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Youtube videos are not auto resizing in tablet or mobile view. Please provide css to fix it.

i don’t know where. because thats my own code.

Yes I know it is all yours, but how I can learn about it. Because it is most advanced thing in blogging created by you. I works perfectly when blogger blog is written in utf-8 encoding. I congrats you for developing such a nice and super fast script.

you can find how to modified blogger theme using google.

Hello, i really like this template and your efforts, however this theme needs more modification on performance and design, so please make it more search friendly and improved the speed by modifying HTML, JavaScript and css and deleting render blocking scrips so we get high speed theme. I will heartily wait for your response that when you update the theme?

OK wait it.. i will update it and change some CSS and JS location to make it get hight speed…

Please make it more search engine friendly because if I install v1.3 then it’s giving 60 on mobile and 75 speed on desktop. I want you make it 85/95 then site will load fast and give better result. Hope you will make it more responsive and lighter for blogs.

it’s hard to get 85 or 95. because this blogger not like WP. we can’t setup Leverage browser caching not like WP. but i will try to make it get faster..

Hi!! the nav (menu) that go up when the screen go down works fine in desktop but in mobiles is quite difficult to handling. How I make the nav a fix one just in mobile versions?

Ijonkz V1.15 new version update, not update? Have you and please share?

3 weeks and no answer to the ticket

The “Related Posts” on the footer of the posts was replaced by “Recent Posts”. How fix this?

i want to know how to add the slideshow on homepage i am unable to add that..please help me i am very much worried

Hello i want to purchase this theme but this theme is having one error of Multiple Meta tag for posts and Homepage .. when i checked in some site in which this theme is installed .Have u look at that error ? please reply

Can i use my purchased theme with 2 blogs !

Hello. This looks great. Are the post coming from the rss feeds or manually? Do you provide instructions on this in the documentation? Sorry i am new to this. Thank you.

Brilliant template but template editor must be more simplified.

hello few images are not working. can you help me? www.myfacehunter.com blog address

I need to add a third column to the left or I can put a widget or gadget 160 * 600 ads. What should I do?

Hy….....! I need this template Version 1.5 or 1.7…....please tell me how i purchased these version….can u make this blog template on Wordpress. & one more thing please tell me. when i purchased this blog template then i used this template on 3, 4 website. . . . ?

Reply ????


Reply my comment please & ticket also ?


MrPLW Purchased

Ticket #550252 need some help

hello i have buy this tamplate but is not complete there is not main menu or post slid why ?

hello i want a help i have two of your tamplate sevida and Ijonkz i want a help because in Ijonkz there is not a menu there is not a slid post is like is not couplet please answer what should i do can you send me the update i am lost

i need a help why there is no support?

Please What happend to the Designer of this template, Reused to reply my mails. I dont get this.

Please i need help urgently. my template just stopped working and my viewers are mad at me. i have tried all i could. my manual feature post, label widgets, recent post. all not working., HELP HELP HELP!!!

Thme Rifqiy Errors?

1- Title Double title? at the entrances?

Pictures Related Articles? - No carga

- Takes time to load

Update Plantilla please