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This is awfully similar to SmartStart, which has become on of the most selling templates in ThemeForest recently…

Hi Thanks for your comment! If there is any similarity it’s completely unintentional. Thanks again for letting me know!

Sorry, but 90% same structure and layout can’t be unintentional.

Hey there MassMarket,

Thanks for a great template! If this is similar to SmartStart – so what!! I have that template also & have used it for a client already & have another who likes that design also… At the end of the day, I am only using Themeforest templates for creative inspiration & in fact do modify to suit my clients needs…

It is like saying that the site I create using your template is just like “Ignite” – Whoa!! Get over it & move on I say… Hehe!

Anyway thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with us all…

Cheers Brendon

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you are getting real value out of the products on Theme Forest!


Looking good, good luck with the sales! :)


Hello, I can’t find the main layout .psd file. Can you help me?

Hi Flickah,

Looks like it was left out of the .zip file accidently. My apologies! Please contact me and I will send it to you!

Hi, I just created a ticket on your support email. Thanks for getting back to me.

Thanks for getting in touch. Sent the file over to you this morning. Let me know if there is any more trouble!

I tested the page in IE7 and sliders do not work. Why do you say that is compatible with IE7 if not?

Hi, Thanks for the update. I will look into it asap. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Hey there, Could I please also get a copy of the PSD or Fireworks file.

Cheers Brendon

Yes, no problem, Brendon! Send me a message and I will email it to you.

Looking at this file and resizing the browser to check the responsiveness I noticed that when it goes to mobile size there are two Navigation dropdowns. Not sure why this is being doubled up.

I’m also getting the double dropdown when resizing. Would’ve bought otherwise.

I was planning on purchasing too, but wonder about the double navigation on interior pages. Has this been fixed?

FYI: Live preview and images links are dead.

Very good work, good luck;