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erussell Purchased

Hi pixel book….

Just wondering if you might have a moment to respond to my prev questions…

1.Homepage on Mobile Devices – I think there are a lot of us who have expressed that the homepage on a mobile device just doesn’t quite work as well as it could. Being that this is the first page someone could see I’m wondering if and when you might be improving this (as you suggested earlier) by maybe minimizing the info tab, perhaps making the image slidable rather than having the arrows that take up so much of the image, and somehow making the user experience better when someone initially attempts to scroll down to the other content. Also, it worked before but now the read more link won’t work for me in chrome….any ideas?

2. Tablet Scale – I’d love to give the site just a little more elbow room on the left and right when viewing on a tablet (ipad). Could you direct me to the css that specifies this?

3. Wondering if its possible to have the opaque black overlay pop up underneath the video if its showing in full screen portfolio…possibly have the slideshow pause if its on auto play.

4. Any plans to optimize for retina display?

5. After I added the codes to make any image hyperlink and the entire site scrollable (including images) I now can’t seem to add any slides how’s to a page and the next/prev arrows from the homepage are showing up halfway down the page on certain pages. http://ericrussellphotography.com/sitedev/photography/

Thanks Pixelbook – appreciate you continually improving this theme for all of us that have so heavily invested our time and energy into it.

can I add ecommerce features to this theme?

Hi there, i have a strange problem. Comments are activated for pages and portfolio, but there aren’t shown. Can you help me?

for example: http://www.22millionenpunkte.de/portfolio/babulja/

Greetings Simon

Hi Pixel Book & the Immersion support Community,

Was hoping someone can help with the following.

1: I want all portfolio projects to be visible under the related projects section at the botom of the portfolio section 2: I then want to change the header to say portfolio instead of related projects

if this can’t be done can someone tell me how to remove related projects from the portfolio section

cheers all


why does my style.css file only have this written in it:

”/* Theme Name: Immersion Theme URI : http://pixelthemes.net/immersion/ Description: premium responsive wordpress theme! Version: 1.3 Author: PixelBook */ “

Hi I can’t seem to get the video plugin to work for youtube or vimeo. Is there a trick?

yogachad Purchased

How is the shortcode written to have the blog images in the same column with the blog post text, exactly as shown on the home page of the demo?

I am have troubles getting the images in the columns with each of my 4 most recent blog posts.

Thanks for any help.

darenf Purchased

Hi PixelBook,

Awesome theme! I’m having a few issues which I was hoping you can help me with on the following website – http://www.kfmakeup.com/

1. I’ve made the header bigger to accomodate the round logo.How can I move the menu items down a bit?

2. On this page, you will notice that the project title is not centred between the lines – http://www.kfmakeup.com/?post_type=portfolio&p=160 – how can I centre it. This is a direct effect from make the header area larger.

3. On that same page (project detailed view), how can I remove the text beneath the images. It’s the same text that’s appearing on the left of the project images.

4. How do I change the colour of the hover over on project thumbs?

5. Is there a way to remove the menu items from the footer? See this reference http://110theory.com/

That’s all. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Also the slideshow doesn’t work on the Home page but works on the other pages. What should I do?

Hi, I’m having problems with your theme if I have Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk installed. Tab switching no longer work when this plugin is enabled.

jpsipila Purchased

Is there a way to remove that 15px wide blue/gray bar from below the menus. It doesn’t appear on your demo. Here you can see it: http://www.vdpo.tv.


tober Purchased

I just bought your Immersive template. You said it contained layered png files? I don’t see any pngs except icons?

darenf Purchased

Is PixelBook going to reply to his customers?

gdppl Purchased

Hello PixelBook,

Theme is great and working for the most part, but there are a couple things I’m having a hard time with.

1. There seems to be a bug with the Tab feature. On pages where I’ve utilized multiple tab groups, additional tabs appear without any corresponding code. For example, if tab group 1 uses 3 tabs, while tab group two only uses 2 tabs, tab group 2 will show the third tab from group 1 even though there is no html or short code that calls for it. I’ve tried [raw] tags with no luck. Is there any way to better isolate each tab group so that they don’t disrupt others on the same page?

2. The Colorbox plugin is working well for the most part. However on a mobile format, it launches a tiny lightbox that ends up showing a smaller version of the image than what was originally on the screen or in the gallery overview. Is there any way to style the Colorbox CSS so that when you select a photo from a gallery on a mobile format, it launches a full screen lightbox? The theme in general responds beautifully but it’s a shame that all of the content launches in such a small lightbox. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

3. Additionally, bullets don’t seem to work. If I try to use them in the page editor, they appear perfectly within the editor, but when I publish the content, the bullets don’t actually appear.

4. Lastly, I’m not quite sure how Pages & Galleries are ordered by default. Is there any way to have those admin areas automatically displayed in alphabetical order by default? I realize I can press title and things will organize, but if there is a quick fix to remove this extra step, that would be helpful.

Many thanks for your help on this. Greatly appreciated!!



Answered in onew of your posts above

epete22 Purchased


How did you expand your header?

Can the menu be found in a CSS file that you can adjust?


I have had several problems with the 3.4.1 update, it kept making all the description text disappear.

I am now on 3.4.2 – For some reason I updated the wordpress. And now none of the Sub Navigation project selectors don’t work.

Is it possible to go back to 3.4.1? Do I do that through my hosting provider?


Any thoughts? Seems you have been MIA for awhile. Hope all is well



Answered in one of your posts above.

The css for the menu is located css/layout.css file


Wondering if there was a way to make the slideshow caption not move up and down for each image. Is this possible?


Hi it involves a few customizing. Follow these steps.

1. open up js/supersized.shutter.js

2. find this 2 lines

    $('#slidecaption').stop().animate({bottom:-$('#slidecaption').outerHeight()},400, 'easeInOutExpo', function(){


$(this).stop().animate({bottom:'0px'},400, 'easeInOutExpo');

Replace the 2 occurences of 400 with 0.


epete22 Purchased

I can’t get the categories to work under the work section. Anyone have any suggestions? Its not altering the projects based on the categories.



You need to use the raw tags along with the portfolio shortcode

Other then this, if this still didn’t fix the issue it might be a javascript error. You can sign in on the support forum http://pixelthemes.net/support and post a link to your page


sunworx Purchased

Hello! Great theme!

How do I make a full width post. i.e. no sidebar and a slideshow full width.

I also can’t make a full width slideshow on a page http://holistikatulum.com/practices-and-therapies to look like this http://pixelthemes.net/?theme=immersion

The shortcode for the slideshow isn’t working, but the shortcode for the gallery works fine.


Should Install another slideshow plugin?




You can’t make full width blog posts. They must have a sidebar.

Check the Page Settings metabox below the text editor. Tweak those settings to enable the fullscreen slideshow on that page.

Make sure you use the raw tags when adding the slideshow


darenf Purchased

Where is PixelBook?

cubiix Purchased

really slow replies from pixelbook, something to check next time I buy any theme from a vendor