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jglobe01 Purchased

It seems to me that you are not very professional I emailed you about the Header slider problem which is the most issue I have seen on here sometime last week no response, it would be nice when you sell a product that you stand be it and when there is a problem you provide some sort of solution, I m still waiting hopefully you will come to your senses soon and realize that ur only as good as your best work…...


I apologize I’ve been very busy lately. Please re-send your email if you do not receive an email soon.

This is my second time posting, so I hope you will make it a priority to answer. I’ve sent you emails as well.

First, let me say design-wise, the theme is nice—but it seems to be missing quite a bit, like tags and comments, which major functions that the Wordpress platform depends on.

Since I’ve not received any response, I had to hire a developer to make fixes in a theme that seemed broken in some parts (particularly the slideshow). What’s not expected is the lack of customer service and response.

For example, when converting to your theme, all my links lost formatting and different fonts appeared on all my hyperlinks, as well as a host of other issues.  Though, with these things, it’s expected.

So—in hopes that you will answer my THIRD message—here is what I need from you:

The social icons for the video don’t seem to work, they link to “prettyphoto.”

Also, the gallery is not as intuitive as I had hoped, and the structure needs a bit of explaining.

Based on your instructions, I add a gallery in “Gallery” with a feature image. Then I name a page “gallery.” Then what? I am confused as to how to set up individual galleries.

Can you please help?


You must use the page template to setup your gallery then create a gallery post type. I apologize I’ve been a way for a while. If you still need help don’t hesitate to send me a new email.

This theme wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. Is there a way I can get a refund?


You’ll need to contact envato’s support regarding this. Thanks.

DrPrem Purchased

I have recently bought a Impulse theme but have serious error in slider, I tried finding all solution but there is no solution. Please send me your email so I can send you snapshot of the problem. here is my email address it@drprem.com


sorry I’ve been away recently but now I’m back please forward any further issue’s to my email. Thanks.

Notice: Undefined index: sqlimport_ll in /customers/d/7/b/in-spirelsmagazine.co.uk/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/Impulse/scripts/admin/options.php on line 110 – This is causing my slider to not work my host said that I need to contact you to resolve this help me I can’t afford for the site to be down

Has anyone that had issues with the header actually managed to fix the problem? Since I can’t get any support and I can’t afford for my site to be down until Skyali can be bothered to resolve the issue which it would seem everyone is having I request a refund….. The key selling point of this theme was the header slider the rest of the theme is pretty basic so please contact me ASAP ….........................


Please send me a link to your website threw my contact form thanks.

Hi, has anyone had an issue with the main navigation not staying the rollover colour when chosen? Thx


If your having a issue email it to me. I’ll try getting to you as soon as I can.


Thx for the reply, where will I find your email address?

I just purchased this theme and i m trying to instal it and i get this message Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description options-framework Stylesheet is missing.

can you help?


Check the documentation on how to install the theme properly.

loumadhu Purchased


I know I am the hundredth person to ask about this but has anyone managed to fix the header slider problem? I have searched and searched through these comments and there doesn’t seem t have been a solution posted at all?? Please help if you managed to fix it. Would be much appreciated! If I do somehow manage to fix it (I doubt it tho!) I promise to most exactly how I did it so everyone can actually see and doesn’t haven’t to keep asking.



The solution was posted below I know some people have a hard time understanding it but this issue is primarily cause by the user placing the folder outside of the root which causes problems.

Mill Purchased

I had bought this item had issues with the install, so Shawn told me he would charge 100$ to fix the issues. I then paid via paypal and now the site is worse off than before I paid the extra fee to fix the issues.

The site is now posting double overlayed images, double navigation menus and a few other things I contacted him via email about. I have contacted him several times to fix the issues That I Paid For. And he will not respond to any emails.

If anyone is looking to buy anything from this seller or use Shawn Finley’s support, Do Not. The lack of support and the lack of even a response is troublesome. Themeforest should ban this guy as you can see I am not the only one with issues from this seller.


If you have an issue just post it to me. I’ve been away recently I haven’t been able to get to all of my emails but I do plan on catching up. If you don’t receive an email today then please re-send it and I’ll reply as soon as I can thanks.

jglobe01 Purchased

Header slider issue still persist I need help here….

Warning: require(wp-load.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/34/d293906309/htdocs/aleatra/wp-content/themes/Impulse/includes/header_slider.php on line 69

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5’) in /homepages/34/d293906309/htdocs/aleatra/wp-content/themes/Impulse/includes/header_slider.php on line 69

I emailed last week, but have yet to receive a response.

I have the same slider issue and error code coming up as outlined by jglobe01. I saw one of your previous responses that said to move the include file, however the details on how to do that weren’t clear. Could you please offer a detailed response on how one should go about moving the include file in order to resolve the slider issue as soon as possible?

Thanks so much.


You can find the file in includes/header_slider.php. I went away breifly but the fact that this problem continue’s to persist inspires me to create a new solution to this problem and a little more permanent. I apologize to all who’s been experiencing this problem. I’ll be sure to look into it further.

I cannot figure out how to use most of the things in this theme…and I’m not sure why it’s so hard. I don’t understand the gallery function and I’m trying to replicate the visual nature of demo site and it’s not happening for me. It would be helpful to have some sort of YouTube tutorial or at least receive a response back to customer support emails.


I’ll write a easy way to create the gallery so everyone can see.

1) Create a page.

2) Select the gallery page template.

3) Create a gallery post type.

4) Select a featured image

And there it is the first gallery item is created you can add as many as you want. For a little more advanced you can select the gallery categories for this page on the right side of the menu while creating the gallery page.

If you need more help with this email me and I’ll try explaining a little more. Sorry for the delay.

fancee Purchased

From where i can have the Demo data.Please let me know asap Thanks


Check the documentation at the bottom.

Hi! I bought and use this theme, I like it a lot thank you. One thing that I can’t seem to change though is the ‘read more’ link on the homepage, I have gone through all the php files but I can’t change this one item… as my website is Dutch, it looks very weird with this one English term. I was able to change in on other pages like the Archive page and sidebar, but not the homepage after the excerpts. Could you help me out here? Thanks!


You have to do this in the options panel. Appearance >> Impulse Options >> Misc >> Translations


Hi, yes I checked this too.. but in my translation options it only has two lines to translate: “Recent articles” & “Latest videos”, I don’t see “Read more” anywhere.. is this included in the latest update? I’m worried about installing that update as I did this a few weeks ago and I couldn’t get rid of the header so I went back to the previous version…

Can you put a video in the top slider on the homepage? Can you add “Pin it” to the theme like the “Like” button for Facebook on each article? Just want to know before i purchase.

I get the same problem with the header – please help…i can’t find a fix in the comments!

I’ve been emailing to try to get a response and yet no reply, please help…seems like this is a persistent problem with slider. Now I am also not able to get the widgets to function correctly, the right and left do not place widgets on right and left…only on right. Please help.


I’m looking into this issue, This one is atop of my list. Please be patient working on a better solution. :-)

still need assistance, did you see my emails?

please reply to my email or else i’ll have to ask for a refund on a defective product…i am asking with a “pretty please”...this just isn’t worth the money if it doesn’t work. thanks.