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Hi, 2 questions before buying your theme:

- Is there a way to show the menu with the subitems already open? So you don’t have to clic the parent to see the child menu items.

Related with that, when you clic a subitem and the page refreshes, you can’t know which option you clicked. Is there a way to highlight the menu option to display the current item?

Thanks! Ron


Hi, please note that this is a template. A Wordpress theme is currently in the works. You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive a message when it’s out :)

- Yes you can easily do it by removing display: none; for #nav-container .sub-menu from line 547 in the styles.css

- You can do it using something like this http://tinyurl.com/nh8tvvp


Great! Thanks for your quick response

the contact page after being submitted goes to a blank white page with the writing thanks for sending us a message.. Why is that ? Can i set it so that the message appears on the contact page it self ?


Yeah, tomorrow an update will be released that will display it on the same page :)


Thanks for the quick update. I don’t usually use templates but this one is awesome. Thanks for all the hard work on this.


Hi, the update is here. You can download it :)

Hi. Thinking of purchasing this excellent theme. Question: Are multiple portfolios possible? Thank you.


Hi, please note that this is a template. You can create as much portfolios as you want using the HTML files.

The Wordpress version will be released in a week. It will have implemented this functionality :)

Hi subsolar,

Nice and clean template, Thanks! editing offline was no big deal. But i can’t upload the template online.

www.boazwielinga.nl any thoughts?

thanks again, pnda


Hi, I’m happy you like the theme =)

Make sure that your css folder is in the same directory as all the other html files. That way it will works :)

xZAREx Purchased

Hey subsolar,

I really like the theme! I have only one (hopefully tiny) issue. I have a gallery with portrait and landscape photos. Is there any possible way not to crop the photos?

I tried to modify the normal-slider class but couldn’t fix the issue. I hope you can help me out.



Are you talking about the photos in the slider on the corporate homepage?

xZAREx Purchased


No, I’m talking about the fullscreen index gallery.

Here’s the link on the demo page: http://www.subsolardesigns.com/impacto/index.html

Thanks for your help!


Hi, please we a message via my profile page (and copy there your problem) so I can give you better support. Thanks.

I noticed that on your theme demo on mobile the hover box that comes on top of each portfolio item just displays as a white box (with no text in the box) and the link doesn’t work to get into the single portfolio page (tapping it just closes and immediately reopens the hover box). Is there a fix for this issue?


Yes, the uploaded update is the same as the demo.


Thank you for all of your help!


No problem :)

Hi, very nice theme!

I think there is a bug on IOS mobile devices, because with y iPhone 4S I cannot submit contact form when I click on Send email button. I think it’s something related with transition effect, can you fix this please?

Thanks, bye!


Hi, unfortunately still doesn’t work…nothing happens. I tried on IOS 6.* and it works, the bug is related to IOS 7 versions I think…


Hi, can you write me via my profile page so I can send you a few versions, so we can see which one works, as I’m unable to test on iOS7 right now. Thanks for the understanding and patience :)


Ok, I have just sent you a message via profile…thanks!


I’m trying to edit the css so the image (inside the slideshow) on the index/home page shrinks corresponding to the window size so it never crops off.

I assume this is edited in the media queries, but I can’t find which thing to edit to fix this. Could you please help me out?


Hi, you’ll have to edit the custom.js file. There is callback for the image resize for the slider.


Ah, i see. I hate to ask, but I noticed xZAREx asked a similar question to mine. Is there an edited .js file I could just plug in that you have? I’m not so great with jQuery, so I’m not sure where to start.


No problem, just write me a message via my profile page.

where do I add or change my social network links? thnx

shingt Purchased

Hi, nice theme!

Is there any way I can, or in your next update, keep the “social-container” div or “footer” div content – when it responds/viewed on a phone? Right now, the “social-container” content remains when viewed on a tablet (horizontal—I like how it moves to the top of the screen), but then disappears when it responds/viewed on a phone. The footer content disappears all together. I would like to add my phone # and email address to one of these content areas and have it remain at the top when viewed on a phone. thanks


You can use the Custom CSS field in the options panel and write the following:

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {

  #footer { display: block; }
  .subsolar-social-container { display: block; }


Hi! Quick question- on the single image portfolio pages, is there a limit to the number of photos that can be put into the page? In your demo site it only had 3. I tried to put 7 on a page, but it only showed 2 of the 7. If you click on on a picture though, the lightbox comes up and all 7 are in the slider. Is there a way for more to be shown, or is there a container limiting the length of the page or something? Hope that question makes sense.


Please make sure that you have the latest version installed. If you still have the problem please write via my profile page contact form (at the bottom right) so I can give you better support there

Simple & nice!;



Hi, I can not run contact form. I just have to insert the email into line 24 of the process.php? thanks, fabio


Yes, and make sure you have apache enabled.

jackbo Purchased

Hi, I love your template. It just might be the template I’ve purchased the fastest after seeing it. :)

I have a question re: Chrome. On the Portfolio Projects page ( http://www.subsolardesigns.com/impacto/portfolio-projects.html ) when I click the sort buttons at the top, Design, Illustration, Branding, etc. the background image with the balloon behind “Our Projects / Dive into our Magical Realms” jumps to a different position only while the portfolio boxes are moving. When the boxes are still, the image goes back to normal parallax movement.

In Firefox and Safari everything works perfect, the background doesn’t jerk at all. I hate to bother you with a question for this awesome template, but I’ve been looking for a solution for hours and can’t figure this little quirk out. It happens on 3 different computers but only in Chrome. It happens in Chrome on the template on your domain for me too, not just on my site. Any ideas what could be causing this? Let me know if I didn’t explain properly. :)


Hi, I’m glad you like the template. I saw this bug. There is easy way to fix it. Just remove background-attachment: fixed; from .bg-image .

I’ll push update to this as soon as possible :)

jackbo Purchased

Of course, I knew it was something super simple I was overlooking. Wow, thank you for the super fast response!


No problem. Glad it worked :)

irein Purchased

Love the template. But as I started working with it, I noticed that it does not print well. It shows the outline of the navigation instead of the design. Any recommendations?

ebemate Purchased

hey there, when is the wordpress version going to be available, html one is pain in the neck to update e.g. I deleted one of the categories when you click work and now everything else is screwed.

thanks, Matey


Hey, it’s available, you can find it here: http://themeforest.net/item/impacto-flavorful-and-minimalistic-wp-theme/7254824
It seems the notification about the WP in the description disappeared..

Hi, sorry about being a complete noob but I’m still sort of confused about the difference between your template and your theme. Can I use just the template on Wordpress and make a complete website out of it??


Hi, no problem in asking questions.

You can’t use the template in Wordpress, to edit the template you’ll have to edit its HTML, CSS and JS code.

To use in Wordpress, get the Theme version :)

ebemate Purchased

Hi there, I am trying to add multiple sliders (including title and description) on the same page (portfolio> single slider). The problems is that, the “next, previous” arrows is being replicated and same with the count of items in the slider. This is how I want it on the page: TITLE1 DESCRIPTION1 [3 images] < 1/3 >

TITLE2 DESCRIPTION2 [3 images] < 1/3 >

But, this is how it’s behaving: TITLE1 DESCRIPTION1 [3 images] << 1/6 >>

TITLE2 DESCRIPTION2 [3 images] << 1/6 >>

Please get back to me ASAP with solution, need to fix this for a presentation tomorrow. Thanks much!


You’ll need to open the custom.js file on line 348 and create two instances of the slider, say you add class slider-1 to the first one, and slider-2 to the second one, together with the project-slider class. Something like:

div class="project-slider slider-1 sd-slider"

Then create two variables:

var projectOwl1 = $('.slider-1 .sd-slides');
var projectOwl2 = $('.slider-2 .sd-slides');
After that initialize the two of them similar to the:

That’s as far as I can help you. As support only covers bugs and problems with the theme, any customizations goes beyond that point. The only way we can help you is if you want to offer you a paid customization or you can refer to a freelancer – for example Envato Studio. Thanks for the understanding.

Hi, congrats its beautiful. I have a question. This template dont have blog?? Thanks.


Oh, you must be talking about the Wordpress version. It has a blog – http://themeforest.net/item/impacto-flavorful-and-minimalistic-wp-theme/7254824


Nop… :( HTML version…Thanks..


Unfortunately, there is no Blog page included in the HTML version.