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I am having a problem getting thumbnails & slider images to show. If you “click” into the post the images show up fine. I did go through trouble shooting and attempted to change permissions. It didn’t work. Submitted a ticket and got this message

"In this situation, you will want to get in touch with the author that created this item as we are not able to provide technical support or help for individual items here at Envato Support. " Please help.

For all support request please send them to

Thank you for your purchase :-) I’ll do my best to help you.

I have tried my best to get this theme to work properly but it seems like every other day I have a problem with it and constantly having to road just because its not compatible with the latest jetpack of wordpress

Hi, Thank you for your purchase.

If you need help with the theme please submit your issue’s here.

Impulse Update – 1/16/2014

#Updated responsive script - if anyone was having issue's with it displaying on their mobile devices this update will fix it.
Files Updated

hello! Is there an update for this theme that is compatible with WP 3.8.3? If not, please guide me to the latest update. thank you!

Yes, Compatible all the way up to 3.9.

Thanks for the interest :-)


Thank you for this great theme!

I’ve sent you an email yesterday concerning the “hotlinking pop-up” but I’ve since re-uploaded a newer version of Impulse and it works great. I still have 2 questions that I don’t see an answer to in this comment section:

In my website, I have 2 types of posts: “news” = short stories that I want to put under the slider and “Articles” = in-depth stories that I would like in the top-left sidebar (where “recent articles is”) and in the slider.

1) Under the slider, I chose “Category” but it displays only 1 post. Any chance I can display more? I don’t want to put “most recent article” because I only want the News there…

2) In the left sidebar, Recent Articles Column, can I chose to display all posts except the ones labeled “News”? If you could point me towards the file I need to change, it would be super nice…

Thanks, Karine

Replied via email :-)


Since version 1.8, it y had 2 update now Impulse is version 2.0?

Possible to put the plugin wp-pagenavi on the homepage?

Thank you

Possibly with enough requests I will consider it. Yes I do believe this plugin will work. You can always let me know via contact form if you need any help.

Thanks, I was asking the question for knowledge.

Happy to be of assistance :-)

Hello, How do I re-instal the new update to my actual wordpress impulse theme without loosing all the actual content?

Once you’ve downloaded the files.

You can update your theme by re-installing 2 ways.

1) Delete your old theme file’s and re-upload the new theme file’s you’ve downloaded.

2) Overwrite all the theme file’s via FTP.