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This template does not function correctly in Internet Explorer. IE8 the template loads slowly with text scrambled everywhere plus there’s a 1-2 second delay on clicking more and next buttons. Crashes IE9 .

Avoid if your target market are users with Internet Explorer.

I’m considering purchasing this. I’ve verified the previous comment issue with IE8 . Any update or work around?

Hello toycruiser,

I’ve improved performance in IE. Try live preview to check if previous comment is truthfully :)! Note that this landing page doesn’t support IE9 (of course when final version of this browser will be released I’ll make an additional update).

Best regards Rafal Wozniak

Problem still present in IE8 using IE9 RC and loads great except some graphics and text are missing.

I was also planing on buying this…but still has those issues in IE8

I just buy it, the fonts used in the PSD file are missing

Hello Sérgio,

I’ve sent you an e-mail.

Best regards Rafal Wozniak

I want to buy this theme, how easy is it to work with?

I would say pretty easy if you have basic knowledge of HTML

I’ve been able to do this and I just edited image and HTML (with very little knowledge)

(and just won a competition for the best landing page promoted by a videogame store :P)

Congratulations Sergio! :) BTW . I’m glad you’ve found it useful!


Great design, but I have one big problem – how to use polish signs (ex: ? ? ? ?). Used font is sensational, and I don’t want to change it.

Liter które si? nie wy?wietlaj?

Ą ą

Ć ć

Ę ę

Ł ł

Ń ń

Ó ó

Ź ź

Ż ż

What can I / You do with it?

I bought a week ago but i’m having trouble placing a video in the the bxSlider. Works fine in Safari and IE but in FireFox the audio echo’s. It’s like there are two audio files playing at the same time with a couple of seconds delay.

Any ideas?

Hello Camerond,

if bxSLider is looped (by default it is), and embedded video has autoplay on, slide with video may have duplicate (when number of slides is small), so there you can have two videos playing at the same time.


just noticed all your work previews, point to the same website…