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Isn’t the possibility to change the header background with an image in this theme? :O

give me the .class of the header please. Hoping implementing in the next update.

You can use next classes to add your image:
  background: url("image.jpg");  
Let us know if you have further questions!



rafamaza Purchased

Es mi primer tema de WordPress y me gustado mucho la versatilidad que tiene. Puedes hacer un buen nĂºmero de sites diferentes con el mismo Theme. Muchas gracias.


Thanks for your kind words, we appreciate! According forum rules, please use our official English language in future.


nilshollm Purchased

Hi, i want give my Homepage a second Language, how does it works with impreza? In this moment my homepage is on german, but i would make the same Homepage in a second Language. Thanks


You can use WPML plugin to translate your site (have a look at this article), or you can make a copy of your site on a sub-domain, and manually translate it.

Let us know if you have further questions!

Could you reccomend any alternatives of WPML plugin (language)

Or in other words Do you have any comments concerning if your theme FULLY support alternatives of WPML plugin (language)

1) Limitations:

1.1) We speak about about multi language site (different languages on single web site), but NOT about multi-site (different web site for different languales).

1.2) We speak about translation of content for corporate WEB site (not blog), incluging web site navigation and Visaul Composer plugin

1.3) Langualge plugin should support translation for slider revolution

2) Plugins we think that should pay attention are as follows:

option 1) Polylang: https://wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/ option 2) qTranslate X: https://wordpress.org/plugins/qtranslate-x/ option 3) Multilanguage by BestWebSoft: https://wordpress.org/plugins/multilanguage/installation/

3) I also have one more question,

Do you have any comments how it is difficult to delete each of the 3 language plugins mentioned above.


It is noted in the different blogs, that some language plugin it is quite difficult to fully remove from theme.

But for some sites for different reasons, it is NOT possible to re-insntall theme from the beginning.


At the moment the Impreza theme provide native support for WPML plugin only, you can check your 3d party plugins compability on our testdrive server on your own.

Let us know if you have further questions!

Thank you for the fast reply.

I understand

Rgrds Vladimir

Pls let us know, if it is possible to remove or edit meta “generator” tag?

If possible, how to do it?

Thanks for the fast reply

1) concerning tag generator -> WordPress 4.4.2 it is removed


2) remains 2 generator tags. namely: generator -> Powered by Visual Composer – drag and drop page builder for WordPress. generator -> Powered by Slider Revolution 5.1.6 – responsive, Mobile-Friendly Slider Plugin for WordPress with comfortable drag and drop interface.

Please let us know is it posssible to remove them also, the same like in your demo test http://impreza.us-themes.com/


This question requires special knowledge possessed by our support team. Please create a ticket on our Support Portal to:
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  • to provide additional information, if it will be requested there;
  • continue discussion, if you have additional questions related to the ticket
Please note: in future, it is better to create forum tickets right away, because forum support is better and faster!

Thank you, we look forward to serving you!


Thank you very much for assiatance regarding tag

generator -> WordPress 4.4.2


schuetzen Purchased

Hi! I don’t know why the scroll-to effect don’t work with anchor links inside sections (required to scroll to next section) but works correctly from top menu anchor links. My sections are configured as full screen sections.

You should add an extra CSS class (smooth-scroll) to Just Icon element, and put next code to Theme Options > General Settings > HTML Code:
jQuery('.ult-just-icon-wrapper.smooth-scroll a').addClass('smooth-scroll');

Let us know if it helped!


schuetzen Purchased

Hi us-team! This works! Thank you so much. But why this don’t work out of the box?

This is how element works out of the box, there is no script for that added in Ultimate Addons plugin, so I provieded a workaround, which uses theme script for smooth scroll.

Let us know if you have further questions!


benserango Purchased

Hi there, Impreza Team, just discovered the new features and additions, great work! :) May I ask you a pre-purchase question – are the new slider features in home, home2 and home3 of impreza5 also available on non-blog pages? Thank you very much!


All these features are available on all demos, you can import needed slider, you can find them within /Impreza/demo-import/ folder.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


benserango Purchased

Thanks for answering!

Hi, we are having an issue with the quotation marks in the testimonials creating line/paragraph breaks before and after the text, instead of landing properly inline with the text. For example:

This is the testimonial quote.

(Rather than “This is the testimonial quote.”)

Do you know what might cause this or how to fix it? Thank you!

Hey, If I use visual composer and I want to change some things in the html to improve my page speed where do I find the html file? And if I update the page in wordpress will the html be resetted if I changed something?