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I just checked and the same issues are also present on the iPad. There is no responsive elements to this theme…?

My mistake, sorry, CSS screw up on my part.


anybody here knows how to change the color of the footer? It is grey overlayed if the footer isn’t display. Would love to see that in white instead of grey…

Awesome theme anyway!



Love this theme – is there a way of creating a static ‘welcome message’ on the upper part of the home page (that does not change when the images change)?

Many thanks

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Hello -

Do you know if the E-Commerce plugin Shopp works with Immersion? All the Shopp pages seem to not be appearing and the full-screen slideshow appears even when that option is not selected in the editor. I’ve heard Shopp is among the best E-Commerce platforms so I’d love to get that working but if it’s not compatible, do you perhaps have any other suggestions that you know work well with Immersion? Many thanks!

Also, is there any way to turn off the full-screen slideshow as the default on posts so that I don’t need to set that for each one specifically?

Thanks a lot for your help. Love the theme!

Hello! We love this theme a lot but we were wondering if we can add more space up top so our social media can fit on the top. Could we also change the size of the slider so it’s not wide screen?

Thank you, DBD

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I am really pleased with this theme so far and it works for what I need it to do however I do have 1 issue. I noticed the categories for the portfolio no longer seem to work at all. (ie user clicks photography and all the photography thumbnails rearrange to the front-most position)

I have tried turning off all plugins and changing permalinks but nothing seems to fix this issue.

Your help is appreciated.


I just purchased the theme and am trying to get on to your support forum. For some reason, I keep getting rejected. Despite having an “item purchase code”, I keep getting this message: “not a valid purchase code.” Can you help me?

Thanks, Paul

Does this theme have the ability within the admin panel to make the header sticky?



This option is not available


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Hi, I purchased the theme and very happy with it I just need something to customize When i put a vertical photo on a fullscreen gallery, the color around the picture is black. How can i change this color ?

many thanks cedric



You just need to change the background color of the slide
#supersized li {


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Has anyone been able to convert the grid from the 960 to an 1140 grid?


Is it possible to have eight blog items showing on the home page rather than four… so it would be two rows of four?


I created a homepage gallery for the slideshow but the images are not in the slideshow. Just a black space with a white box in the middle. Please help!



Please post this issue in the support forum along with the link to the page.



My google maps shortcode isnt working??

How do I add a fullscreen video to the fullscreen slider??

the image gallery upload works (i see the images being added to the gallery) but there is no way to actually add them to a gallery… just a white space.

i checked the console but there are no js errors. any help you could provide would be awesome.

Hi, i have a small problem with gallery generated from shortcode in to the blog post, when browse the photos i must make two click, i want only one click …please look here the gallery www.pkaboo.it

thank you Nic



Please use the raw tags when adding the galleries, like



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It would be nice to get some responses to the posts on the forums please.

I also feel on my own. I’ve seen other developer much more reactive. And whether here or on the support forum, there’s no search feature. Makes it very painful to look for something.

I cannot access the support forums and I’ve tried emailing the author through themeforest/envato and have not heard back from anyone