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Great theme. Me too waiting for wordpress version!!!

MDNW Author

Hi everyone – I just wanted to give a status update on the WP version of this template. I’m hoping it’ll be ready for release by the end of the month. I’ve gone through quite a bit of work to develop my own brand of Wordpress structuring for all of my templates, which was officially completed with the Atlantica theme (check it out in my portfolio). Now that that’s complete, this theme should see some Wordpress actual quite soon! Cheers!

Poppoll Purchased

Like the sifr font. Bought it. PP

Can’t wait for the wordpress version!

Any update on the Wordpress Version? Really like this design, but would prefer WP versus the current HTML version. Any idea on pricing as well? Thanks again!

MDNW Author

Yep – read the update that I posted below, but in short – I’ve scheduled the release for mid-August, which will include some cool new features that are exclusive to Wordpress.

Thanks for asking!

@epicera Any luck with YouTube integration? Any help would be great!


Ready to buy the Wordpress version!!!

MDNW Author

Hi everyone – Just wanted to let you know the Wordpress version has officially been scheduled for mid/late August.

@darro – the issue seems to be an older version of prettyPhoto that’s included in the product. I’m going through all of my products this week and making sure they get updated to the most recent version of each script, but you can also make the update yourself by simply replacing the files associated with prettyPhoto (none of the HTML needs to be changed of course).

Hope that helps – thanks again for everyone who’s been encouraging me to write the WP version. I’m excited for it to be out soon, and it’s going to include some cool new features exclusive to WP that should make it even more useful.


I would consider buying:

a) is it a fast loading site? I need a site that doesn’t have too many graphics.

b) I plan to put in my own images – and will create those in PaintShopPro – any problwm with that or do I need to use a special program?

I want to make sure I can upload it to my website, unzip it, then change all text and images to my needs, please confirm.


kwilder Purchased

This is perfect and well thought out. Nice encapsulating of CSS .

I would easily pay $100 for the wordpress version!

MDNW Author

Hey everyone – I just finished up the Concept theme, which drumroll please, means the Iconic Wordpress version is coming VERY shortly. Please sign up to my product updates (on my profile page) if you’d like to get a notification when it’s ready.

Looking forward to the WP version as well!

canito Purchased

hello, Any ideas in how can I have a different color for each page? I would like red at home, blue in about, etc..

thank you

MDNW Author

Sure – it’ll take some effort & reorganization on your part, but essentially you just need to use unique stylesheets for each page, each of which will need to reference the unique color backgrounds. Hope that makes sense :)

Have trouble in firefox 3.5.2 .

MDNW Author

??? Could you be a little more specific? Is the browser itself giving you problems? Send me an email if you find any browser specific issues that I need to be aware of, but this message isn’t very productive in its current form. Thanks!

Any updates on Wordpress Version?

There is no form elements with this template. Any plans to add in things like the login, signup and contact forms?

ant0 Purchased

Also desperately awaiting the wordpress version :o)

How can I style the sIFR font? I can’t find a style sheet that does this.

darro Purchased

Still wanting to buy the wordpress version.

Any idea of a delivery date? =)