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It says the message is delivered but it does not show up in the email box. I downloaded your files again, changes only the email address as you requested, and again it showed message delivered and still nothing showed up in the email box. I even tried different mailboxes but none of them work. I have purchased your file several times thinking it was working but upon testing they do not. Please advise.

Thank You

Still waiting for a reply. Contact form does not work and I have done everything you suggested. Very important I get this fixed. If you do not have an answer to this problem at least let me know. Thank you.

There is no problem dear.

Send me your contact form link. I can check it for you…...

Here is the link http://www.test.ritewayserv.com/contactus.php. I have tested it again this morning using different mailboxes and it is still not working.

Also make sure you are running PHP 5 . If this is not the case, you can switch the PHP version from your hosting control panel.

I am having the same issue as Pretoria with the contact form. I’ve tried the last couple of days, also using different email accounts. Please advise. thanks.

Also make sure you are running PHP 5 . If this is not the case, you can switch the PHP version from your hosting control panel.

I am running PHP 5 . Still not working.

Thanks for all of your help. You got me for $60.00. Good for you. Will not happen again. Terrible service. I would give you 0 stars if I could.

Dear pretoria !

There is not any problem from my side. Its your server or hosting problem. Your hosting provider not enable the sent email services or you are not reach the phpmailer requirements.


We have reached the phpmailer requirements and our e-mail system is working with all other contact forms, just not yours. Seem kind of odd to you? Yours is the only one not working. Seems to me you have a contact form you don’t have a clue as to how to fix. Oh well, lesson learned.

Hi There,

On the gallery page – http://fubonart.com/icorporate/gallery.html if you click on “Advertisement” you will notice the “PRettyPhoto” doesnt work…

How can i resolve this? Regards


Hi There,

Any resolution with this??

hello dear wait for this. we are working on it. Thanks…

Please can you let me know what is happening with this? Ive been patiently waiting 12 days now and you still havent managed to resolve it. The design you have done is fantastic, its just a shame your support isnt better :(

Hello, i have a preoblem with prettyphoto When i trying to click at the gallery to an image it says “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.” The images and links are ok! What i can do?

send me your online url…....

I owe you an apology. The problem was with my hosting company and not you. I realize I may have cost you business and I hope I can make up for it a little by purchasing an extended license from you. Once again please accept my apology.

I appreciate this.

Thanks Dear…

Hi! Let me preface this by thanking you for such a great theme! Is there any method to making the flickr-photos widget 2 columns, or 4? I don’t see anything in style.css that would allow me to adjust how many columns (or rows) there are.

Posted about an issue seven months ago, so I’m not so sure this one will be answered either, but here goes:

Is it at all possible to remove the captcha requirement for the contact form? I’ve tried removing all variables from contactus.php, script.js, and submit.php to no avail. It often goofs the CSS or just doesn’t dispatch the email at all.


i cant install the theme.. i get the following error :

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


its not a wordpress theme

seriously selling an theme for 15 dollar without a css stylesheet…?

its not a wordpress theme. its a html theme

Hello,where is PSD file ?


I want to use the single gallery page but i want to insert to the same page and two more galleries. One under the other. How i can do it?