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Hello, Thank you for this amazing and perfect template, we have whatever we need there !

I just have one question, i dont see how to add a page woocommerce thank you for your help !


Hello! For adding WooCommerce pages you need to install free WooCommerce plugin: http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/

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One question more!

Is there any chance of have a concrete logo for sticky header? not main logo.


Hello! I didn’t understand you. Please describe what you mean in “a concrete logo”?

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A different logo for sticky mode


I think it’s possible via additional CSS. Please write your question to our support forum: http://us-themes.com/support/

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great theme.. thx just a bug. i install wpml plugin. Deafult language is french and the image size (gallery visual composer) are 114×144. With the other language the image size is 1×1… have you a solution ?



This question requires special knowledge possessed by our support team. For your convinience I created special topic at our support forum.

Please sign up for our forum to:

  • follow the topic to recieve notifications about the answers;
  • to provide additional information, if it will be requested there;
  • continue discussion, if you have additional questions related to the topic

Please note: in future it is better to create forum topics right away, because forum support is better and faster!

Thank you, we look forward to serving you!


1.- Portfolio items support images and video on the same post? 2.- Is it possible to add icons to menus in mobiles and desktop 3.- If I build a one page site and have my portfolio grid there. Is it possible to have my profolio item open with out changing the page? 4.- Is there a load more option for large portfolios? 5.- Can portfolio items be random ordered? 6.- In mobiles, is it possible to leave the menu icon fixed on screen when scrolling down? 7.- Can I have images, videos and audio all in one portfolio project? 8.- Is it possible to change the loading gif? 9.-Is it possible to add a different color to each menu item?




1. On Portfolio preview tiles you can use only images, but on Portfolio pages you can add any content.

2. At the moment it’s not possible, but we will add this feature in next updates.

3. It’s possible to open fullsize image in a lightbox, in other case click on portfolio tile will redirect you to separate page.

4. At the moment there is no load more feature for portfolio.

5. At the moment it’s not possible to randomize portfolio order

6. You can enable sticky header – your logo and menu icon will be fixed at the top of a page during scroll (even on mobiles).

7. You can add any content elements in any layout at Portfolio pages.

8. It’s possible via additional CSS code.

9. It’s possible via additional CSS code.


Hi, I’m searching for a theme ready for woo commerce. I’m torning between your theme and “Pluto Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme”. My favorite is Impreza, but my client likes the shop in Pluto. Can you please tell me, if it’s possible to include the following functions like they are in the Pluto-Theme:
  • Login/Register
  • Wishlist
  • displaying the price between the cart-icon
  • teaser-elements for the products e.g. the Shop-Home Site of Pluto
  • displaying more then one picture on the product detail site
Hopefully it all is possible, so I can use your theme.

Many thanks