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Hello, I am also looking to a solution for the header/slider issue. Please check you emails..thanks!


Solution: Looks like a load time error I’ve had a customer have this problem. I tried fixing it by manually changing the php file timeout but it didn’t work. You’ll need to contact your host and ask them to increase the php timeout to something longer. The file isn’t being loaded given your server is stopping it from uploading to the users computer which is why it will not display.


Solution: Looks like a load time error I’ve had a customer have this problem. I tried fixing it by manually changing the php file timeout but it didn’t work. You’ll need to contact your host and ask them to increase the php timeout to something longer. The file isn’t being loaded given your server is stopping it from uploading to the users computer which is why it will not display.

thanks for the info… I will contact them and see if that helps.

I sent you another email with details, thanks


Thanks, Reply coming your way soon.

I am interested in purchasing this theme is the header slider working now anyone..


Header slider isn’t broken. There are only a few people reporting the issue about. 7% of buyers. I’m looking into the issue now though. And have a few solutions already posted. Thanks for the interest.

Hi i was wondering if it was easy to manually edit the CSS for this theme?



If you know css it should be pretty easy.

skyali hi … I really liked your broadcast … impulse theme theme theme impulse bought articles If I buy one have to to correct myself again?


I’m sorry can you rephrase that. Thanks


I think I could not tell .. . I think the theme to buy .. If I buy the theme What’s all this writing I being forced to make a correction? I used to buy from you broadcast your theme Does the problem

Would anyone know how to update to the newest version. Do i have to delete theme in wp first then upload again? Wondering….....



I must say I love most of your themes, and have purchase many in the past. I’m a bit surprise by your actions on not helping customer’s to fix the “header slider” issue. I too am NOW experiencing this “HEAD SLIDER ” issue as I just updated.


Individuals who are commenting here spent their hard earn money to buy something you created, I purchase over 20 themes a month. And this is the first time I seen so many individuals having a problem with something thats been on going and not FIXED ASAP .

Just like everyone else I’m experiencing the HEADER _SLIDER.PHP on line 69 comment.

Above your stating something about contacting the host. What exactly does the host have to do with the PHP file on line 69? That’s what i’m confused about.

Since the NEW UPDATE : My simple featured long is now not working, as well as the simple short. They only one that works for me is the dark featured short now after the update.

What will be done next for this issue SKYALI , I work in a law firm.

And i know that selling a damage product or good is unacceptable.

I look forward to your response and solution.

Best Regards Terrence~


I have no idea what you working for a law firm has to do with any of this. The theme is not faulty. I test all my theme’s before releasing them. Everyone uses a different host there for everyone has different problems. Honesty, I can only remember somewhere between 5-10 people complaining about this issue.

I’m using the same theme as you guys for the demo same script same everything. It works for me because it has been installed properly and my host doesn’t restrict any of the loading time it takes for the file to load. This is what the host has to do with line 69.

You should remember you work for a lawyers company your not one nor a web designer so there is no way you can understand how to solve these complex issue’s when I’m not even experiencing them myself with the exact same theme.

I don’t mind helping people that need my help. But I DO NOT Appreciate threats on my comments section. If you have a problem with the theme you submit a support ticket in the contact form and I’ll answer you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for your purchase and have a blessed day.

Additionally after speaking with the host, they stated my website does not need more memory or anything of the sort. They said the file or php is not properly coded. As something you’ve done incorrectly that’s not allowing the file to catch the post or photos for the header.

Still waiting for answers

Skyali you were not threaten in any way shape or form.

But when customer’s are complaining about a service that’s not a good look for business.

I may not be a web designer, but I do know how to deal with customer’s. In your case, the customer is always right. I don’t know if that was in the agreement between you and theme forest or if they just let anyone sell. But the difference is sir, my customer’s aren’t complaining and giving me negative reviews. YOURS ARE !!!!.

I read the comments before I decided to write you at first, and it was several individuals who gave you negative reviews.

Like i mentioned, I love your work. But if I do run into a issue, i expect for it to be handled accordingly.

But in that regard my host says it has nothing to do with loading. They said the file is not properly written and is not pointed correctly to the post images.

Now what??? E-mailing you now as well!

If anyone is experiencing the header slider issue. The fix for the person above should also apply for you this is the solution.

The theme uses a include to find your wp-load.php file which is where all of the Wordpress functions are located. If you put your wordpress files inside of 2 directories it will confuse the script. Add the extra directory name to the include and it works. If you start a new website using this theme I’d recommend just installing everything to the root. Please do not create a double folder to put your website inside. Thanks.

Hey Skyali,

Thanks for the great demo. Looking forward to changing and personalizing some of the css on the site to give it my own touches. I actually spent weeks building my site and for this project just decided it would be best to just get a theme that matches my vision. And after searching for hours with no luck, our theme come rather close to what I had in mind. However I did have a view questions before purchasing:

1) In light of the above conversation, is the problem with the header slider fixed?

2) Do you know if the header slider can be coded to automatically go to the next image in given time intervals?

I’m really eager to purchase this theme but want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, although these things do tend to hit a couple road bumps.

Thanks in advance.

jglobe01 Purchased

Has anyone had any luck with a fix on the header slider issue experiencing the same problem…


It was fixed the solution is below.

jglobe01 Purchased

I bought this theme uploaded as you suggested and the header slider isnt working contacted my web host 1 and 1 internet and it’s not a time out issue but a code issue, looking forward to a speedy resolve..

Hey guys, I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been waiting for a while for a reply. I’ve been dealing with some seriously complex issue’s lately, health as well as finicial. I still have big plans for my buyers as far as updates to themes, new theme’s and better overall support please be patient with me I promise once my issue’s are resolved I will get to yours.

If you are having trouble with the header slider please read the solution below. The guy “Terrence” issue was resolved and the solution has been pasted. Thank all you guys for your purchases and I look forward to future.

Link to the forum I’ve been for the past 3 days. I’m sorry this is affecting me and my work but it should be resolved very soon. http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/still-no-money/71471

Can I turn slider off, that would be a great option


Yes Built into theme.

I’ve just purchased this products, which seems like a great solution—particular we loved the idea of the header slider, but it seems to not be working. Upon checking other comments, this seems to be an issue. I, too, am getting a “s/Impulse/includes/header_slider.php on line 69 Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in/” error. Is there a solution for this?

I wanted to buy this theme but the concerns about the header are still present. It seems like more people are having this problem and this is not a risk I want to take. Please inform the readers and potential when or if this problem will be fixed. I do have a deadline to meet and that is why I am using a template instead of building the entire site. You gave a link to the forum that was suppose to have a solution but I read through it and did realize you were going through a financial problem however no solution. I understand that situations occur but if this problem is expected to proceed, I would greatly appreciate if you would inform me either privately via email or through the forum. Thanks and will be awaiting a response. Thnx


The problem has been solved. There is no risk.

Hello, still waiting on a reply from my last email. This doesn’t seem to be the problem with my header. The files are on the root and in one directory and it is still not working…along with the feature box…. I am on a time schedule for a client, and this is severely putting me behind. Please email me and maybe I can give you the login info so you can take a look yourself…otherwise I will need a refund. Thanks.

Never Mind, I figured it out myself… thanks anyway… STILL an awesome Theme…just hope you get it where its a tad more user friendly!


I plan to continue to update all of my themes.