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Yubben Purchased

ThemeTempest… I know you might be very busy, but I really need your help. Please contact me asap!

Hello Themepest,

I can’t get adverts to display on your theme, I know its your vB Ideal theme because the adverts DO display on the default vB theme without an issue.

You arelady have my ftp and vb login info, I will also send you a private message.

Thank you.


I installed 4.2.1 in the header and there is no code. Why;


I installed vbulletin 4.2.1 in the header and there is no code. Why???

I did update to 4.2.2 the problem was not corrected…...

is non fecabook icon header

http://s26.postimg.org/k7wvok1tl/image.png is skins this the http://themeforest.net/item/ideal-a-vbulletin-4-suite-theme/575401?WT.ac=category_thumb&WT.seg_1=category_thumb&WT.z_author=ThemeTempest&ref=ckome

Compatible with vBulletin 3.8.2 ?


This these is only compatible with the most current version of vB.

I found a bug I need help with.

I’ve integrated this with a new forum which is about to take off. Over 1000 posts already and we arent even 30 days old.

So this forum works well, I actually took the dark version, and then made the MEAT of the page white. I like the combination.

But I have a bug. The login popup box only seems to work on the home page. If I go to and page that ends in a ”/”, it doesnt work. The popup box doesnt even show up. Also, on any page where it shows latest post and already has a hashtag on the end like ”.html#post123”, that doesnt work either.

Please assist. We love the theme, but may need to bail on it if users cant login.


Thanks for the purchase! Can you email me an example link where the login box isn’t working on your site?

No support here…...............


I do provide support as I’m able, but only through email with verified buyers.The Ideal theme is well-established and installed on multiple sites with large user-bases without issue. The problems most people encounter have to do with addons which, as stated in the FAQ for the theme, Ideal cannot be guaranteed to work with due to the sheer number of them and quality of coding between each.

If you feel you are experiencing an issue that is unique to this theme, please send me an email through the contact information provided at ThemeForest.

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can your select fonts supports turkish I have now wrong distort letters

Hi ThemeTempes, I got the exact same problem with Codelizard (2 posts up) and emailed the details. Here the example link of my site: http://mgoforums.com/forum2/

Thanks in advance!


I uninstalled my seo so back to normal but still I would like to know how Codelizard fix his login box popup issue. Thanks!


when will you update for VB5 ?

Thank you