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No response here… no response on their support page…

Ok, support is so bad (bad = just zero support) i’m considering dropping this theme. I will share this message to prevent more frustation.

We didn’t reply to you because you said in your previous messages that you “figured it out”. Which part of the theme were you having problem with? Let us know and we will address.

I’ve send you a private message via codecanyon and go to your support page more than 13 days ago. I had a mail back with “your mail will be answered within 12 – 24h”. My message was very detailed because I use your $40 payed theme for a business site and I really need to add a new field in the submit form to be shown in the content. How can I do this?

Thanks Gille

Reply sent via our helpdesk. Hope it works. Let us know if you need anything else, Gille.

Thanks for purchasing our theme.

Hi, thanks for your reply, I didn’t find the files and I replied on your mail. Can you look at it pls?

thanks gille

Hi Gille,

Look for the front-page.php file. You should see it. It’s in the theme’s folder. Go to Line 16 and edit the codes as mentioned in the helpdesk.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Any updates for this theme?

Currently, working on it. Stay tuned! :)

Cool! Thanks!

Do you have any idea of a date you will have something?

Sent a support message about using the homepage gallery as an inside page and an inside page as the homepage. Haven’t received any response, and am very frustrated.

@buzzwks: We are checking our helpdesk regularly. Unfortunately, we do not see a ticket from you. Please send us support issues at http://bit.ly/xXQbAE. Thank you.

Still think this theme is sweet, but really could use some updates! You mentioned you were working on it about 1 month ago… any news?

I love the theme, their website states that they did an update on 30 january 2013, but is it working on latest wordpress ?

When you save settings it doesn’t actually save it in the backend? Looks like a huge glitch. You have to add back in all content if you want to make changes. This error is found on the general settings. my site is http://moothemes.com

I would have purchased this theme if it was being updated or kept current. Would be nice to hear what the author has to say for the questions posted above by others.

Can we customize the form fields. So that user can add more details about the website while he is filling in the form.

I’m having the same issue as 2maro with trying to save my theme settings within the hypergrid theme. I submitted a support ticket so please get it fixed ASAP. I submitted my wp logins as well. Thanks.

Problem was a conflict of an installed plugin.. anyone else having this issue needs to go delete the root relative plugin and one other one.. (forgot what it was)

None of the AJAX works on the site – this means I can’t click the ‘Load More’ on the homepage and load more gallery items, I can’t edit any of the settings because it is AJAX loading, I can’t use the filter at the top of the screen via the dropdown category filter.

I have tried deactivating all plugins, but this doesn’t effect anything.

the site is http://cruisesbrochures.com

Have tried on Moz & Chrome.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Will also be leaving this in support page.


The Themecredible Framework is not functioning. It opens a new webpage (http://www.smbstories.com/wp-content/themes/hypergrid/library/admin/options-ui-ajax.php?opt=general) and does not allow me to save any changes. What’s going on here? Plugin conflict?

It looks like the theme is not forward compatible with WP updates.

I’ve got the same problem as lfaux, the settings framework seems to be broken. I’ve contacted you via the support site provided, however since there seems to be no activity at all from themecredible since January of this year, I will most likely be petitioning Envato for my money back.

This theme needs to be removed from Themeforest. You guys are stealing! Please be respectable and update the theme OR remove it!

Delete the theme, nothing works!