…


The theme uses the post’s Featured Image so if that is not set the you won’t see them on the homepage.

Please open a ticket in our support forum with a link to your site and we’ll help you out. Thanks http://support.designerthemes.com/


Thank you. I found it and did that, too. and still no photos shows up. so something wrong with the theme or something is wrong with me… :P I also did opened a ticket in support forum. I’ll keep working on this. Thank you so much for responding me. cross fingers for meeee!