Impulse - Responsive Clean Magazine Theme

Impulse - Responsive Clean Magazine Theme

Impulse is a clean magazine theme, It provides everything you’ll need to create a professional looking website. With the Impulse theme, your website is sure to take off! Its clean, sleek and streamlined design is sure to appeal to your visitors. This theme is ideal for professional and sophisticated websites and blogs.

Quick Features

  • 3 Custom Sliders
  • 2 Header Styles
  • Color Picker for headings
  • Color Picker for top navigation including the background – More about the styling’s here.
  • Custom Options Panel (Easy To Use)
  • Enable/Disable Pattern In Header
  • Custom logo upload field
  • Custom Background upload field
  • Enable/Disable Footer
  • Exclude Pages & Categories
  • Show Featured Slider Posts By Category
  • Category Organizer – Image Here
  • 768×90 Ad Space
  • Tracking code input – A field that will help with things such as google analytics
  • Wordpress 3.0 Menu’s
  • Prettyphoto Lightbox (On Post page displays videos & images)
  • Auto image resizer (wordpress built in)
  • 5 Custom Page Templates
    • Gallery – Unlimited
    • Blog Style 1
    • Blog Style 2
    • Full Width Page Template
    • Contact Page Template (Validation Form Included)
  • 11 Custom Widgets
    • Newsletter Widget
    • Flickr Widget
    • 120×600 Ad Widget
    • 200×200 Ad Widget
    • 125×125 Ad Widget
    • Sidebar Tabs Widget
    • Social Icons Widget
    • Popular News Widget
    • Photo Gallery Widget
    • Video Widget
    • Twitter Widget

Impulse Update – 1/16/2014

#Updated responsive script - if anyone was having issue's with it displaying on their mobile devices this update will fix it.
Files Updated

Impulse Update – 12/30/2013

+ Added option for responsive enable/disable
+ Added styling for option panel 3.8 update
Files Updated

Impulse 1.8 – 12/09/2013

  • Impulse is now responsive!

Majority of the theme file’s have been updated you’ll need to do a global update across your theme file’s to apply this update

Impulse 1.7 – 10/18/2013

  • Updated tabs script, The tabs have been completely re coded and will work better now.
  • Replaced my jquery-ui script with Wordpress’s default Jquery-UI script.

You can update your theme by re-installing 2 ways.

1) Delete your old theme file’s and re-upload the new theme file’s you’ve downloaded from ThemeForest.

2) Overwrite all the theme file’s via FTP.

Update 1.6 – 2/11/2013

  • Added styling for ol’s in post
  • Added black color to h1 inside post
  • Fixed Categories Active Link Color(Active categories/pages will be highlighted)
  • Fixed wordpress default image alignment styling’s
  • Small fix for the tabs

Update 1.5 – 12/16/2012

  • Fixed Twitter Widget
  • Updated blog post format for home page
  • Updated all 3 slider scripts – including flex slider 2.0
  • Improved header slider script
  • Updated Xml file for importing content
  • Added child theme support
  • Compatible with wordpress 3.5

Update 1.4 – 7/3/2012

  • - Header slider added (You can Enable or Disable the Header Slider on the homepage or other pages. Ajustable height built in option panel.)
  • - Added Latest articles (This will list all of your recent articles in the form of a blog. You may also select a category only to display.)
  • - Added link to twitter widget to easily get the id.
  • - Disabled top menu pattern on header style 1 when custom color is selected.
  • - Recoded “Import Demo Options” in options panel. Will help import the demo options faster and more accurately.

Update 1.3 – 2/25/2012

  • Recoded both headers the drop down menu’s should work better
  • Fixed facebook link on blog post page.
  • Added styling for footer tags
  • Added styling for flickr footer

Update 1.2 – 2/7/2012

  • Added option “Background Color”
  • Fixed sidebar when switched to Long Slider
  • Fixed Custom menu floating right(Only when using custom menu’s)
  • Extended footer navigation (More links will show)

Update 1.1 – 2/5/2012

  • Added option “Unlimited Sidebars”
  • Added option “Left column on home page is now widgetized”
  • Enable/Disable Lastest Articles & Latest Videos
  • Fixed problem with custom logo & top navigation
  • Admin Bar – Fixed

Request Features

If you really like this theme and feel like it’s missing features don’t hesitate to let me know. I consider all feature request. I’m committed to updating this theme and making it better. Use the contact form on my profile page for customization’s please be sure to be as precise as possible. Thanks.

Global Theme Update

All theme’s have been updated regarding the “cheating uh’?” This will no longer be a problem. Please re-download your theme and re-upload to your website. Thanks.