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I am hoping you can help me out.

Here’s the situation.

When I am viewing my website on a mobile phone ( I have a droid), when I am scrolling though the thumbnail images on the main portfolio page, if my finger touches (clicks) any of the images while I am trying to scroll down, then it takes me to that project page.

While I understand that it’s probably working as designed, I am not really happy with that functionality, because it makes it difficult to scroll through the images without accidentally being taken away from that page.

There is virtually no white space on either side of the thumbnails, and thus the only place I can safely put my finger to scroll down without clicking into the project is on the small space below the image where the title appears.

Is there any way I can require the thumbnail image to be clicked twice on a mobile device or something of that nature in order to enter into that page?

That way a user can scroll through the thumbnails and if their thumb hits one of the images while scrolling down, that it doesn’t take them to that page.

I searched through the message board, and It looks like you removed that functionality at some point.

I found a post where someone was complaining about having to click twice on an iphone. Looks like some update was going to change the functionality and remove the double clicking….

But in my situation, I am looking to have it function with a double click required on phone size mobile devices, where only 1 thumbnail across fits.

My site is: http://www.colleensweeney.com

Please see below for that post, and your response:

1. I’ve noticed that the hover effect you have on thumbnails that is the solid colour with a cross, causes you to have to press the image twice to go to the page (on iPhone at least) – first to bring up the cross and again to go through – feels like it dodnt work first time around.

I havent investigated the code but I think this is because IOs captures all javascript onhover calls and converts them to onclick events – so what is a hover effect on desktop with a click through, becomes a double click to obtain a click through on mobile.

1. Yes, correct. There is an easy fix for this. I’ll dump into the next update. $(’.portfolio-entry-img-link’).on(‘click touchend’, function(e) { var el = $(this); var link = el.attr(‘href’); window.location = link; }); You should need to load this using wp_is_mobile();

Thank you. Colleen