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Just fantastic. I said I would be the first to purchase once you coded. Great Job.

Beautiful theme.. Nice work man

thanks! really good work

Navigation is misaligned.

People, please read the item description before posting comments.

The top menu links don’t work in FF3 on mac either

Nice design and excellent use of SIFR .

MDNW Author

@ Everyone commenting about IE6 /7/8 – I have noted in the description that because of the source code encryption I’m running to prevent theft on the Live Preview, the styling inside of IE based browsers is botched (for the Live Preview ONLY ).

This is not the case with the actual file that you’ll download upon purchase. The reviewers at TF would not let this file into the marketplace if it actually broke in IE browsers… so rest assured, the file that you download works in IE.

Thanks for your understanding, I might remove the encryption at a later date, but since this is my first coded theme in the marketplace, I wanted to see how it worked.

Glad everyone likes the theme :)


@ epicera the links don’t work in FF3 on Mac as others have stated. I am not sure if this may have to do with sifr or something. The link url shows up when you hover over them at the bottom in FF but when you click on them it doesn’t go anywhere.

I tried this in safari and it works fine.

MDNW Author

@ctoomey : I haven’t had any problems with it in the full unencrypted version and the reviewers that tested for these browsers didn’t have any problems.

In all likelihood this is a result of the encryption running on the live preview. Still, I’ve begun looking into situations where others have encountered similar problems and I’ll be sure to post an update/fix if it turns out there is indeed something wrong.

With all the files that I post here, I do continuous updates/maintenance as others use the files and run into the glitches or bugs. Thanks!

The links don’t work with IE7

Finally, a designer who uses free fonts. Nice one. Not everyone wants to pay 300 notes to use a font.

Nice design.

MDNW Author

To address some of the SIFR navigation concerns for IE based browsers, I’m submitting an optional “non-SIFR” version of the navigation links that should be available in the next couple of days (the upload + review process takes a while). I haven’t been able to duplicate any of the “nav links aren’t working” problems (nor have the reviewers), but I feel that this is a big enough potential issue down the line that it’s worth offering the non-SIFR option as a bonus to the download.

I’ll post an update here when the bonus non-SIFR nav becomes officially available. I have no idea if this’ll raise the pricet… but I’m pretty sure that if you’ve already bought the product at the time of the update, you should be able to re-download it and pickup the bonus pack for free.

To everyone else: thanks a bunch for all of the kind comments. Glad everyone is liking the layout!

@ Jack the Ripper : Whenever I release a product to the Envato Marketplace I make sure the fonts are either 100% free, or that they have a suitable free alternative (ie: Caslon Pro > Georgia). What’s the point of buying a great file for $10 or $15 if you have to spend $XXX for the font to actually use the file? Thanks for the comment.

Looks great! I opened it up and it looks straight forward – having the PSD files included in the download (pre-chopped!) is super helpful – I’m eagerly anticipating the non-SIFR version of the navigation as well when it comes out… the SIFR looks awesome, but I can see the benefit of having a fullproof basic text version too, just in case. Thanks for posting this, and thanks in advance for the update!

Great work as always :)

MDNW Author

Just wanted to let everyone the new update (version 1.1) is on it’s way (awaiting approval by the reviewers). Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far! I’m looking forward to making this theme the best it can be… hope more people pick it up as a result of the updates I’ve been working on. :)

Just wanted to say the new Live Preview looks great (on all browsers I can test for anyways!). I’m sorry to see the SIFR based navigation links go, but it makes perfect sense to avoid the bugginess of SIFR based hyperlinks. Can’t wait for the update to get approved so I can download it!

$15 is a steal for this layout, hope the price doesn’t go up with the new version. Thanks again for your commitment (and follow-through) to keep this theme as clean and compliant as possible! Looking forward to more work from ya.

MDNW Author

The new, updated version is now available for download! All browser based navigation bugs have been fixed (thanks to those of you who helped spot them) and I’ve even included a few more PSD files to complete the sliced PSD library. I’ve also improved the CSS organization quite a bit so it’s even easier to reskin this theme. All the files validate perfectly, and the site has been tested on all 7 major browsers (IE6/7/8, FF2 /3, Safari, etc.). Cheers!

This is fantastic! I’ve bought it! Well done :)

inventor Purchased

Bought it. Great work. Looking forward to seeing Eminent coded up.

MDNW Author

@inventor: Thanks! Glad you like the work. The full Eminent site is actually in it’s final quality checking stage right now. Hoping to wrap up today and have it approved and for sale by the end of the weekend.