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Great Design .Good luck with sales. :)


Thanks, you too.

Clean Design – RTistic



Looks great! glws


Thank you, glws to you too.

Congrats and good luck!


Thank you! ;)

really nice work, GLWS :)


Thanks, GLWS to you too :)

Hey there, I’m just wondering how to tell that this is responsive? Are there PSD’s of the design in device dimensions? For example

320/480 px – Mobile portrait/landscape 768 px – Tablet portrait 1024 Tablet landscape



Hi, the theme is created using a bootstrap grid system, so it’s designed with responsiveness in mind. We’re gonna come up with the responsive HTML/WP versions as well.

Best Regards.

Clean design, good luck with sales..


Thank you.

WOW, you’ve done it! Love it, good luck with sales ;)


Thank you, good luck to you too.

when is the wp version out?


Working on it as we speak, shouldn’t take too much. Around a month or so.

Good design!Good luck :)


Thank you!

plemil Purchased

super clean layout..purchased it :)


Thank you for your purchase, I’m glad you like the theme. Please don’t forget to also rate it. Thanks again. Best, Alex

Thank you for your purchase, I’m glad you like the theme. Please don’t forget to also rate it. Thanks again. Best, Alex

Hi ….I’ve purchased the psd files and really like what you’ve come up with. I was also wondering how long before a WP version is available … if it’s a few weeks away I could wait to purchase it … if longer, I might have to look elsewhere ….I’d be grateful for your advice. Thanks!


Hi Chopper389,

First of all, thank you for your purchase.

Secondly, we’re working o the WP version as we speak, and hopefully we’re going to have it ready in an about a month or so, give or take… Unfortunately we can’t give an exact date, but what we can give, is the promise that we’ll make your waiting worth. We’re going to upload a Medical WP theme that hasn’t been seen around so far, with loads and awesome options and features, so please stay tuned…

Thanks again, Alex


This PSD looks awesome!

I can see other people asked you when will be ready the functional website of these PSD’s .. in Wordpress Version.

Is there any news about that? It´s very important to me to have an estimated day, my client’s clinic will open very soon. And I know this theme will be the best Medical Theme ever!

Thank you in advance and sorry for my english.

Hello guys,

We really appreciate that you have been so patient while we are working hard making something different than the most of the authors on ThemeForest, even though what we’ve initially estimated as a timeframe went way beyond its schedule. Now, we are almost done and the major thing that we’re working on now is WooComposer.

We are integrating WooCommerce with Visual Composer very creatively and calling it WooComposer. This will make WooCommerce usage very easy for all the normal people so they can create eCommerce websites without touching single line of code. (Not even shortcodes)

We’re also working really hard on adding maximum possible elements for iMedica, and just to test all of those, we launched our elements as a plugin (http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-addons-for-visual-composer/6892199/?ref=brainstormforce), to let people try them and the response has be tremendous. We’ve got a lot of feedback which is helping us make our framework even more friendly and better for users.

So we hope in the next one month or so, it will be ready for launching.

All the best, Alex


I purchased your template two / three days ago – and have been working non stop (really 3-4 hours of sleep everyday only!) to get my work done and out the window!

I finally started uploading my designs based on your templates etc, and realized that I couldn’t see the full screen. On checking with some friends who are more tech savvy – I have understood that your templates are actually in a size which is bigger than 1026 pixels wide and while it works beautifully for external monitors etc, on a laptop – I cant see all of the work!

All my links etc, on the bottom of the page are getting hidden from immediate view because of this – and am in a soup!

I cant recreate 45 pages again. I am honestly stuck now.

Can any one or you tell me on how to shrink the sizes overall without sitting there and re-aligning and creating every damn page all over again.

I am so stressed now – I cant even work anymore! :(:(

Please help! Thanks


Hi there, thanks for your purchase. The template’s design is based on Twitter Bootstrap (1170px width)

I’m not too sure how you’ve code it, I guess the changes required depend on that. If you code it responsive for instance, you won’t have problems, regardless the screen’s size.

Best, Alex


I asked a friend to do the coding. I don’t understand that part of it at all. Is there a way to go online and check how he coded it?

also the header footer I chose – gives me a PSD canvas width of 1360 pixels.

what should I do? can I share the URL or something with you – if that’ll give us an insight into how it was coded?


Well I’m not too good at coding neither, but your friend that coded should know the best the way the psd files were coded i think…


sorry to keep bothering you on this – but do you happen to have any suggestions on how to resize this whole thing to 1026 width after I have done all the work? I have created some 75 pages already :(

Like can you give me guidance on how much to scale down the fonts etc or what sizes to use instead of whatever was given earlier

Honestly I am so stuck now – my mind isn’t functioning and I really need the help. I have been working non stop for the last week to get this far – and am now in this mess of sizing issues

spoken to the coding people – and they are adamant that this wasn’t built for responsive.

lastly – what is twitter bootstrap – can that automatically resize everything?

We can carry this conversation on my email in case that would be a better option for you.


Truly appreciate your help Thanks! Pooja

I understand that there is no wordpress version but please tell me is it just theme in psd or it’s psd and html? I would like to buy version coded and cutted into html. Is it possible?

when will wordpress version available