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Great! But we are facing on blog page social sharing icons. Its not sharing the post on social networking sites when you click on the icons that appear on the photo’s. Can you fix it please.

Hello ibby141,

Could you send to us your FTP + WP admin on our support system: we can check for you.


Hello, Nice template! Could it have a sidebar in the homepage? Thank you

Thanks dhutchinson,

Yes our theme can do like that. Just set theme is default theme is OK


Hey, I’m not getting any email from you after registering to the support forum, so I can’t request a ticket. Could you please do something about it? I’d need a little support. Theme doesn’t let me set custom background. Thanks.


We sent to you user and password in your email.


Support is very poor. I am waiting for an answer longer than 48hrs now. :( The theme is good though.

So sorry doriankovacs! we are not working at weekend! Now we will check and answer to you.

Hello, this is your ticket

Our supporter required you send FTP + WP admin but you not.

Please send to us.


Yes, actually I meant my other ticket. The one I submitted earlier than this one.

The theme is awesome and the support is super awesome from the Shine Theme!

I am really exited about launching my new site Jewelry site using iCommerce. This theme is a very flexible and you can turn it into anything you want. Millions of options.

I have asked the developers several questions and they were always ready to help me with fixing things and making changes. What I spent is just $55 for the theme, but the support I received in customizing the site the way I want is really priceless.

Go for it and you will get more than you pay for it!!!

Thank you very much for your great words for us cynthiabritt.

Ah for help us improved our product could you going to themeforest and give us an 5 star for it? You can going here: and rate it here: If you need any help just email to us we will very happy to answer to you! have a good time to you!

Hi. Can I build a portfolio with this theme? If that’s possible could you send me an example please. I’m interested on a portfolio with filter.

Hi amdreves,

Sorry our theme currently not support Portfolio layout with fillter.

Maybe we will update in next time.


Hi, I wanted to submit a ticket on your support page, but I can’t reach it. It sends a 403 error messages, and it says I don’t have the permission to access the page.

sorry doriankovacs for my server have problem! We are fixing it now!


Is it possible to update Woocommerce from 2.0.0? It’s realy giving me some problems with other plugins.

Hai… I have problem with my header. It didn’t show at all. My web is . Can you check it?

Big Thanks

Hello ricfin,

Thanks for contacting with us.

Could you send to us a ticket on our support system:

With FTP + WP admin we can check for you.


Hi, I’m trying to fix product categories since yesterday. Theme looks beautifull in demo but it doesn’t have same options, even product category slugs don’t work and noone replied support ticket. seems it doesn’t work with 2.1.12. Awfull!

Hi fatmatuncay,

We got your trouble, we will fixed it soonest possible.


Shall I update the new version of Wordpress and Woocommerce?

Hi City069,

You can update new version of Wordpress and Woocommerce.



You have messed up some files here on themeforrest, if you download the full package with documentation you getting an joomla theme called bubbles.

downloading only the wordpress files give the correct zip package, but im lacking example files and documentaiton. please fix asap.

could you send me a link for the demo content. TIA

please its very urgent, i need it asap…...

Hi obiwankenobi2013

So sorry I’m late,

This is our demo content:

This is link:


Hai, Nice theme….please add instagram account for social icon.


Hi Ricfin,

To add instagram account for social icon, you may follow these steps like this screenshot:

Hope this helpfull for you!

I can’t find “other link” option in my social setting The last option is RSS column. Could you help ?


Hi ricfin,

Could you post your requires to our support forum(, we will check and help you resolve this trouble?


This template is compatible with version 4.0 of wordpress?

Hi gointeraction,

This template is compatible with version 4.0 :) !

I have problems with the template apparently missing files in the template and wordpress does not finish loading and goes blank

Hi gointeraction,

Could you post a ticket in our support forum( )? Our supporter will help you resolve this trouble.


Hello, after updating woocommerce some template appears as deprecated. what can i do ?

thank you

Maybe have some trouble with your theme. The Woocommer version 2.3.7 are compatibled with icommerce verions 1.3.2
Please give us your wp-admin account to check more about this issue.

Maybe its compatible but the core version of woocommerce is bigger than the templates located in the theme. Are you sure that is compatible ?

We are sure that! You should let us check more about this issues. Some screen shot is helpful with us.

Hi again, i’ve got a new issue. I try to translate the theme (updating mo/po files) with the codestyling localization plugin and this do not work. Please tell me how to do that without WPML.


Hi Marina,
Please explain more about your trouble on our forum, our technology team will help you.

I´ve just bought your theme, installed clear newest WP, and installed theme from zip file. Everythink is ok till now. I´ve pressed Activate theme after installation and got message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’;’ in /data/web/virtuals/78472/virtual/www/domains/ on line 93

Can you help me?

Hi tomashrach,
We answered you already, please check on forum.

It works,thank you. WP ask me for Licence code for Visual Composer? Is this licence included in your package?

Our theme is not include Visual Composer Key yet. We buy Extended license for development this theme and it will be update in our product then you can download it and update later. Ah.. we updated it for you.

hello I´ve just bought your theme, installed clear newest WP-4.2.2, and installed theme from FTP themes’s folder,but i see thise following : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘add_filter’ (T_STRING) in /home/hisakawa/public_html/wp-content/themes/icommerce/framework/Custom-Metaboxes/metabox-functions.php on line 1 Please tell me, how can i solve this problem..

Hi Chrischi0919,
This could by due to line-ending conversion. If you have problems, try to transfer your PHP files in BINARY type, instead of ASCII. Please view the screenshot below:
Let us know if you can’t do on yourself.
Thank you.
Hi, i’ve got a new issue. I try to change the testimonials sidebar on homepage3..(and the upper section of summer 2014 as well) But i can’t find any button or function to change it, please tell me how to fix it.

Hi Chrischi0919,
Could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin + FTP account? We want to check more about this trouble.
Thank you.