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Hey guys,

just tried uploading the theme and got this message…

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Any suggestions?


You have to install the “identity.zip” archive (from identity folder), not the zip you downloaded from themeforest

Can you add pagination to the portfolio and can you make the portfolio posts lead to its own page when clicked, no AJAX effect?


We will add it in today’s update. Stay tuned :)

HTML version, would be great !! I’m first to bay.


Sorry, we create only WordPress themes

Hey ThemeRain,

Quick question… Does this theme support private, password-protected blog posts? If so, that would be GREAT .

Cheers, Kyle Stalla


Hi Kyle Stalla,

Yes, support, but need some css fix, thanks for idea, we fix it in next update.


Also thanks for noticed a bug, we fixed it

Is it possible to add gallery posts to the homepage portfolio grid? Like the portfolio pages you’ve added – looking really good! :)


No, you can add only portfolio post.

Awipa Purchased

Couldn’t find “identity.zip” archive file anywhere, please help. I am new to this stuff. I have 3 folders after unzip – Documentation, Identity, and License. Where should I find them?


Hi Awipa!

Thanks so much for bying our theme!

We fixed it (and some another minor bugs) in update, but still waiting for uploads. Please, dont forget download new theme after update. We will notify you by email.

After unzip, you need zipped folder Identity and follow installation.

Love your theme. Looks awesome.

Question. Is the port defined as homepage or can I create my own homepage and set the port under its own navigation element.

Also in the single port item, is the items able to have more than 1 image?

I saw that in one of the blog entries.


Thanks so much!

Portfolio page defined as homepage. You can add up to 3 items in single portfolio.

Hi there Will you be adding Retina support in the near future?


Hi, maybe in next updates

Really great theme, just wondering, how many portfolio items can you have on the homepage and also, can you change the background of specific pages?



Thanks a lot!

You can add as many as you want. No, you can’t change the background of specific pages.

Hi I loved your theme and seriously considering to put it up. Can you please help me with the query. If I add say about 100 artwork, will all of them be displayed on the homepage? Or can I set a category page to it. Any possible way I can sort different designs like Logo Designs & 3D Art in separate page?

Also in the top panel can I add me twitter feed and can it stay open by default. Sorry for too many questions. Thanks in advance.

wallfish Purchased

Sure, Its karan@wallfish.in Thanks.

wallfish Purchased

I tried getting in touch via the email you sent but no response. Thanks for mailing the files.

I just wanted to know how do I get the background with the little shine and grain. Mine is complete plain dark grey. Do I have to manually edit a file?
Also How do i set the title of the main page (the one which appear in big text) different than the top home button.

In future for support do I post here or email you the query?


We responded by email.


can we see the light version, please?

Regard, r.


Hi, not sure how quickly we create light version, but we will add it in future updates

Is there any way, I can change it so that the portfolio page is not the homepage? I would like to create a welcome page as home and make the portfolio page as an inner page?

Is there a way to just make the portfolio page a template and assign another page as the homepage?


Yes, you just need change in reading settings Front page as you want.

Along with my previous questions, if I am able to create a new page as the home and set the port page as an inner page, how hard do you think it will be for me to put a slider in the page I designate as the home page?


Our theme not support slider, but you can use code from gallery post or use plugin.

1 last question: in order to get the thumbnails to be staggered, like the demo homepage is that based on the aspect ratio of your image, or does the theme do it automatically?


You can choose size of thumbnail when you add item.


When I looked at this theme a few days ago, it was using LightBox on the home page, which I love. When you clicked on an image, it just opens up the picture in a pop-up on the same page – not navigating away.

Now when you click on the images, it goes to a new page, which I don’t like. How easy would this be to change back to opening up images in a LightBox?

Also, I was ready to buy it from you a couple of days ago if you could have Vimeo and Youtube videos opening up in a LightBox pop-up from the home page. Is this no longer possible?

Please let me know, as I am ready to purchase.


Special for you we are ready to change a couple of theme files. Also we prepared for you videos opening up in a LightBox pop-up.

Can I see an example of this please? I really loved the way the original theme would open images (and Video for me) in a LightBox on the homepage.

When will these updates be ready?


We add it in next updates, but now we create it special for you, to see a demo follow this link http://themes.themerain.com/identity/gallery

what would be great, is if the images on the homepage opened in a light box, but with a “More information” link in the caption, that links to the separate page. Best of both worlds then

goodaa1 Purchased

Loving this theme – thanks!

I’ve a couple of questions please: I am trying to create a Child Theme so I do not overwrite when I update the theme. Is this possible – CSS tweaks do not seem to carry over.

Is it possible to set an optional media query that would hide the portfolio tags when viewed on a mobile device, the tags take up a large amount of space above the thumbnails and prove difficult to use on an iPhone.

goodaa1 Purchased

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php bloginfo( ‘stylesheet_url’ ); ?>” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

Instead of

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/style.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

I think this should work – agreed?


Maybe, please tell us if it helps.

goodaa1 Purchased

>> Maybe, please tell us if it helps.

Yes this worked well, I can now use Child Theme.

Thanks @ThemeRain, I saw the example and it looks good – video and images open inside a LightBox.

Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to do what TROPT said above?

He said: “what would be great, is if the images on the homepage opened in a light box, but with a “More information” link in the caption, that links to the separate page. Best of both worlds then”

Could you do that as well or is that not possible?


We can do this to you, but we don’t include this in update.