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Same request: now that the WP version is done can you add blog/text layouts to the html version.

Additionally, it would be great if the background with decal overlay also has a slider version

Can you email it to me with fillin immages please?

Hi, it will take some time to code the new blog layout. Once it is finished we will release it here.

How long before this is released?

Hello Designova team, great work! Just want to know if joomla version come with a dump.sql file. Looking forward to buy it. Thank you Ricardo tribusweb.com

Hi, Thank you for your kind words. The Joomla version is developed by ShineTheme http://themeforest.net/item/identity-multipurpose-portfolio-joomla-template/7801736 Please contact them for your pre-sale queries.

Can you update the html version with the blog and text templates please. I am waiting on this.

Hi, we need some time to develop the blog layout, it is not a simple copy paste stuff. We will send you this by mid of next week. The live preview packs will be send via email soon today.

Thank you

OK. blog and text?!


Is it possible to increase the height of each “article” automatically? As you can see in the link below, the article in the middle has more text than the other 2 articles so I would like that those 2 articles have the same height of the other article in the middle.


I’d appreciate any help with this.

Hi, can you tell me how to do it? Thanks.

Finally, I used this script, better than the one you suggested by email: https://github.com/liabru/jquery-match-height

Thank you for the info, we will surely follow the best one.


Such a lovely and beautiful site.

I’m still deciding to opt for it and wonder if it’s possible to have the showreel with Expanding Accordion in vertical format?


Hi, this needs customization with advanced modification of code

Dude. I purchased and am still waiting for the text layouts

Hello Designova!

Could you please let me know as to when you are planning to update the html version with blog?

Awesome design, btw :)

Thanks, Archana Amarnath

Hi, the blog functionality has been implemented in WordPress version as it is not practical within this static HTML5 site template.

Hi. How can I change the video from the index? Thanx!

Hi, Please refer to PDF user guide that comes within the download pack

hey, i am using the video home screen. The HD is not working so the vimeo vid @ 720p is stretched and distorted.

Please help me asap

Hi, please setup the video plugin hd: true referring to https://github.com/okfocus/okvideo

Hi. How do I get the social icons to display on mobile? I thought it might just not be showing on my end but your demo does not show the social icons on mobile either. Would really like to show the social icons on mobile.


Hi, please open a support ticket so that we can check it further

Hello. Great theme!!

- Is it possible to add a second level to the navigation?? ...


Hi, thank you for your kind words. This needs some advanced customization

Hello, cool template! I’m thinking of purchasing your Identify template, but I have a question about the portfolio options. I don’t like the “hide and show” portfolio filter feature in general as it seems like a waste of space and viewers may miss an item that is “shown” at the bottom when there are ‘hidden” items above it. But I do like the Masonry portfolio look. Is there an option or a easy way to use the “re-shuffle” filter (as used in the Media Folio) in the Masonry Folio with this template?

Regards, BCMorris

Hi, it needs customisation of the template

Hello again. Getting closer to buying, but before I do I have another question.

I would like to play self-hosted Html5 videos in a filterable lightbox Portfolio/Gallery. In the Inline content lightbox of your Media Folio you write “you can display custom inline content in this lightbox, let it be anything!” I’m hoping that anything includes self-hosted html5 video.

If I must I can do a tiny bit of coding (cut and paste style) by following and adapting a tutorial I have titled “Create an HTML5 Video Gallery with jQuery and Dreamweaver” which uses the Fancybox lightbox, but my coding skills are limited.

So does the Media Folio support self-hosted Html5 video and if not could you help me out a bit if I can’t figure out how to customize it?

Regards, BCMorris

Hi, pleas refer to http://lab.veno.it/venobox/ it is the original lightbox plugin we used. Everything the plugin supports can be implemented in our template also, it may require some modification though.

Hi, great work! I would like, if possible change the Sliding Navigation Menu for standart menu, for examples: http://designova.net/dignity/index05.html Thanks.

I open a support ticket, Thanks


erminc Purchased

How do you load for example the resources (js, css, jquery, images etc.) inside a subfolder without copying and pasting whole css, jquery, images files etc. from the rootfolder in the subfolder? I found that it is possible to do it with htaccess, but I did not managed to get it working. And copying all the resources into the subfolder should slow my site down? Is that right?

For example:


-Root home.html services.html -Services -SEO.html -SEA.html

Hi, this needs customization as you have to modify each and every resource paths in every files related to the template.


I sent an e-mail friday to the item support, but I still did’t get an answer. Besides smaller issues, the logo in Iternet Explorer (menu bar) doesn´t rotate and it looks quite ugly.

Please help! Check the link bellow:


Hi, we have already fixed it, please check your email.

Thanks for the solution! It’s working :) Solved!

its not conferrable theme… :(

Please open a support ticket, we will assist you.