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When testing the theme on different browsers, there is a problem with IE 8. The slider gives out a JS error.

Do you mean to fix the slider bug ? I would really like to buy this theme, but we need a browser compatibility…

Regards, Marko

Hi Marko,

sorry but IE8 isn’t supported anymore! It’s such an old browser so we don’t develope any Bugfixes anymore for this Browser! Sorry!

Cheers, Oli

Hi, I would like this template, but I have just installed Joomla 3.3.6..; It works anyway? thanks!

Hi there,

sure it should work without any troubles :-)

help i cant install the quickstart the message said Initialising Please wait while ANGIE is checking your site and server configuration

Hi agungadhitya,

sorry for the delay, we were in holidays! Have you opened a support Ticket?? If not, please did and provide us with as much informations as possible!

Ticket System

Cheers, Oli

yup ! please check the ticket asap !

Ticket: #344509

Hi there, where can I have the Color Switcher for the template as in demo? Its not included with the quickstart.

Hi Alif1239,

yes, that’s right, the Colors Switcher isn’t included in the Demo! It’s a custom Module and not for sale or free for modification, it’s done with pure Code!

Sorry, cheers, Oli

help i cant install the quickstart the message said Initialising Please wait while ANGIE is checking your site and server configuration…. This is like a huge problem for this template. Help me I already write a ticket. Here is the link of the problem:

Hi cemayorga,

I think you have also opened a Support Ticket? We will answer them today!

Cheers, Oli

Please help me !!!! thank you

We answer … please only on Ticket System, it makes really no sense to open multiple Tickets AND comment here ;-)

Hi. How can i make intro images in featured articles layout to a link?

Hi frchr47,

can you please open a Support Ticket and ask your question there?!

Cheers, Oli


Hi there,

no sorry, K2 will look “out-of-the-box” ;-)

Cheers, Oli

Hi Oli, Thanks for your solution. is currently offline so that’s why I send this message. Regards, Paul

Hi there,

yes we have seen … seems like there were a few problems! But now it’s working again :) Glad that all works :)

Cheers, Oli

Hi, Works well in joomla 3.4.0?

Hi there,

yes of course, without problems :) but if any problems appear feel free to open a Support Ticket!

Cheers, Oli

Thanks for the reply.

Hi there!

We’re interested in purchasing “imbus”, but before I’ve got a question about the overlay items (“one, two, three”): Is it possible to place 4 (or even more) of them?

Thanks for your reply and have a great day!

Regards, Bianca

Hi Bianca,

yes, this is possible. But only a maximum of 4 is possible :) By the way: Ich komme aus Deutschland, also Support gerne auf Deutsch :D

Cheers, Oli

:D Alles klar – danke Oli für die superschnelle Antwort. Wenn sich der Kunde für dieses Template entscheidet, komme ich gern wieder, um bei Dir einzukaufen :)

Alles klar :) dann noch nen’ schönen Tag^^


Is there a way with the shortcode {youtube | id-of-the-video} to show a video not in full witdth as it is by default but in a smaller size?

Hi there,

you have also opened a Ticket right?? We have answered there :)

Cheers, Oli

Hi, When start to install quick start and run akeba in step 2 i have eror ??? set mysql info but on next i don’t have nothing on link just see #.... how to install the theme pls and tnx

Hi there,

of course we can help :) can you please open a Support Ticket here and provide us with much details as possible? Maybe also a live URL will be helpful!

Cheers, Oli

Hi there, are there any issues with the shortcode for footer? The instruction says make it to 12 column system. I have {col6}{/col} and {col6}{/col}, but the column seems to be stretched to only half the page, not full width. Can you advise? Thanks.

Hi Adam,

can you please open a Support Ticket here and provide us with your Live URL that we can see the current status?!

Thanks and Cheers, Oli

Support, I am unable to upload an image to my WS Revolution Slider for some reason. The image details are w533 h354 96dpi bit depth 24, and no format I try is allowing me to upload this image.

Hi kblack001,

sounds strange … but I do not think that this is a Extension problem as we are using the Joomla API to upload Images! Can you upload Images in other Extensions? For support, please open a Support Ticket here!

Cheers, Oli

Yes, for some reason due to the quality of the image it seems like it will not load, perhaps there are some limitations with this template. Do you recommend a specific format and I can change it?


SoqBe Purchased

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing “Imbus”. Is it possible to make a multi language site with this template? I need at least my site in English and French. Regards, Sarah.

Hi SoqBe,

sure of course! You can use the default Joomla Language Manager to handle this :-) maybe check Google how to setup Multi Language in Joomla, there are hundreds of good Tutorials available!

Cheers, Oli


SoqBe Purchased

Thanks for your replay, I’m beginner with joomla and i will need all the help of the support team ! Does exist any sort of quickstart if i have Joomla installed yet on my hosting ?

Hi there,

we strongly recommend to use the Quickstart Package (Joomla is in this Package already included). But I hope you understand that we can only support our Template and not Joomla general, there are other Forums available for this.

Cheers, Oli

Why everything from “bottom” modules dissapear after putting one to not published? Is this a bug or what?

Hi AddInspiration,

no this is not a Bug, the Template check from 1-4! And when for example 1 is not found, it breaks the Loop for founding Modules.

For further Questions, please open a Support Ticket here.

Cheers, Oli

Thanks.. though it should work withouth every module in place. This is first template that has done like this.

Still wondering where to change page “placeholder” background pictures too..

Of course it’s possible to add this but we want the Code to have simple, so non advanced users can also change PHP or can easily add Modulepositions in Code :-D

For the other Question, please use Ticket System ;-)

Youtube videos not working on Unite Revolution Slider! ‘Video Not Found!’.

Is there a fix for this?

Hi there,

please open a Support Ticket here and provide us with the Live URL to your Site.

Cheers, Oli


danrcf Purchased

Hi Oli,

Since releasing this template in 2013, there is no updates or upgrades or improvements to this template,

Have you stop supporting this template? is this template fully compatabile with the latest joomla release?

Will it be compatabile with the upcoming version 3.5?

Are you planning releasing any updates for this template, since nothing new happen from day 1 in 2013.?


Hi danrcf,

the Template will also work fine also at the newest Joomla Version :) if you run into problems please open a Support Ticket here!

Cheers, Oli

quickstart with joomla 3.4.6.. when? thanks

Hi wearewebit,

not really necessary, simply install, press Update Button and done :)

Cheers, Oli

via ftp or not? advice?

1) Extract the

2) Upload via FTP tp the Server

3) Install with Akeeba

4) Login into Backend

5) Press the Button for Joomla Update

6) Done!

For more Details please open a Ticket here!!

Cheers, Oli