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Looks good – but configuring this things is a night mare – happy to sell it for 50% off. It’s not working for me.


I have purchased this and I am having issues with the menu dropdown fallling behind the banner images on the front page in IE7 can you please advise on how to correct this issue? I haven’t checked IE 8 yet to see if it is doing it there too.


Just purchased your theme and am working through the setups. I am using the 3d Slider. It works well in Firefox, Safari, and GChrome, but alas, Explorer v8, does not want to load. My dimensions are 840×350. What do you think Explorer’s problem is this time?

Thank you for your help! Great Theme!

-Joni http://smokenproductions.com

Well, my Explorer problem is solved. I do not know what solved it…. I have been away from the computer. Perhaps I should just stay away! HA!


Ok, I have email few times but no answer. I am posting my question here then. Please I need an aswer…

This is the e-mail I send: ..................................................................................... Hi:


The only thing that is not working is that the contact form is not sending the copy of the email and it has a button to mark if the visitor want to receive a copy.

Please help. you can enter your info and you will not receive the copy.

Hi. an i replace (A place for small message about the blog)
with 728×90 ads ?

ok the support is BAD people I never gets answer to fix a bug I have been asking. So I guess hope you some luck with this theme!

How I can change the main menu order? (contact-blog-portfolio-home-about) to (home-about-blog-portfolio-contact)

I’m glad I didn’t buy this theme! Phew!

This theme is not working… after install a warning advice tells me the style sheet is missing… does anyone has a bug to fix this?


I need more information about how to add content for this theme. eg. How to build a portfolio. This would be a good theme if it had better documentation – I can see the potential, but I don’t have time to fly around aimlessly creating multiple test content to see the way this theme would like it laid out. Please post links to tutorials if you have any.

Nope, no good. Widgets aren’t working on frontpage. Post slider, testimonial slider, posts widget, don’t work – not on 3.04 or 3.05. This theme has no support for custom menus… not liking this anymore. I can’t use it.

Hello, I moved my website location. All was working well, but now the Slider, set for 3D just shows: Loading Images…. No other settings being change make the slider work. The other settings are not working either. The images are definitely in their proper place and categories set correctly. What is wrong? THANK YOU


f4lco Purchased

Hello, I am the latest update of Wordpress 3.9.2 and the main menu theme Iconix no longer works properly, the pages of the submenu rollover no longer displayed. I have tried disabling my plugins, it does not arrenge the problem. Do you have a solution? My website : http://www.f4-design.fr

Best regards. Loïc


f4lco Purchased

I have rebuild my theme for no problem and autonomy. Good Luck