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I honestly liked the older design MUCH better. Luckily I kept a copy of it ;)

You forgot Opera.

evanren Purchased

I love the old design, will be an alternative choice available in the near future?

BigTex Purchased

Nice work, just added this to a site that gets less than 2% monthly traffic via IE6 or less.

Easy to implement, looks good, and makes it simple for the end user to upgrade.

I’m through trying to support IE6 . If someone is going to suffer, it’s going to be those few that have neglected updating, not the masses that keep up with the times.

Hi There,

i can’t bring it to work on my site!!!


emailed twice the dev. but without success

can somebody help?


Dev. not responding…

Can someone help there ?


Any word on if it will be updated to include IE9 ?

There is a decent percentage of users on my site that use IE7 , but the site looks terrible and it would be amazing if I could redirect them with this! Is it possibly to detect if they are using IE7 instead of IE6 ?


I’ve implemented this epic script:


Hope it helps! :)

Why in God’s name would you suggest IE8 over Opera?

If you bring back the OLD design (either as a replacement or as another option), I will buy this item.