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Hello, I am just curious if this theme is Wordpress MultiSite Compatible? Thanks



The theme hasn’t been tested with this plugin, but it should work



I cannot get this to work with the instance of Wordpress that GoDaddy is currently using through it’s hosting package.

As this theme was noted to be updated as of February 2013, so i thought it a safe purchase.

There is Twenty eleven and Twenty ten installed already which work fine.

Immersion however show 20 out of 21 downloaded and then keeps spinning.

actually the bottom counter says 20 out of 21 items and never goes further

i’d like a refund as your product does not work.

Hello can I have the blog on homepage? And if it is possible without side?


Hi there. I am about to buy the theme. But I need to know if this site supports different language localization? If so, can you recommend any language plugins?

Hi, I am hoping to buy this theme, but the comments about the lack of support are concerning me… Also, can you tell me if the layout manager works with the homepage and whether we can add different modules /change around the layout on the homepage? I would like to use the Alternative Page layout in your demo, but would need to add a bit extra functionality to it. Thanks in anticipation!

When I am inserting the blog post shortcode into a portfolio project, i always get two columns on two thirds width of the page. Is it meant to be like this? because it is always narrower than the shown related projects.

When I am inserting the blog post shortcode into a portfolio project, i always get two columns on two thirds width of the page. Is it meant to be like this? because it is always narrower than the shown related projects.

Hi there.

I love the theme and am working on adding my content, however, have found one annoying bug so far. Within the portfolio items, the wrong galleries appear. Though I’ve used the short code generator to show the correct gallery for each portfolio piece, other galleries are showing. Here’s an example (gallery should obviously match the icons on the bottom): http://13thirtyone.com/?post_type=portfolio&p=2536

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi – Just wanted to leave a note to let you know I figured out my issue (previous comment). Please disregard my note.

I do have the same issue other users seem to be having, though. The read more link on the homepage slides isn’t working. Ideas? Thank you. 1331design.com


OK, I’ve downloaded and installed the theme. Also, I installed the xml file for sample content. It just seems to mess everything. Also, it doesn’t seem to find CSS file. Fonts and navigation are nothing like in the original. Can you take a look if I send you link and log-in info. Thanks!

How do I create the “stacked gallery” page? I want to have all my projects on one page and then open a separate slideshow on a overlapping window which will resize for both vertical and horizontal pictures just like it is on the page.

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Is there a way to change the order of the portfolio items? I’ve tried plugins and changing the date, but nothing seems to work.

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How can I make the related projects random or actually be related? Right now it’s the same one’s for every portfolio item. Thanks!

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Is there a way to make the slideshow caption larger and text bigger please?

Also it would be good to have a 50% transparent look to the caption box, which file do we edit please?

Hi There,

If we have the full page slider on auto play, is there any way to implement a pause function or button into that?


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There is a bug in the way the immersion feature works. If I set a post with gallery off, if it is the latest post then the full screen gallery drops from the index page.

Desired behavior is to turn off the gallery on the individual post.php page, not the index.php. Is there a workaround?

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Paging doesn’t seem to work – I have three pages of content and when I click on each of the pages it loads the same posts/content. I have tried different data sets with the same results. Did others find the same thing? Let me know if anyone has figured out any workarounds.

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I also have well over 3 pages of posts, the theme seems to max out on 3 pages. Support would be great, or if other users have solved these issues with workarounds is there a place we can connect directly with each other to solve?