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Nice jobs, It’s amazing

Thank you Fredericesp!

Should you have any questions about using the theme, do not hesitate to ask me – either here or by creating a post on my support forum.

Andrew / Satori Studio

at the moment everything is clearly explicate, so perfect. Just take a look at our project to see what we are doing with your work


Looking good! :) I particularly like the colour combination.


Just to say to everyone out there that satoridesign, has the best suport ever.

If you are thinking in buying one of his themes, do it. They help you all the way, if you need.


thanks for everything Andrew.


Thank you for the kind words, NP! In turn, I’d like to thank you for pointing out the areas for improvement in the theme as well as for being patient while I fix/upgrade them ;)

Andrew / Satori Studio

Hye Satori, great theme but i have some issue. I quite new to wordpress, i be happy if you could help me :D

1) there’s a problem when we try to zoom in the page(ctrl + ”+”/ctrl + roll-down mouse). it will crash the browser :( 2) i want a different landing page for the website, I edit the index.php for your theme but nothing happen.. I just see the portfolio box only.. may know how to make a different landing page.. where to edit.. :D 3) Can I make like a different section with a different sets portfolio box. and it can be navigate on the menu-bar. :D

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Thnks, Syafiq Netdb

Ah, then click on the “Screen Options” tab in the top right corner, and when the additional panel slides down, check all boxes under the “Show on screen” item. The Screen Options panel is quite useful in WordPress in general, e.g. also in the post/page editor mode.

Andrew / Satori Studio

hi Andrew,

thanks for the advice, it works like a charm :D but i got some more question :D

1) How can I exclude some of boxes in the “page_portfolio.php”. I dont want to show it in there and i want to show it on the other page.

2) Can I create another page like “page_portfolio.php”. and it just showing the boxes that i exclude from earlier :/


can i change the wording from the picture above, for example “LinkedIn” to “Istagram”.. i’ve change on “theme-options.xml”, “class.admin.php” and also in the database.. still have no changes.

<id>26</id> <item_id>header_linkedin</item_id> <item_title>Instagram profile/page:</item_title> <item_desc>Enter the link to your Instagram profile/page (e.g. http://instagram.com/satoristudionet).</item_desc> <item_type>input</item_type> <item_options></item_options> <item_sort>44</item_sort> </row> <row>[/code]

Hey Syafiq,

I will go over the questions in the same order:

1). You will need to modify the WP_Query object on line 58 of the “page_portfolio.php” file, inserting a filter by certain tags (see this link for information, the taxonomy name is “tagportfolio”; you can find a working example on line 39 of the “taxonomy_tagportfolio.php” file). I recommend creating a backup of the original file before altering the query!

2). This is where you can use the portfolio tag archive pages I mentioned earlier – such pages, e.g. http://satoristudio.net/ikebana/tag-portfolio/services/, can be used to display only one particular tag items.

3). Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the “Custom social network 1” field on the same page ;) you can use it to add your own social network. Do not forget to fill in the “Icon for custom social network 1” field to display the icon.

Let me know if you have troubles with any of the above!

Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi! Is it possible to use the Infinite Scroll Plugin in the portfolio disposition?

Hey Dipa84,

Thank you for expressing interest in my work!

Ikebana has not been explicitly tested with the infinite scroll so far, but the theme’s portfolio masonry layout is based on Isotope, which can be combined with Paul Irish’s Infinite Scroll plugin. Thus with some customizations and changes to the theme’s code it should be possible to use the infinite scroll function; for the sake of clarity, please note that such changes are not covered by the theme’s free support guarantee on ThemeForest as they are classified as theme customization.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Andrew / Satori Studio

Can this display regular blog posts in the portfolio layout or do all posts need to be Projects in the Portfolio area?

Edit: nevermind I figured it out.


I received an email saying the template has been updated. Where do I get the updated version and will it keep all my customizations?


Hey MorenikeO,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

The latest version of the theme is available from the “Downloads” tab of your ThemeForest account (simply download the theme one more time). Theme updates do not affect content (posts, pages etc) or WordPress settings, yet case you’ve made changes to the theme files (e.g. custom CSS or PHP) without the usage of child themes, a theme update will overwhite the existing theme files and any such changes will be lost. In general, the latest update fixes several bugs that only appear for certain settings combinations, thus if your website is working as it should, you might not even need the update.

Please let me know in case further assistance is required!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

How can I change the portfolio permalink from mysite.com/project to mysite.com/model ?

Hey Trbrack,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

Glad you’ve figured out the previous issue (Ikebana has distinct styling for blog and for portfolio pages, yet you can use the portfolio-type page as a blog).

The permalink question is a more complex one, this requires altering the theme’s files – yet since it’s a small customization, I will provide it free of charge: please download this archive, unzip it, and upload into the theme folder (wp-content/themes/Ikebana/), replacing the existing file. Note that the “Settings -> Permalinks” admin menu should have the radiobutton choice set to “Post name” for this to work.

Please let me know if this helps!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi Guys, this is awesome, great work. can you help though what sortcodes are you using on the item below the three tabs?

su-tabs su-tabs-style-3 i cant seem to replocate this. also i am trying to create a page that will show just the images from my case studies, how is this done with the niv-slider shortcut?



Dear Chris,

to make it more efficient, let’s do it this way: please send me your WordPress login and password to support@satoristudio.net, I will look at the back-end and the code and solve any issues.

Andrew / Satori Studio

you guys take customer service to the max cheers

Hey Chris,

indeed the template file I sent you earlier was not complete. I’ve made all necessary changes to “format-gallery.php” on your server, please take a look at your website and let me know if this is how you wanted the gallery post to behave?

Andrew / Satori Studio

Great theme! Question: I would like to have a ‘sticky’ logo (where you have your Ikebana square on the home page in the portfolio) but instead of one square I would like it to be two squares side by side. The logo I’m working with is wider than yours and this would really make it look great on the site.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

So the ‘post’ would still be added in Portfolio, or in the regular post (blog) area? And what tag to select? Image, Link, other?

And the id is the number in the URL when on the post page correct?

So just adding only the post number and nothing else?

Thanks for you assistance. love the theme!

Hey Mackmorg,

I will answer each question on the same line:

1). So the ‘post’ would still be added in Portfolio, or in the regular post (blog) area? And what tag to select? Image, Link, other? – you need to add it as a portfolio project item (“Portfolio -> Add new”); you can set and format you want.

2). And the id is the number in the URL when on the post page correct? – the safest way to get the post/page ID is to go into the editor mode for that post/page – the number after “post=” in the URL is the needed ID.

3). So just adding only the post number and nothing else? – yes ;)

Please let me know if it works; in case you have problems with the snippet, I can help you set it up.

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio


Is there the ability to upload a font not listed on Google Fonts?

Hey Mackmorg,

this is not possible via the admin panel. If you want a custom font, you will need to upload it and insert an @font-face rule into the website’s code.

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio

Perfect, thank you.

I sent you 3 questions in the support forum yesterday. One of them solved itself. Should I re-send them here? Best Nedim

Hey Nedim,

I apologize once more for the slow reply; please find my answer on the forum!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi Andrew, I have been scanning posts at don’t see a duplicate of this question.

Is it possible on the home/portfolio page to have the video open up on the page in a lightbox like the images do, instead of linking to the post page? Please let me know.

Thank you again. Excellent theme. Excellent support.

Hey Mackmorg,

it is unfortunately not possible to make the videos open in a lightbox right from the portfolio grid without significantly customizing the template code of the theme; one would have to change the linking structure of the project items so that they link to the video itself and not to the underlying project pages.

For lightboxes on project pages, you can try using one of the third-party plugins that create such functionality.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi, I’m on WP 3.6.1 and I’m not able to display Project items in a Portfolio view. I have created a few Project items all set by a book and a page with a Portfolio template selected. Nothing happens, no items are displayed. Just an empty blog look. What am I missing? Do I need to set the page as a start up page or something? Thanks!

Hey GoodTeaEu,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

I am not sure I understood the question correctly, yet in case you want a certain static page (e.g. a portfolio page) to display on the front page of your website, in WordPress there is a special procedure for that: please go to “Settings -> Reading”, select the “Static page” radio button, and set the front page to be the page you’ve created, using the drop-down.

Please let me know if this helps!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

This works, thanks! For some reason I was expecting the portfolio page to become my home page. Anyway, thank you.

In WordPress, the front page contains blog posts by default (i.e. right after you install a fresh instance of the CMS). In order to control the whereabouts of the blog posts page, you can also you the same menu section (“Settings -> Reading”).

Hey, until recently everything had been working fine- all of a sudden my page is aligned to the left and my portfolio menu is gone?

Hey Fieldsaustin,

does “all of a sudden” imply that you have not made any changes to the settings of the theme?

Please provide the URL’s of the pages in question, with descriptions of the problems – I will have a look at the code. Thanks!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Yeah, haven’t made any code changes.


Thanks for your help! Hopefully it’s not just me and you’ll see the problem immediately

Regarding the icon menu now showing on certain pages: please make sure that the “Show icons only on portfolio pages” checkbox is not checked (“Icon Menu” tab of the Theme Options panel).

As for the page alignment: could you please point me to the page where the problem occurs or provide a screenshot from your browser? Thanks!

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi, I want to use Google fonts and I would like to ask how to use fonts with multiple styles. For example, if a font has 12 styles, how do I define not just a font name but also its style? Thanks.

In that case some adjustments to the theme’s code would have to be made. It is out of the scope of the normal ThemeForest support offer, but I can help with that given that you can provide access to your admin back-end. Just decide which style you need and let me know; you can send your login and password to support@satoristudio.net.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi, I am afraid I’m still facing the problem, was there any follow up after sending login details? Thanks.

Hey Radoslav,

I cannot seem to find an email with login credentials in my mail archives – I do apologize though in case it got lost on the way! Could you please send me an email once more with your question? Thanks!

Andrii / Satori Studio

Hi, let me to have another question. I am not able to achieve subjects of posts to be displayed when I mouse over an item in portfolio page. It gets dimmed but no text is displayed. Just to give you an example in your Ikebana demo, in the 1st row of images, if you mouse over the iPhone in hand image, “New Password App” text is displayed. How can I do that? Thanks a lot!

Hey GoodTeaEu,

the semi-transparent caption overlay for portfolio items is sourced from the excerpts. To set the excerpt, you need to fill in the „Excerpt“ box just below the main text area in the post editor mode; in case the box is not present, click on the „Screen Options“ tab in the top right corner of the screen and tick the „Excerpt“ option in the list. You can find more information on this topic, including a screenshot, on page 6 of the Theme Manual.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Thanks. I made it visible but it is displayed all the time, not just when moving mouse over it? How can I control this behaviour? Plus, the dark transparent text area is darker on my web site than on your website? Is this customizable? I mean a background color (grey) of the transparent area and a level of trasparency?

Dear GoodTeaEu,

you can control the visibility of the captions in the “Portfolio item captions” drop-down of the “Portfolio Page” tab of the Theme Options panel. The transparency setting is not changeable via the admin back-end, and should not differ from site to site, yet in case you feel like you need a darker/lighter tone, I can provide a custom CSS code to achieve that.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi, my WP site is in Czech language so I need Google fonts which support Czech chars. It is not a problem, there is a bunch of them available. I can test that a specific Google font supports Czech lang. directly on their site simply by entering a Czech text. The problem is that fonts I selected and verified on the Google fonts web site (all chars displayed properly) are not properly displayed on my WP web site (basically any text in the theme is corrupted). A font name is entered into a theme options, for example Source Sans Pro, Czech chars are displayed correctly on Google Fonts web site (example: ?š??žýá?ÁŠ??Ž????) but they show corrupted in a Wordpress. Actually they are not corrupted but replaced by some other font. You can test it by doing a copy-paste of my example string above and putting it first into a Google Fonts page and then into your WP. Thanks.

Thanks but the attachment containing a fix was missing, please re-send. Thanks, Rado.

Sorry for that, Radoslav! I’ve re-sent the attachment right now.

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hello Andrew, One more Q please. I am not sure how to use Tags. Currently I can see 3 types of tags in a list in a Tag Cloud widget. The original WP one, Tags which came with a theme and another one. Whatever I choose in the list, nothing happens. Nothing gets listed. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rado.

Hey Radoslav,

this issues hasn’t been reported before; firstly, please make sure that the tags exist in “Posts -> Tags” or “Portfolio -> Tags” (depending on which of the taxonomies you’d like to use). I can say something more specific only after looking at the admin back-end of your website – if the above does not help, please provide your username and password by sending them to support@satoristudio.net

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi Andrew, compatible with Android tablet using dolphin browser?

Hey Mackmorg,

the Dolphin is built on the standard webkit platform, so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with Ikebana. In case you notice any strange behavior, though, please let me know, I will correct the bugs.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Great theme – really looking forward to getting it up and running, but, yep there is always a but!!

I have imported your demo content and changed the customise section to but I cannot understand how to create the masonary gallery on the homepage. I have read pages 4-6 of the manual but i am missing something. please help :)

Cheers Andrew – I’ll double check those settings. Also I’ll get in touch with Envato about this glitch. :)

Settings -> Reading !! {facepalm} Thanks again Andrew :)

Anytime ;) Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Andrew / Satori Studio