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Do you use Tim Thumb Script with this theme?


hello from Greece very good work! I have 2 questions 1. does the theme supports custom bg? 2. in my site (www.judo.com.gr) i have thousands of selfhosted and embbeded videos in different qualities. Regarding the selfhosted videos no matter if the size is in H.D. (1280X720) or other sizes (640×480 e.t.c.) the theme gives to videos their original size without insert it in the code? Thank you in advance Takis

1. Yes, you can upload a custom background texture or image.

2. You can set any video size using the [video] shortcode parameters or the embed code parameters (for external videos). By default the video fits the standard theme column (the width of 610 px).

This theme looks hot :D

I’m really glad you like it. :)

I hope you got the joke…

If you mean the “hot” name, then yes, I got it. ;)

Great work! :-) bookmarking! :)

Thank you. :)

Yup, definitely an awesome theme! It’s bookmarked, keep up the good work e404. :)

Thank you very much. :)

1.Can the slider be removed and a portfolio used instead on the front page? 2. Also is there an easy way to remove the part about where we are on the contact page. 3. Also can you have more than 1 portfolio?

Really want to buy. So clean. I have a couple large portfolio’s that I need to have the images link to pages/posts.

You can set the portfolio page as a home page, but I havent’ tested such configuration. In case of any problems I’m ready to help you.

The contact page is created using shortcodes, so you can remove or add anything you want.

Perfect, in any detail. Multilingual?

Yes, it’s translation ready. There is a .po file included, it also works well with the CodeStyling Localization plugin.

Thank you for quick reply. Does it support also qtranslate and contact-form-7plugins?

It supports the Contact Form 7 plugin, but I haven’t tested the qTranslate plugin.

very well design.. smell large number of sales in no time..

Good luck mate..

Thanks. :)

This theme is compatible with WPML ?

Nice Design!

Generally this theme is compatible with WPML , but there are some elements that can’t be translated using this plugin, for example the header contact section (with the “Call us Free: +01 555 55 55” text).

How easy is it to change the logo in the header and to add an address to the section on the right where the phone # and open hours are? In addtion to your skins, I have unlimited choices of colors for every section, is that correct? Looks great. Is there a slide creator and widget creator? Do I have unlimited sidebars? Is footer widgetized? How about a background uploader?

You can change the logo and the header contact info using the theme options panel (screenshot).

Yes, you can change the color of almost every theme element using the admin panel (see screenshot) or a custom CSS code.

What do you mean by slide and widget creators?

Yes, you can have create as many sidebars as you like.

The footer is widgetized and can contain two, three or four widgets.

There is a built-in uploader for background textures and background images.

Well, I was wondering if I can create additional sliders, for example to have the one on the home page and add a different one on the blog page. Or does the slider on the home page have to be the same on every page? Also, can a slider be created and put in a sidebar, like a gallery slide show where I could upload the images I wanted? And can I easily add widgets, for example, if I need just a space for text in the sidebar? I think I may have asked some of this in a later question, so if this reply is a duplication, I’m sorry.

You can’t have a blog slider without some code customizations.

You can put a Nivo slider in the sidebar, but you should provide images URLs as a shortcode parameter (see first example). I didn’t test this configuration, so it might require some small CSS customizations, but generally it should work.

You can of course add any widgets to sidebars, including the standard text widget.

Hi! This theme looks really good, congratz! I’ve got some questions, too:

- how about editing the homepage? Is there an Editor in the admin panel or is it a shortcode-styled page, set as homepage?

- is there a way to add something on the blog-page? for example an slider above the list of blog posts…

- is there a way to call up the posts only of a special blog-category? for example: recent posts from category “design”.

- what’s the possible content for the “tooltip”-shortcode? text/image/html?

thanks! :)

1. The home page is made using shortcodes (just like any other WordPress page), so you can add or remove anything you want.

2. Adding a slider to the blog page isn’t so easy and requires some custom coding (slider scripts modifications and the blog theme customization).

3. If you are talking about recent posts on the home page, then yes – this shortcode has the ‘categories’ param. If you are talking about the blog page, then no, there is no such option, but you can easily modify the blog template to display only certain blog categories (I can help you with that customization).

4. The Tooltip shortcode can display a plain text only. To be clear: tooltips on slides can contain any HTML code.

Can I easily create additional sliders in your theme, of the same type of sliders you provide? For example, you have Nivo slider in your theme. Can I create additional Nivo sliders to put anywhere I want them? How hard is it to add widgets? And referring to the question that milonius asked you, I thought I would be able to add sliders anywhere in the theme. It sounds like that’s not true. Where can I have sliders? I believe you told him that I would not be able to put a slider on the blog page, correct? What about other pages I create? Can a slider be in the header AND in the sidebar on the same page? If it’s not possible to have a slider on any page, I would think that’s a big disadvantage for a lot of people. Thank you.

Sliders can be placed only on the home page (there is a special home page template). But there is also a Nivo shortcode available (see examples), which can be placed anywhere. You can also use the Galleria shortcode, which can be used as some kind of slider (see examples on the bottom of the page).

With your 66 pre-made background textures, can the color be changed in those textures or not? Do you think you would incorporate being able to place any of the sliders in pages other than the home page in an update to the theme? I think that would be something a lot of people would want. If I understand your previous comment, I could put a Nivo slider on any page, correct? Is there a limit to how many Nivo’s can be used with the shortcode? I saw your gallery slideshow. That would help if it can be put in any page. Can that be put in a sidebar? Are there a lot of options to customize the how the sliders will show images? What about video like Utube, vimeo, etc? Is there any limit on how many images can be used in a slider? Can I have different images on different sliders in different pages?

Background textures are regular images, so there is no way to change their colors using the admin panel or a CSS code. But you can of course change a texture image color using any image edit software or create your own texture image, upload it using the built-in uploader and set as a background texture. But some of built-in textures (there are about 25 of them) are transparent, so the background color changes the texture color.

I don’t have plans to add the “sliders on every page” feature in the near future. Sorry.

Yes, you can put the Nivo slider on every page using the Nivo shortcode. Technically you can add as many Nivo sliders as you want – there are no limits.

Yes, you can put slider in a sidebar. It might require some CSS customizations, but generally it will work.

There is no limit of how many images can be used in the slider. You can use different images in different sliders – the Nivo slider shortcode displays images attached to a page/post or images provided as a shortcode parameter. You can’t place videos in the Nivo slider, because it doesn’t support videos.

I looked at your theme’s built-in color variations. Instead of using one of those, can I easily pick any color I want for the header and footer as an option within your theme? Can I also change the menu items to any color I want? How would I put a second menu down one side in addition to one at the top – is that part of WP’s new Menu options?

To put a slider in a sidebar, how much customization would that require? Would that be part of what you would help with in the support forum?

Video can’t go in the Nivo slider, but I assume there are places in the theme where it can be placed, correct?

To make sure I understand correctly, I can assign different images to each of the 4 included sliders, but only one of those sliders can be visible at a time when someone gets on the website because I can only have a slider on the home page correct?

The menu background and the footer background are made of semi-transparent images. There are two versions of these images included – the light one and the dark one. If you want to replace them you can do this by replacing the existing images with your own.

Yes, you can change the menu colors using the theme admin panel.

If you want to create a new separated menu you have to register it in the theme script and place the appropiate code in the template file. It will require some code customization, but generally it should work with no problems.

Yes, I can help you with putting slider in the sidebar (if my help will be necessary).

You can place videos anywhere you want – just use the standard embedding code or our video shortcodes.

You can put only one slider on the home page, so only one set of images can be displayed. On our demo site there are 4 home page examples, but they contain the same images. Of course you can prepare as many image sets (slideshows) as you want and use them for example in the Nivo shortcode or in the home page slider. You can change the home page slider at any moment and change the displayed slideshow.

I changed everything that was named portfolio to “webinar”, i can post portfolio pages but they don’t get funneled into my main webinar(portfolio) page. DId i break it somehow by doing that or is there something extra i need to do when creating portfolio pages? my website is at http://johnanthonywhite.com and one of my portfolio pages is http://johnanthonywhite.com/webinars/25-marketing-methods/ any suggestions would be appreciated :)

When i click on the “show last tweet” link on the footer, it goes to twitter but comes back with not found error. Do you think that could be how long i have it set in cache or could that be something else.

For some reason the links in your Twitter widget are invalid. Could you create a temporary account and send me an e-mail with login informations? I’ll look at this.

I can see there is a problem with some of your plugins, which is using the Twitter API . The script returns the following error:
Error: uncaught exception: Error: Permission denied for <http://platform.twitter.com> to get property Proxy.InstallTrigger
If you don’t know how to fix it I will try to help you with that, but I still need an access to your WordPress admin panel.

can i show video in the main slider in the homepage and how to do it ?!

Yes, you can. Just embed the video in the slide content.

sorry but can i put video in the Portfolio bar in frontpage? by the way thank you it did work in the slider but i can’t see the play bottom do u know how to fix it.

i need to make Portfolio for videos and to play them in frontpage

The portfolio list can display only images – you can place a video on the portfolio item page.

By the way: please ask your questions using the account you have used to purchase the theme.

Issue with this theme and forms using select drop downs.

The theme has a stylesheet issue which invokes a Safari bug that causes any clicking on a select pulldown to essentially act as a null hyperlink and reload the page. There are specifically 3 issues in the themes style.css file that is causing this. You need to adjust all 3.

Near line 34, applying styles to * which is EVERYTHING which includes a border. This gets applied to Selects. Remove the border: 0; from the stylesheet in the * selector here.

Near line 698. The theme stylesheet is applying a border to multiple elements, including the Select. Remove the select from this selector. You can apply it to the other elements, just not the select.

Near line 715. The theme stylesheet is again applying a border to multiple elements, including the select. Remove the select:focus from this selector.

We found this while implementing GravityForms. This issue would impact ANY select fields that may appear, not just Gravity Forms selects. So this is a theme bug. Can the theme get an update knowing that applying a border to a SELECT triggers a browser bug in Safari 5.1 that causes the form to be rendered unusable as it immediately refreshes the page.


Thank you very much for the info and very comprehensive description. The problem is I can’t reproduce this issue on my end – I’m using Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X Lion. Could you show me some example form which is causing the described issue? Thank you.

I’ve made a simple test page with a select. Please try if it causes the issue you’ve described, because there is nothing wrong with this on my end (and that’s why I don’t think it’s a theme bug).

Hi I have a problem with upload zip theme folder

“The uploaded file could not be moved to /hermes/web10/b2700/moo.sweethome100/word/wp-content/uploads/2011/10. Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, cgiadmin@yourhostingaccount.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”

any suggestion?

Please check if the ‘uploads’ folder has the right permissions (755 or 777). Make sure you are uploading the theme zip file, not the whole zip file downloaded from ThemeForest. If these advices won’t help, please upload the theme folder from the theme package to your ‘wp-content/theme’ folder via FTP (you can find some more details in the theme documentation).

What size are the images in the homepage slideshow. Any way to make them with correct aspect ration of 1920×1080 pix?


The slider has the constant width of 940 px and the height defined in the theme options panel. So you should set the slider height to about 530 px to keep this aspect ratio.

Fantastic. Thank you. By far the best theme as far as options I have come across! Good work and Cheers!