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Thanks for great theme .. I have trying to implement a Header plugin .. (for different headers per page/category) without success. I have tried Custom Header Extended and Unique Headers.

Any ideas why this wouldn’t appear ? It works fine on other themes.

Thanks so much!



Have you contacted the plugin author about this?

Cómo puedo integrar el captcha a mis formularios para poder evitar los robots?

Do you get spam email for the contact form?

Yes, I received any emails from spam about the google marketing and ranking for google.

If you already receive spam emails then I’m afraid that there won’t help also captcha, most of the bots easy solve it and you still will receive spam emails, but it depends on your page, content etc, because in from 2600 customers this is just the 3rd case when someone is receiving spam emails via our form.

But you can try to contact some freelancer that could help you here https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress

But as I mentioned, most of the bots will get through it, or the visitor will have difficulties to send the email too.

Cómo integro para que se traduzcan con el soporte multilenguaje la plantilla, pues al seleccionar el idioma no me funionca los campos de la plantilla.

Could you please send us your ftp server access via email, so we could check it?

Hello I have the same problem yet. I can’t translate the read more, view all, and others words in my website. do you remember? I can’t received any answer about it. best regards,

Can you please email use ftp access so we could check the page?

Hello I would like to know why my blog not count post. Best regards

Yes, my blog doesn’t count the post, Could you help me?

Where it doesn’t count the posts? Could you please add a screenshot?

Ok, I resolved the issue, thanks for all.

How can I change the responsive size

By editing the grid.css files in lib/css/

If I buy this themes and install do it have reponsive mode, like for mobile and Pc? http://naijaside.com


Yes you will have responsive mode, as you can see it also in our demo page.

I wanted to make my blog http://www.naijaside.com an e-commerce blog, which will enable me sale songs,video, and other things, pls advise me which theme will be good for such blog, thanks http://naijaside.com

Sorry I can’t access the page you mentioned, I get 509 error.

It http://naijaside.com but my bandwidth has excuded it’s limit but very soon it will be up again

Still can’t access it. :/

How can I create a translation and use it? Thanks!


Can you please advise on how to allow comments on the Gallery Post types?



By default it’s not possible, but with small configuration there is a way to add a comment form for the whole single gallery, but with bigger modifications it’s possible to add a new comment form for each single gallery image.

Hello. Its possible to get information onn community forum, or somewhere else about updated files? I don’t want update all template, only some files (you got some git to get that information or something like that?)?.



All the updated files you can see in the theme folder changes.txt file :)


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HOW TO TUR reEmbed plugin OFF?!

Hi, I am using this theme and it super! But I don’t know why, it started to using reEmbed plugin for embedded youtube videos.

I don’t like it, because you can’t to set the quality, adds sometimes are over timeline of video and I want to use normal youtube embed.

Please, how to turn it off?


Our themes doesn’t use such plugin, did you delete the plugin from your server? Did you clear the cache? If so then the best way will be to contact the plugin author about this.


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You can see it on www.gofreestyle.cz … I don’t know what is it… at one time, it started to be like this.. remember…

Sorry can’t access your link

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

Hi …

The Read More link in my homepage is not working. Everytime i click the Read More link of any post in the homepage. It will always keep taking me to the main domain. ( I do can get inside of the full post if i click the Title). Why is this happening. Pls have a look at www.pokharacity.com


Have you tried to disable all plugins to see if that helps? Seems like some plugin conflict.

Hi there

Recently installed this theme on www.altblackpool.co.uk and all the fonts seem to have stopped working. Any suggestions?

Thanks :)


I don’t know why but your page doesn’t load this file http://www.altblackpool.co.uk/wp-content/themes/imagpress-themes/lib/css/fonts.php?ver=4.1.1

it’s responsible for the custom fonts, please contact your hosting about this issue.

Thanks I’ll investigate… could it be linked to cache plugin?

It could be.

Hello, I recently updated my wordpress 4.2 and the theme broke, kindly help fix this, if i use another theme, it works fine, but imagpress wont work. HELP!!!

I have reinstalled, even migrated via ftp, same error. It breaks the website

url: http://naijabambam.com


Please be sure that you update the right files, we just checked the files and all is fine.

I just saw a new update has been released, let me try that now and see if it works

Works, thanks for the update!

Where to post JavaScript SDK code for faster loading of related facebook widget(s) / likebox / comment box? When the code is generated, they suggest this “1. Include the JavaScript SDK on your page once, ideally right after the opening tag.”

The best way would be to include it in the footer.

Thank you for the support (even if is somehow theme-unrelated). For the google analytics code is recomanded to place the code also in the footer? Thanks!

All js should be placed in footer.

Recently i updated my site with the new wordpress but i received this message and my site is not opening

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home/pokhcity/public_html/wp-includes/link-template.php:3414)

Pls help


Please download the latest theme version form themeforest and update it via FTP server!

I purchased flatmag recently a great theme, My site is in Ethiopian alphabet, i manage to change everything but i couldn’t Edit the Share box, Next Post, the word “Author” in the author box, and the one Thought on… box, the Leave a Reply box, and the word “Comment” in the comment box, and the “Post comment” box, i’m hoping to get a quick and helpful reply.



This theme is called iMagPress, and also I don’t see that you have purchased this theme form this account, please use the account with whom you purchased the theme to get support.

I purchased flatmag recently a great theme, My site is in Ethiopian alphabet, i manage to change everything but i couldn’t Edit the Share box, Next Post, the word “Author” in the author box, and the one Thought on… box, the Leave a Reply box, and the word “Comment” in the comment box, and the “Post comment” box, i’m hoping to get a quick and helpful reply.



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Please how do i add html code to below the header of your theme ? Immediately below the menu i want to ad an adsense banner there but all i have tried didnt work. Thanks so much


To add the code right under the main menu, you will need to edit includes/top.php file.