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I also still have problem with my header slider. It is simply not working. I have e-mailed you several times and no response. The host company exceeded my timeout limit to 60 seconds (it can not be done higher) but the slider is not working. Please check my e-mails and respond.


so many have the same problem here… it would be good to get a solution.

This template acting up, the slider is just in the middle of no where

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Hello, sorry but this template is not working correctly, the top slider, widgets…and so one and you don’t answer to my emails. I want to receive my money from this template, i want a refund.

Best regards.

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ihave the same problem: Hello, sorry but this template is not working correctly, the top slider, widgets…and so one and you don’t answer to my emails. I want to receive my money from this template, i want a refund. Best regards.

Besides purchasing this theme and never hearing back from the developer, in the last 2 months that we have had this theme, we have spent countless dollar on hiring developers—not only to fix issues with problems with the theme out of the box, but there are MAJOR security vulnerabilities in this theme.

So far, our site has been hacked twice—and this is with a track record of never having a virus or getting hacked in 3 years, that is, until we used this theme. Our team of developers specifically pointed out that this theme is the issue with a multitude of issues that leave our website vulnerable to these attacks.

Think hard before buying this theme. The cost may be far more than the $40 dollars that you spend.

It been 4 days now, I have blog to run I need to know whats wrong with the slider, seriosuly it seems you just dont care. I spent the money on this theme why cant i get help?

Th slider slider working!!!!

I really like this theme’s layout but when I opened the demo on my iPad 3 (iOS6) I was disappointed to see that it breaks. At first it appears the correct size, then a second later it “shrinks” to half the size. Please test on the Ipad and update. I would also recommend open-graph enabling the Like buttons so that it appears on Facebook with the image/story preview correctly.

Hey, I have written to you before but I seem to be getting no reply. I cannot get the header slider to work, I have tried so many times but nothing seems to make it work. As your costumer who has paid to buy your theme the least you can do is reply to my messages and find a solution or just give me my money back. This is the kind of stuff that needs to go to watchdog! You seriously cannot rip people off like this – it is not acceptable!

hi, can i choose not to have the header slide or to have it iln a much smaller height? is there a specific option in the admin panel? also can i opt for having less text/photo boxes on the first page? thanks

The header slider issue has been permanently fixed. I apologize to all of my customer’s who’s been waiting for this solution. Due to my sickness and a few other problems I was unable to look into this issue further. This issue has been fixed as well as several other updates. I hope this helps anyone who’s been experiencing this issue. And once again I am personally sorry for the delay to all of my customers.

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i would like to know how can i get on my home page to work this: i want on the center of the theme to start with the recent articles not on the left or right sidebar, how can i do that since i didnt find any option for that?

thank you for the answer!


You can just turn on the latest post’s instead of categories for the home page the option is built into the panel. Appearance >> Impulse Options >> Home Page

Hi, I previous this theme on IE8 , the top banner do not work, it works perfectly on firefox, chrome and IE9 , do you have any solution for it? Anyone has the same problem like me? Can you share how to fix this issue?

I can’t understand what use the center gallery. Can you me explain?


You’ll need to re-install the theme using the proper instructions from the documentation.

I almoust understand what use it,it’s but simply not work. You can fix it?!!


You’ll need to re-install the theme using the proper instructions from the documentation.

And also you can fix the sky pannel?! many botton don’t work!


I send you also 3 mail


Have you tried clearing your cache?


Yes, i’ll try to clean my chache and re-install the theme more times in few different pc but the sky pannel don’t work. And the featured short-long-or dark don’t show the picture. Help please!

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Warning: array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given in /home/hipandhe/public_html/wp-content/themes/Impulse/scripts/functions/widgets/twitter_widget.php on line 67

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/hipandhe/public_html/wp-content/themes/Impulse/scripts/functions/widgets/twitter_widget.php on line 69

I am getting this error under the twitter section, I have tried to refresh and it doesn’t help. I checked twitter and it is working fine. This has happened around once a month so I think its a problem with your widget… Please advise. Thanks


first try clearing you cache. if this doesn’t work it’s most likely on twitters end. keep me updated on this one via email. thanks.

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Hi I cleared my cache as well as second install. Please advise. The buttons on the skypanel also disappear for me as well.


that’s been fixed just re-download and re-install thanks.

Hi. I emailed you several days ago with a slider issue – but I haven’t heard anything back.

Can you please tell me how to fix this issue? I have a client waiting for this to be rectified.

Thanks, Erica


most likely the theme was installed improperly. you’ll need to check the documentation. i see your email but you never specified which slider wasn’t working. the header slider issue has been fixed and i’ve also released another update for the new wordpress update.

Hi Skyali,

I’m using the LT – Popular news widget on my site, but it never changes. Are these supposed to update themselves based on the most popular articles/posts? Site can be found here: http://www.silverhairs.com

Thx, Simon.


these are based on comments. thanks.

Dark featured after insert <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://fashionevolution.net/wp-content/themes/Impulse/scripts/js/jquery.min.js?ver=3.4.1'></script> <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://fashionevolution.net/wp-content/themes/Impulse/scripts/js/jquery-ui.min.js?ver=3.4.1'></script> in Header work. Short and Long featured not working, WHY ????????


you don’t have any post in the header slider please create more.


i have 8 post for short or long or dark featured, but don’t work!!