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I have an other problem with the qTranslate Plugin and the Ice Subpages Widget. The title of the widget displays the page titles of both languages together.

Example: The widget shows “KarteMap”

This should be: “Karte” (german) or “Map” (english)

Could you please tell me where to fix this?

This is the same problem we have already solved. Please send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the fix.

is there a way i can toss a little java script into the single-portfolio.php that will put 3 other featured portfolios at the bottom of the page, under the other content. that would be awesome.

Sure, you can add anything to the template file. I suggest to add a new content after this line:
<?php the_content(''); ?>
Hello I have a question. How to change red color in tables for other. http://www.sweethomemaintenance.com/word/?page_id=7

thank you

You have used featured price boxes. You can change their colors using the theme options panel (Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Pricebox – Featured Box fields).

perfect:) thank you

Hello! Installed the NextGen Gallery Plugin and added the shortcode [nggallery id=1] on a page. When clicking on a thumbnail two lightboxes are opened at the same time. The lightbox of the theme is placed over the lightbox the NextGen Gallery opens. How can I disable the lightbox of the theme on this page?

Best regards!

To disable the PrettyPhoto for the Gallery template uncheck the ‘Enable PrettyPhoto’ option (Theme Options -> General Settings). If you want to disable it for blog templates uncheck the ‘Use PrettyPhoto for Thumbnails’ option (Theme Options -> Blog Options).

If you want to disable the PrettyPhoto entirely edit the ‘tools.php’ file and remove the following line:
add_filter('the_content', 'activate_post_links', 99);

Found an other solution so I can use your functions, too: NextGEN Gallery Optimizer http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery-optimizer/

Thank you!

I’m having problems with the slider – for some reason the image is not showing up but the title of the slide does. Two files are being created in the cache folder “index.html” and “timthumb_cacheLastCleanTime.touch” (file size 0kb on both)

Can you send me your website URL ?

Edit: OK, I get your email.

Now it’s working perfectly! Thank you for excellent support!

Hi I am getting an error on my home page about the social icons. You can see it here: www.connecteisp.co.za.

Can you help with this? Thanks in advance

Edit the ‘wp-config.php’ file, find the following line:
define('WP_DEBUG', true);
and change ‘true’ to ‘false’. You can read more about it here.

I have checked the file and debug is set to false

So please send me an email with your WP admin login and password – I’ll check it out.

hello, i need help editing the colors of the: slider title/background portfolio title/background blog date circle, read more button color blog archive/recent/category icon colors

1. Slide title/background – each slider has its own stylesheet, so I need to know which slider you want to use.

2. Portfolio title text and background colors:
.portfolio_item_header { background-color: #FFF; }
.portfolio-columns h3, .portfolio-columns h3 a, .portfolio-columns h3 a:hover { color: #FFF; }
3. Blog date circle:
.meta-date { background-color: #FFF; }
4. Read more button:
.more span a, #sidebar .more span a, #sidebar .more span a { background-color: #FFF; color: #FFF; }

5. You can’t change icons colors using CSS – you need to replace those icons with your own.

You can also make most of these customizations using the admin panel (Theme Options -> Styling Options).

Hi, Quik question: how do i change the”view all” link on the homepage when you show recent blog and gallery items there?

These sections are displayed using [recent_works_images_full] and [recent_posts_images_full] shortcodes. Just add the ‘more_text’ param to them, for example:
[recent_posts_images_full more_text="View all posts"]

Is here the customer service?

Great, my question is: How to add “Contact Us” like what you did in your demo page? Couldn’t find the widget for it.

Also, I’m new to your WONDERFUL “Ice” theme and wonder if you can export your demo site’s “WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR , will contain your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags” for me? So that I can learn it from there? Many Thanks!

You can find answers for both these questions in the theme documentation. ;)

There is already the WXR file in the theme package – you can find it in the ‘sample content’ folder. We have also included few sample pages (including the contact page you are asking for) – you can find them also in the ‘sample content’ folder.

Please note that to create a contact form you need to install Contact Form 7 plugin.

Oops, I see, thanks.

Hi love this theme and have finaly got the chance to use it. I do have a problem though I’m wanting to use a background image which i have uploaded. On some pages the image is not long enough to fit on the page so i get some background colour coming through is there a way of either setting the background image to be at the bottom so that if the page is to long then the background color is at the top. Or set the background image to stay in place and have the content move?

Also on some pages that arnt a full screen long I have a similar problem where the image is cut off and the background colour is displayed.

Thanks in advance

In general, your background image should be wide enough to cover all popular screen resolutions (I recommend the width of at least 1500-1600 px). I can of course set the background image to stay in place – just send me your website URL and I’ll take a look.

I can’t set the nivo slider transition speed. Any number i insert has the same effect. Can you hlep me?

Do you mean the home page slider or the [nivo] shortcode? In the first case you need to use the Nivo Slider Options panel (Theme Options -> Nivo Slider Options). In the second case you need to use the ‘pause’ param, for example:
[nivo pause="5000"]

How do I get the content for the ice theme so I can learn how to enter my own content as you have done?

each time I try to import from my computer as instructed it errors out? should I ftp that file?

You can recreate our demo website by importing the sample content file – you can find it in the ‘sample content’ folder. The import process is described in the theme documentation. If you did everything as described in the documentation please tell me what errors did you get.

I am now trying on safari (I was using firefox and it reset within 30seconds) and safari is just sitting there like it is locked, but I am afraid to do anything. I cannot see anything running at all. Its been at least 15 minutes

As I’ve said in my previous comment, there is probably some problem with downloading images from our server to your server. I don’t know if it’s just a slow downloading or some kind of blockade on your server end.

I click the upload file and it spins and results in a problem loading page time out: The connection was reset

" The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading."

Both old and new files work for me on two different servers plus on my local WordPress installation. So the problem is definitely on your server. I’m afraid I can’t do anything more to help you with that.

You can find the option for importing images on the second import screen, but it looks like you just can’t get there.

http://test.deborahburgeart.com/ here’s the deal, without something to go by I do not know how to create the site. Like how do buttons show up? I have created a home and a blog page but I have a big nothing with no buttons. I am pretty sure the content import would help me but neither go daddy nor you guys are doing anything to help me figure this out. someone must be able to figure out why I just cannot import this file like I can other files? please?

I would really like to help you, but without a full access to your server I don’t even know the reason of your problems. I don’t know if you have an access to your server log, but there you can find some useful informations about this issue.

By the way: you can find a code of most important demo pages in .txt files in the ‘sample content’ folder.

How do I change the font size in the menu and submenu using the Ice Theme. I can’t find a way to do it in theme options so how do I do it in the style.css file. What do I have to modify/add?

Add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
.sf-menu li { font-size: 10px; } /* menu font size */
.sf-menu li li { font-size: 12px; } /* submenu font size */

Hi, since updating to Wordpress 3.4 my main accordion slider and lightbox galleries have failed to function correctly. Is this an known issue and what is the fix?

The fix is ready and will be sent to ThemeForest later today. If you don’t want to wait please send me an e-mail with your WP admin login and password.

After WP 3 .4 update, my Awkward slider doesn’t change or show other slides in preview.. Please help. www.pontevedrafitness.com

The fix is ready and will be sent to ThemeForest within few hours.

A new theme version is already available. It contains a WordPress 3.4 compatibility fix. The full changelog can be found in the item description.

How do I add a header to the top of the page below the logo besides just the contact box. I would like to have two text boxes below the logo; one of them being the contact box and one being some other box.

You need to modify the header template (header.php) to add anything more to the header. If you send me a screenshot of what you want to achieve I can help you with that.

This is probably very basic, but how do I install the update? In my wordpress dashboard it still thinks version 1.3 is the most up to date version. I downloaded 1.4 from TF and uploaded that but it failed as the destination folder already existed (i.e. I think it knew Ice Theme was already installed)

You can find upgrading instructions in the theme documentation. The easiest way to update the theme without losing all customizations is to upload modified theme files via FTP . You can find the list of modified files in the ‘documentation/changelog.txt’ file – just upload them to the ‘wp-content/themes/ice’ folder, replacing existing ones.