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chamith Purchased

Hello, When I clicked image on my woks, popup displayed “The Content cannot be loaded.”. What is the wrong? Please help me..

Thank you..

Hello, “The Content cannot be loaded.” only show when the specific page are not exist or not readable. Please assure your single work page path are ok.


chamith Purchased

I ‘m not changed anything. The image linked to “project-single.html” page in project folder. Page link given as ”#!projects/project-single.html”

Is there something wrong?

Nope,seems it should work. Can you upload the works on server and send me your url, so i can check. Thanks


chamith Purchased

Hello, When I clicked image on my woks, popup displayed “The Content cannot be loaded.”. What is the wrong? Please help me..

Thank you..

I have the same problem “The Content cannot be loaded.” why? Thanks

the problem is with google chrome why?

When you click a menu item, the highlighted white outline does not appear on the focused section menu item. For example, when I click “About” from any part of the page, Home gets highlighted with the white outline.

What do I need to do so the navigation item gets highlighted when somebody clicks where they want to go?

Ok, i got the problem. I will update it today with fix. thanks.

Thank you.

Hi! Theme is amazing, very professional job!

I’ve question: How I can replace theme icons to my own png files?For example in “About us” section. It’s possible?

Hello, Glad to hear, you like my works.

You can use png icon instead of fontawesome icon. Here you get the code like:
<span class="fa fa-user fa-2x">

Replace it with your image icon like:

<img src="img/ico-57.png" />
Then need to adjust margin / padding from style.css file of below class:
.section-title div span

Hope you can manage it. If you need me for further help, let me know.


Thanks! But where I can find this code? Can I modify some elements of home page without visual composer?


After reading through the comments I realize this was not a wordpress them :( I purchased the HTML version not understanding this. I like the theme. Is there anyway I can get the wordpress version?


I will pay more money if need be

Hello, Wordpress version will be approve here soon. It is on the queue. I will let you know, when it will approve. Thanks

Greetings above all pretty much your template. Now how do I enable slider in Home section as are here:

Hello, Slider already enabled on this theme as like demo. Did you use the last updated package for your site?

Hello , I downloaded the template again and it worked perfectly the slider. Thank you for attention

Great :)

You can turn off the loader of the homepage ?


yes, if you want to remove this loader then you have to remove
<!-- Pre-loader -->
<div class="mask">
    <div id="intro-loader">
<!-- End Pre-loader -->

from index.html file. Also need to remove the preloader script from js/script.js file.

$(window).load(function() {

1design Purchased

Hello, The portfolio is not working. When I click on any item, a popup is displayed “The Content cannot be loaded.”.

What is the wrong? Please help me.. There is not page link to Portfolio single page? Is this some kind of fraud?

Thank you..


1design Purchased

Hello Themelab.

I didnt mean in that way, dont get me wrong. I wont have bought the template in such case. What I meant was is there something wrong with the website? or the people who are hosting it…

Anyways I have uploaded the whole zip file as is here.I am using crome to view the files. Its not loading the portfolio pages. Please help

[Link Removed by MODERATOR]

Best, 1

Hello, I ‘m checking this with chrome now. Will back to you with fix.Hope you understand why i remove this comment from there(You share my template link here)

It’s work perfectly with my chrome. Can you let me know, which version of chrome you use there.

For the home image, how do I remove the overlay so that there is nothing covering my slide1.jpg. And is it possible to make this parallax scrolling?


Hello, For home image slider, here we used revolution slider plugin. Please open js/script.js file and find
dottedOverlay: "twoxtwo",
then remove that line.

For parallax and other effects, please check , you get lots of feature here. You can use any of those.

If you need further help, let us know.


thank you so much

Sorry to bug again, how do I turn off the scrolling effect so that it scrolls smoothly without slowing down at sections?

It’s more prominent on Safarai, but when scrolling with a trackpad it seems to jitter, and slow down, instead of fluidly and freely scrolling up and down on the page

Thanks for clarification. If you want to remove scrolling effect, then find out below classes from your HTM page and remove those;

Perfect, thank you

Hi there, I have found a bit of an issue with overflow, it can be seen here. There is a white bar to the right of the webpage. I believe it is the navbar div causing the issue, as I have highlighted.

At some resolution, when I scroll to the right, it allows me to do so and displays white space between the web page and edge of browser. This screen shotwas taken using chrome.

Hello, Sorry for late response.

I have seen your screenshot. I didn’t get this issue on my theme demo. Which version of chrome you use there?

No worries, that was Chrome Version 40.0.2214.94 (64-bit)

But here’s a screenshot of it doing the same thing with Safari. It only seems to be an issue at certain browser resolutions. This is using the most recent version of the theme as well.


I don’t know if this will help at all, but here are a few pictures at different browser resolutions.

1290 wide it’s fine, and can’t scroll to the right 1203 wide it allows me to scroll right 1195 it goes back to normal, won’t allow me to scroll right And here’s one where it let me go quite a bit to the right

Hello, When I clicked image on my woks, popup displayed “The Content cannot be loaded.”. What is the wrong? Please help me… Is there a place where we can learn how to make the “MY WORKS” section work? I see that i’m not the only one with this problem… but it seems that no solution is given. Need help,please.

Thank you..

Hello, It’s happen for the specific location of that details page. Since the page is not found on your provided location, so it displayed “The Content cannot be loaded.”. Please ensure the path of the detail page location is ok. On locally the address may vary for different OS and browser, but it should run on your linux server when you upload it on server. If the problem still exist when you upload it on server, please contact me with site url, so i can review it.



eliwbbr Purchased

Great theme! Perfect for what i need! Quick question though: my logo is larger than the demo logo. Because of that my scroll to point is in the wrong spot. Which script file do i need to use to adjust that?


Very Good job! Where can I find those images to buy (Slider1 and Slider2)? Thanks, JC

Hi, My contact form doesn’t seem to be working:

Hello, I have review your site and check the contact form. Its saying the mail has successfully sent. Did you put your email address on sendemail.php file? Try some different email address for testing. If none of your email address not work there, then let me know. Thanks

Hi, I have tried it, and it is not working with other emails

please contact with me through my profile contact form. I will give you an alternate solution there.

Hi, great theme by the way. Looking forward to using this as a basis. Have you figured out the issue in the My Works “The Content cannot be loaded” in Chrome?

Thank you, Scott

Please ignore, i just figured it out. It’s a chrome issue that doesn’t allow local file access unless you launch chrome using terminal and “open -a “Google Chrome”—args—allow-file-access-from-files” this now shows the local files.


Daroche Purchased

Hi there ! First, congrats for this theme, it will help us to promote ourself and I’m proud of mine.

Can you tell us how to modify the transition time between two sliders please ?

Thanks a lot.

hello, Sorry for late response. I was at vacation so it’s too late now.

I have used revolution slider for the header slider image. You can change the properties for that slider from js/script.js file.Open that file and find

then change the specific properties from below there. Hope that will help you.



labanch Purchased


I recently purchased your item and everything is working well except for the contact form. I changed the $to variable to my email and the site says the email was sent successfully, however, I am not receiving anything. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks.

Hello, Please upload your site on server and then test it. It should work. In localhost, that will not work.


labanch Purchased

Hello, I will try uploading it on the server. I have another question, I’d like to add another carousel on the page. How can I do this? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


labanch Purchased

I’d like to add a second carousel to the site. I’ve tried nearly everything (including adding my own with OwlCarousel and Flickity) but nothing is working. Do you have any advice on how to do this?