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Does this theme support video? I see no documentation for it in the help file. If so, how do I insert a video onto a section (page)?

Thank you

Hi. You can just copy the embed code of that video to the page content, it should work fine


I am trying to get my portfolio section to look the way it does in the demo. With seperate boxes for each project that shake when you scroll over them, and then you can click on them to open more photos of the project… Im having great difficulty trying to achieve this. My posts aren’t showing up anywhere even though I have the show recent posts box checked.

I hope I did a decent job at explaining that. my site is, Please advise :)

Thank you.

Hello. Here’s the code I used on the portfolio page

I wanted to tweak the parallax backgrounds and the top logo. I see where to tweak the backgrounds movement/speed but where do I edit how fast the opacity of the logo kicks in? I wanted the logo to not fade out so quickly.

Hi, go to footer.php and replace:

          var scrollTop = jQuery(window).scrollTop();
          if(scrollTop != 0)

replace the scrollTop != 0 with != some other value, a bigger one

Hi, Thanks for an amazing looking theme! I’m new to this so please excuse my naivety.

1. I’m looking to change the red ribbon at the top – nav_bg.png. How do I go about doing this? How do I find where the url/code for nav_bg.png is so I can just swap it for my image url.

2. Similar thing really – I want to change the colour of bg_skills.png, and the for more information “box”. How would I do this?


Hi, can you please post your url? :)


Just looking to change the colour of the LinkedIn icon under about and the send button under contact.

Thanks :)

Hi, the icon is an image

For the send button, add this to style.css

.contact_form input.submit-button {
background-color: #your-color !important;

and to make the social links open in a new tab, go to includes/shortcodes.php and find

<li class="rotate"><a href=

replace it with

<li class="rotate"><a target="_blank" href=

I’ve selected Open Sans as my font for each font option and it keeps loading Droid Sans. My only way around it is to do custom CSS and define headlines and paragraph tags as Open Sans. I had to do the same thing with some of the font colors as well.

Hi. Can you send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile?

Stupid question. I’m toying around with the theme on a copy of an existing site. The only page that is shown on the frontpage is the actual frontpage.

Alle the other pages are shown as seperate pages. I’ve tried adding them and removing them from the menu, so far to no avail.

from now on i promise to almost always, or atleast sometimes, screw it i propably never will, READ THE DOCUMENTATION…

I had a static frontpage set.

Oh, glad you fixed it:)

Installed the Impress theme and all was working just fine. I went to add an accordian to a page and now my website, www.bigbendstrategies, is jacked up. If you go to the site, the “pages” don’t match the menu. There’s overlap. Some pages are truncated. Has anyone else had this problem?. I’ve restored the defaults and that didn’t help. Really need some advice. Thanks.

Hi, I have answered via e-mail

label is not working in the body.

<strong>ASIA:</strong> Japan, South Korea & Phillipines.

I really need to fix this today

Go to includes/shortcodes.php and find

function vp_list($atts, $content=null) {


        'type' => 'bullet'

    ), $atts));

    $content = filter_shortcode($content);

replace it with

function vp_list($atts, $content=null) {


        'type' => 'bullet'

    ), $atts));


1- How can i create a new section ? when i add a new page and select it in theme option—> navigation , the title appears in top navigation but it is not link to any section,

2 – How can i remove contact?(both : section and from navigation )

3 – How can i rename Home?


Hello. Please create your menu in Appearance > Menus. For Home and Contact, create two custom links to for Home and for Contact

Hello! I just bought, and uploaded the theme and for some reason the “Impress Options” menu disappeared. I got in for a few minutes to change some of the options before it disappeared but not I’m stuck and can’t make any changes. Please help!

Here’s the current URL: (will be transitioning to the real URL once the page setup is ironed out)

Hi, please send the problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

Thanks for the help, though I sent you the requested info, not seeing an update/fix. Please let me know what to do next.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I’ll answer all the e-mails today

Love the theme – well done!

Wanting to change the color/s of the pricing table boxes – wondering how to do this?


hello, what’s your URL?

You’ll need to edit these images

images/price-bg.jpg images/price-feat-bg.jpg images/price-name-bg.jpg

Wondering what it would take to add a vimeo and instagram logo/button under the “team” section like the current twitter/facebook/etc short code built in



Unfortunately those icons are not available, sorry, they would need to be custom designed and integrated in the theme code

is it possible to have two homepages? meaning you would have the homepage and on a sepereate external link you would have another page that uses the same template of the home pages?


Hi, unfortunately not without customization, for both questions

is this something we could discuss? Contact me on my email please


Unfortunately I don’t offer customization services right now, I don’t have enough time :( sorry

I’m sorry, i am having an issue, i bought the impress theme but i cannot upload it, i am using wordpress3.9.1. and i am using the uplead button, so i uploaded the zip but cannot find the style css, i tried every single folder and all the folders but still nothing…it’s probably a stupid question but cannot do it. pls help

Hello, can you please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme?

Where can I find the shortcodes of all of these? I can’t find it in the Zip File :(

Also the Skills with Follow me buttons please. Thanks

Here is the sample of my Services Page. All the links are good. Thanks so much for the code. How ever, the images are broken. Please see sample here

Hi, the images seem ok to me, can you let me know if you managed to fix the problem?

Hi, I would like to link to a wordpress-page that is not in the menu. I’ve added the link in the footer-area at the bottom of the page. This works but the page that is generated shows “posted on” and “comments deactivated” on the top and some social-links at the bottom. any Idea on how to disable this?

Hi, can you please post the URL of that page?

Hello, great theme!! I love it. I was wondering if there was anyway to have the services icons, titles or content could be made links to other pages or blog posts? It would be a great way to connect it all. Thanks again for a great theme.

Hello, unfortunately not by default, sorry. :( It would require some customization, you’d need to add new attributes in shortcodes.php and change the markup to add the links

I want to use this theme with WooCommerce but am having some issues with the two playing nice together. Can you help me get the theme working with WooCommerce? As a temporary measure I was able to use the Blog Style page as a temporary measure but it doesn’t work great. Thanks.

Hello, Impress isn’t integrated with WooCommerce and it would require a good deal of customization in order to achieve compatibility with the two of them


Fotonek Purchased

Hello!I try to install theme but WP write:”The theme is not a style.css.”

Hi, you’ll need to unzip the archive you downloaded from ThemeForest


Fotonek Purchased

Hello!WHy when i use a different images to parallax in theme options, parallax bad work here(

Hello, for best performance & layout, I’d suggest using images with similar dimensions as the ones from the demo

Hi there!

Two questions: 1) I can’t seem to figure out how to add sliding images as a page on the Impress theme (the same way they are in the ‘Some of my extra work’ section in the live preview). Is there a layman’s way to explain how to do this? I’m not very technical :s

2) It says the theme is responsive, but it’s not displaying as such on my phone – the letters for the main header (IE where it says ‘Impress’ on the live demo) are all overlapping when viewing on mobile, and the photos don’t adjust either, so you only see a very small section of everything. Please let me know if there’s something I’m supposed to be activating in the theme in order for it to register as responsive :)

Thank you!

Hello, what’s your URL?

Hi there! It’s The code to view the website is ‘Kevin’

1) This is the code I used there

[slider] [slider_img][/slider_img] [slider_img][/slider_img] [slider_img][/slider_img] [/slider]

2) You can replace your /css/layout.css via FTP with this one